Idle Big Devil – So new and confused? a couple answers here

Idle Big Devil – So new and confused? a couple answers here

Idle Big Devil - So new and confused? a couple answers here

So who should i use

Try to give you the short story. you want a tank[ or someone that can] support and main dps.
For example gaint, hell mage, and elf sul is pretty standard begining line up. now throw in eye or wood elf. That said heres this, s, ss , sss which is better? Well sss of course. Now chances to get multiple of said sss are slim. So ss works well in begining. Theres no shame not picking new card from chest right away, Some peeps save and see which copies they can get most of. Going with canned line up will get ya far enough till ya catch on. Keep in mind your going to need tons and tons of cards to star up. I see alot of questions in chat, which 1 outa these 4. hate to say no real good answer. Some are better in beginning some realy shine when all maxed out. 1 good thing is your going to stared ups to make main toons higher. ex. need 2 7* to make a 8* , need to “eat” a 9* to make a 10*.
Once you start adding starts it will become clearer. Just dont waste [“eat”] sss till your completely sure.
Careful listing on chat. they way ahead of you. toon x might be great at 1000+ lvls all beefed up, but not so much if you trying to get to lvl 200. that said most peeps are very nice in chat.

Elf shop

Its on top left of page. You need it lvl 10. dont need to pay cash just spend your diamonds wisley. Oh ya make sure use the codes, they here or ask in chat. Once you start moving along you get plenty of gems. Think the code will get you up enough to get the free hell mage. Probly why everyone use =].
Speaking of the vouchers can be used to upgrade adventure thing, well worth it. vouchers basicaly real money. Speaking of top right tabs, hit events then tabs on left you get free hero cards.

The world

First thing off they ask you what you wanna be. No idea =]. Well manager just sit back and let it idle. others dunno. maybe someone can add. first get in a guild, a must. Now kill a t1 monster. might take a couple times to get. If your not doing any damage might have to lvl up some. once you kill a a tier you can just loot it. cost hearts. towns, a bit cunfusing, big devil owned is “free”. look at def troops, attack, after troops reduced you have a chance. ex. if it has 5 def going to take 5 attacks to get. so you attack and 4 outa 5 def troops left hit it again. reports are confusing. same thing with monsters if ya only ticking it probly to high lvl for ya.
It does matter which towns you take. ask your guildmates what is needed. auto battle gains go up to 400% for example. gold and lifestones not so much. dont forget to station troops.
Convert or claim. Short answer is if your in an active full guild gonna convert all… then claim the rest. basicly play how many you can claim for the day then convert rest. so if 1000’s of packs, you gonna convert for bounus packs. gonna claim bounus packs. everyone in guild get bounus packs so if you bounce in and out do that for sure.


What armor? either mighty or bezerk for carry. mental for cc. Assenstion stones are to make highend stuff no worries yet =].
Not a race enjoy your time and be safe

Level and Stars

See peeps in chat still asking same questions. No worries. first off you need a dps. theres no “tag” that lets you know which ones are dps. When you starting off use what you get. Then you can go through Hall of Heroes and get a feel for who has good dps. That said, stay away from sss heroes to start, explain later. OK we got a dps. now need a tank and 3 supports or dps and 4 supports. didnt make the game it just works..
Early goal is to your team to lvl 120. dps first of course. Peeps go different ways but this will move ya along for a minute.
OK now we have team up to speed [120]. Its realy simple as pour everthing into carry/main.So now stars, you probly made a 5* by now. You can see how to make a 6*. From 6* to 7* you have to click on Hero icon [bottom right] then select the hero u want to star up. [bottom right on hero card]
Once you click it, tell ya what need to do/have. Takes time to star up be patient.Once you star up your carry/main. you’ll realize how many cards it takes. thats why peeps dismiss having all faction team.

Its not crazy to have carry 200 lvls above the rest of your team. For example an eye 5* at lvl 120 will still stun all. [give your main time to work]

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