Killing Floor 2 – Skippie’s Lazy Guide to Floor Killing

Killing Floor 2 – Skippie’s Lazy Guide to Floor Killing 1 -
Killing Floor 2 – Skippie’s Lazy Guide to Floor Killing 1 -

Guide for Killing Floor 2 – Skippie’s Lazy Guide to Floor Killing

Killing Floor 2 is a simple, straightforward game. Even so, there are some things that should be let known to improve everyone’s experience with the game.

Just as the title suggests, this is a lazy guide. I’m not going to go into detail, this is just basic information about some of the mechanics and etiquette to start you out in the game. Things may be added later, but for now, here’s this.


Perks are the game’s Cla*s system. 
Different perks do better in different things. 
For example, SWAT and Firebug are great at killing Trash Zeds while Gunslinger and Sharpshooter excel in murdering Large Zeds. 
If you are playing a Trash-killing perk, it is usually better to focus on Trash. For example, if a Gunslinger is focused on hitting headshots on a Scrake and a Firebug sets the thing on fire, it’ll panic. 
This makes it much more annoying to kill. 

  • Supports are appreciated. They provide ammo for the rest of the team and can repair broken doors. 
  • Medics are a gift. Always support them as best you can so that they can support you. 
  • Berserkers are annoying.


Basically Gameplay


Stay Together

Killing Floor 2 is a team game. If you want to play solo, there is an option for it. That being said, it is very obnoxious to have one or more teammates running off on their own. 
The amount of Zeds that spawn is relative to the amount of players in-game. This means that when you are away from your team, you are either fighting too many Zeds on your own (and probably dying), or you’re leaving your team to deal with most of your amount without you. 


Dosh is money. Money lets you buy things. If you don’t need you money, press B to drop it for someone who needs it. If you are having trouble collecting enough dosh, consider waiting to buy armor until later rounds and conserve expensive ammo by using your sidearm whenever you can. Often times, in early rounds, you only need your primary weapon in tough situations or for large Zeds. 


If your teammate dies, for the love of god, do not sell their weapon. If you pick it up, give it to them when they respawn by tapping BACKSPACE while the weapon is equipped. Forcing your teammate to buy an entire new weapon is not only incredibly rude, but detriments everyone by handicapping that one player who could otherwise be more useful. 


Personally, I don’t think this choice matters as much. Unless you’re going for absolutely optimal gameplay, just use what you like. The game is more fun that way. Just make sure your weapon is specific to your Perk. 


Killing is, overall, very simple. 
Most enemies can be dispatched by shooting the head with some exceptions: 

  • Fleshpounds – the big dudes with grinders for hands – can be shot on their glowy chest plate, as well as the head 
  • E.D.A.R. Variants – the robots – should be shot in the chest. 
  • Husks – the flame dudes – take the most damage on their backpacks.



There are currently 5 different bosses in the game, and they’re all dealt with fairly differently. These bosses are: 

  • Dr. Hans Volter – shoot his head, chest "core", and backback. 
  • The Patriarch – shoot his right arm or his chest tentacle thing. 
  • King Fleshpound – kill him like any other fleshpound by shooting the head or the chest. You can dodge his chest beam by crouching. 
  • Abomination – Shoot his head. 
  • Matriarch – After destroying her armor, the head takes the most damage.


Written by Skippie Granola

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Killing Floor 2 – Skippie’s Lazy Guide to Floor Killing helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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