Kenshi – Get Rich Quick

Kenshi – Get Rich Quick 5 -
Kenshi – Get Rich Quick 5 -
Get rich quick, very easy and very fast with item duping.



I do not recommend doing this as it removes all the fun and challenge of the game. 
Works with dropping backpacks with items, but I don’t recommend dropping the backpack unless it is full and you have another character ready to pick it up and put it into his backpack. Results in an immense amount of unnecessary backpacks. 
I only had results on max speed, maybe I was just unlucky on the other velocities. 

Step 1

For it to work, at least for me, make sure that there are no items on the ground beforehand, so if you’re not sure if there are any items somewhere on the ground leave the area of the outpost/city you’re in until you’re sure it is unloaded. 
Kenshi - Get Rich Quick 

Step 2

Drop all of your items, quicksave and immediately quickload. 
Kenshi - Get Rich Quick 

Step Sis

Put everything into your inventory, quicksave and immediately quickload. 
Kenshi - Get Rich Quick 


Congratulations, you should have the items in your inventory and on the ground. Now make your other character pick them up if your inventory is full. 
Kenshi - Get Rich Quick 
If you want you can keep picking the items up, quicksave and quickload and then pick them up again, does not always work, but when it does it’s very nice. 

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