Legends of Idleon MMO – New Player Character Creation and Stat Point Spending Tips

Legends of Idleon MMO – New Player Character Creation and Stat Point Spending Tips 1 - gameplaylists.com
Legends of Idleon MMO – New Player Character Creation and Stat Point Spending Tips 1 - gameplaylists.com
This is here to help you with your early characters and explain a bit as to how you should spend your stats to maximize them as well as prepare you for later on in the game. This will also help explain your characters cla*s strengths and how to grow each one efficiently. This is not necessarily the best way, but it is a guaranteed fast way to making a lot of progress quickly.



It’s a good idea to decide on what your cla*s will be on character creation. There are 4 starter family buffs and 4 cla*s upgrades. 3 cla*s upgrades are easy to get to as a level 10 character and the last you will need a much higher level character to reach and requires a lot of materials. The support of your first 3 characters can help with this immensely. 


The 3 Starter Cla*ses you’ll be able to reach at level 10 are these. I highly recommend focusing on getting one of each of these before aiming for the fourth as it will save you time in the long run. Here is a list of the 3 and their strengths and weaknesses 
WarriorMiner and can hit multiple enemies with cla*s weapons each hit. Most balanced build 
Strength is the main stat 
Wisdom is the accuracy stat
ArcherCrafting and weakest combat cla*s, but second best looter cla*s 
Agility is the main stat 
Strength is the accuracy stat
MageWoodcutter and strongest attacks, but lowest defense 
Wisdom is the main stat 
Agility is the accuracy stat
Your main stats boost your character’s specialty skill in addition to your damage and these are generally what you will want to focus early on for leveling. 
Mining efficiency is boosted by Strength
Crafting efficiency is boosted by Agility
Woodcutting efficiency is boosted by Wisdom

Efficiency Buff Skills

There are mining efficiency, woodcutting efficiency, and smithing efficiency buff skills as well. Should you sink all your points in there though, your damage will be low and you’ll find yourself only efficiently killing bored beans or frogs which will slow progress. So for early on, just focus on buffing your damage stat and when you are ready to really grind your character skill, then focus on their specialty and put points in there. 
Main levels are always 3 points in your cla*s skills and 3 for your character skills so those are far more valuable than skill levels and should be prioritized when you’re not needing resources. Hence why damage stats are recommended to level over skill based ones. 
I built a miner going only for efficiency and has zero skill points in strength. Although they mine well, it’s hard to get main levels since the damage is generally so low. My other warrior is the exact opposite with near max strength and mines modestly, but hits hard enough to train at end of W1 creatures efficiently. I’m using mining as the example because you’ll see how much grinding is needed when you start needing iron to upgrade gear as opposed to woodcutting. 


Do level your accuracy stat. 
You can get by on the gear stats and a handful of points for the first 5-6 areas, but then you really need your accuracy to hit consistently. Don’t be afraid to grind those weaker mobs a bit longer if it means getting guaranteed hits every attack on the next area’s mobs. 
Don’t over level your accuracy stat. 
Only level it to where you can always hit the mobs in the area you are in. Sometimes if you are about to enter a new area and just leveled up, you should hold on to those points tofind out exactly what you need to guarantee a hit. You can check by going into the afk info menu and looking at the bottom left. 
For instance Boa only need 27 accuracy to hit so you hardily need any stat buffs to hit them, but a Carrotman needs 45 accuracy so you need quite a bit more accuracy. Always check this in a new area if you are missing so you can figure out how many accuracy stat points you’ll need to make your combat efficiency 100% without wasting them by over leveling. 

The Archer Cla*s

The Archer is the weakest combat cla*s, but deserves a special section to further showcase it’s useful synergy with the other cla*ses. Not only is it your primary specialist with crafting having several skills that boost it and enhance it(Looking at you godly creation skill), but it’s also your early game primary looting cla*s having the only character cla*s skill of the first 3 cla*ses that boosts chances of getting more rare loot drops. Considering it is not the most ideal combat cla*s, it’s actually the one you’ll have fighting the most. Also the one running back and forth to town to craft so keep teleports for them when you can. 
Personally I find my archer to be the most balanced cla*s of them all being decent at nothing time consuming and having the most free time. I tend to have my archer do mining, woodcutting, and monster hunting while afk the most while my main miner is running in the background while I do other things. I might even go so far as to say that the archer is your unsung hero of your characters. You’ll likely never want more than 1 for now and yet it’ll be the one that will be doing all the grinding behind the scenes of your other characters and helping to gear them all up. 

The Secret Fourth Cla*s: The Journeyman

To briefly touch on this cla*s. You cannot take another cla*s and then switch to the journeyman. You must remain as the beginner blue character cla*s until the journeyman hidden quest line is complete. You’ll have to do a lot of grinding without touching Promotheus. Don’t look at him and don’t even acknowledge him. You’ll have to gather resources and do things unrelated to him for awhile so just focus on leveling. The cla*s you are after is much more time intensive to get than the others and you’ll want to again aim for this cla*s upon character creation. Going for this is not something you should do half-heartedly. You should build a full luck character at creation. This is the luck based character and you’ll be using luck as your primary skill so only this character as the beginner cla*s should be leveling it intensely(accuracy on your beginner character is based off luck in the beginning). The entire point of this character is to allow you to get the rare loot drops much easier than the other characters
Archer’s secondary skill next to smithing is for looting and it’s still not nearly as good at it compared to the Journeyman
What you have to do to unlock them is for you to figure out. Good luck! 

Key Tips

You really need toknow your short term goals for your characters when you create them because you can’t change their family buff or delete characters later
You’ll want to match the cla*s to the family buff as you gain the additional stat buff bonuses for matching them. 
There is more beyond these initial cla*ses, but those you’ll learn about when you reach them or I really get a feel on them and update the guide. 
You also want to save those stat resets for when you really need to focus on a particular grind for gear, a drop, or resource because there aren’t many you’ll get weekly 1 shard per town shop per day or one tenth of a stat reset
Don’t be afraid to save points and also don’t be afraid to spend them. 
A good thing to remember though as you play is, things that specialize in everything tend to excel at nothing. 


I never did talk about weapon power or even defense, but well… you’ll figure it out. Just know they only affect your combat abilities which is why I didn’t talk much on them. A bonus tip for defense is to treat it like youraccuracystat and only level it if the mob you are facing can hit you until it can’t. That will save you a lot of money in the long run because you don’t want to be buying food and potions unless you have to. Gear will protect you for a lot of the early game mobs same asaccuracy is carried by it. Combat is important to prep, but as a new player, you really want to focus on getting your gear up and be always grinding for the next piece. It carries most of the early game burdens for you after all and will ultimately carry you in the late game too so it’s a good mindset to prep early on and establish as your ever present short term goal path
See you out there fellow gamers! 

Written by Brisingr

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Legends of Idleon MMO – New Player Character Creation and Stat Point Spending Tips. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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