Just Die Already – Crate Delivery

Just Die Already – Crate Delivery 6 - gameplaylists.com
Just Die Already – Crate Delivery 6 - gameplaylists.com
Location of the 3 crates you need to deliver and a tip or two on how to do it



Around the map you will come across 3 heavy crates that cannot be open’d. Your goal is to deliver them to the drop off zones around the map. They are normally close by the box and it has to be done with a forklift, i couldnt find a way of cheesing this. 
First thing you will need is a FULL SIZE forklift, a tiny one like this glitch’s too often and cannot lift up the box high enough 
Just Die Already - Crate Delivery 
The first one i did was by the basketball hoops in the middle with the tram. I found this to be the easiest one out of the three, you may have to move your forklift out of the way of the tram and let it pa*s, other than that there shouldn’t be any issues 
Just Die Already - Crate Delivery 
The second one i did was at the docks, this one was freaking stupid to try and do, good luck getting the forklift over there, i found a lot of issues tend to happen when getting on the bridge to cross over. just keep on re-trying and be patient, you don’t want it going in the water. Once you get the forklift there, you will find 2 npc’s that will be trolling you while you try and put the box in the hole. You can kill the npc’s but they will re spawn, They have the power to move your forklift even while you are in it trying to place the box in the bin. With this one all i can recommend is just keep trying. nothing to really guarantee a success 
Just Die Already - Crate Delivery 
The final one is at the track and field loop, to get your forklift here you will have to time when to go on the road, if a car hits you, prepare for some rage, you can enter the track with the ramp on the left and go over the fence, once inside it is the easiest one to do. 
Just Die Already - Crate Delivery 

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