Mass Effect 2 (2010) – The “All You Need” Guide for Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 (2010) – The “All You Need” Guide for Mass Effect 2 1 -
Mass Effect 2 (2010) – The “All You Need” Guide for Mass Effect 2 1 -
Ma*s Effect 2 is a clasic among cla*sics, one of the best video games one can experience, but it does not come without issues. Lots of them unfortunately. Most of the issues can be fixed. I remember how long it took for me to get through everything there is for Ma*s Effect 2, and how hard it was to understand what to install and in what order. So that’s this guide’s purpose, to make it easy for anyone to experience the original first Ma*s Effect 2 game as beautiful as possible and with as few bugs as possible.


Let’s make Ma*s Effect 2 great

**Everything I have here is thanks to their respective authors. And, I also want to thank –, since without their page I would have never found anything for this guide. Everything here can also be probably found there.

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

– Please do everything in the order I wrote.


The game has a number of DLCs that on Steam are not installed by default nor are they available to be bought there, so EA have provided installers for all of them, officially, for Steam users, but one has to first buy them. They are not mandatory, but most of them include new stories and gameplay/content. The ME2 DLCs are well known to be really amazing. I highly suggest buying them.

All installers can be found –, which includes every DLC available, or you can buy them separately –, but for this you have to first buy BioWare points, and with them you buy the DLCs separately. (buying the bundle does not require BioWare points) When you click to buy a DLC, the pop-up window shows your BioWare points balance and from there you can buy more.

*I am not entirely sure if you need to own the game on Origin to be allowed to buy the DLCs, but buying the game on Steam will also provide you with a key for Origin. Make sure you activate it. In case it does not work, contact the support team of Origin and they will activate it for you. (that was my case) Also, make sure you disable Origin’s automatically updates for games. Origin will overwrite the game’s files by itself, and we don’t really want that, do we?

After you have the DLCs bought, download and install them, but first make sure you launched your game at least once before launching the installers, otherwise they might not be able to see the game. After installing them you have to launch the game and connect to your Origin account for the game to enable the use of the DLCs. You only need to log in once, but you can enable in options for the game to automatically log you into your Origin account every time you launch the game, if you so wish, but there is nothing for you to gain out of that.

*In case your Origin pa*sword has special characters or is too long, you might not be able to log in in-game, so you will need to change it.

*In case you wish to always be automatically logged in to your Origin account (as I said: there is nothing to gain out of that) whenever you launch your game, you might encounter an in-game error or the game will just forget that you checked the box to automatically log you in. For some, this issue gets fixed by enabling .NET Framework 3.5.1 / 3.5. You can do that by going to

Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off

There check both boxes under Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 / 3.5.

*In case you get the “Unable to authorize the listed DLC” error, you have to download the ME2 Binkw32 proxy DLL from – Put the 2 files in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \Binaries. And then make sure you have your firewall block internet connection to ME2game.exe. For this fix to work, make sure you have auto-login disabled in the in-game setting menu.

Ma*s Effect Save File Import

To import your save file from the first game, you have to use Ma*sEffect2Config.exe, that’s located in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \Binaries. Go to Save Games -> Copy Ma*s Effect 1 Save Games.

*In this thing you can also edit your video settings, settings that are not all available in-game, by going to Video.


Download – and copy the files in the game’s main folder\Binaries.

ME2Controller (optional)

This adds Controller Support. I will only provide the link to the mod, nothing else, as I have never tried it and have no idea how it works, what issues (if any) it has and if it breaks anything while running with anything else inside my guide. You can try it, if you so wish. Follow the steps written there.

You can find it –


This one removes a number of bugs. Download –

*I suggest installing it only if you are sure that you will not load older save files. There is a chance for it to not work properly and/or break stuff if you load a save file created before installing this.

  • copy the files from „me2_binkw32” in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \Binaries
  • copy from „ME2Recalibrated v1.1-169-1-1-1555456133”->„1 BASE GAME”, the file „PlotManager.pcc” in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \BioGame\CookedPC
  • copy from „ME2Recalibrated v1.1-169-1-1-1555456133”->„2 DLC MOD”, the folder „DLC_MOD_ME2Re” in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \BioGame\DLC
  • copy all the files from „ME2Recalibrated v1.1-169-1-1-1555456133”->„3 DLC PATCH – LOTSB”(only if you own the Shadow Broker DLC), (…)->„4 DLC PATCH – Zaeed”(only if you own the Zaeed DLC) and „ME2Re_v1.1.2_Update-169-1-1-2-1587935533” in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder \BioGame\DLC\DLC_MOD_ME2Re\CookedPC



ALOT is a visual upgrade which contains a huge number of textures and ALOV upscales and remasters all prerendered cutscenes.

First of all download –, found under the MAIN FILES category. Unzip it somewhere (wherever you want, since you will be deleting it after the install), and then launch ALOTInstaller.exe. Let it update and then let it open, don’t close it.

We then have a list of stuff we gotta download: (save them wherever you want, best all of them in the same place/folder)

Drag and drop all of them, one by one (waiting for each to load), into the already open ALOTInstaller. After that go install them, and, in my opinion you can ignore the warning that you did no backup to the game. You can do it if you want though.

Launch the game once after the install has finished


This mod is a compilation of new textures for Ma*s Effect 2. Some remastered textures in vanilla style and for something really new and completely optional. You have lots of options in the installer, you can check whatever you want to get installed. I highly suggest you choose the vanilla ones and ignore the Blur ones, if what you’re aiming for is a vanilla-friendly Ma*s Effect 2. MEUITM2 also gives you the option to remove the Black Crush the game has, which pretty much is the way too much black in the game. If you do choose to go with it, I also suggest you go with the ReShade the installer provides, since it works perfectly with the Black Crush removal. Also make sure you uncheck the intro video, or keep it if you want it for some reason.

This is what I used:
Mass Effect 2 (2010) - The

Download MEUITM2, HD Realtime Reflections, Better UI Patch and Miranda Installer Fix from –

  • Unzip MEUITM2
  • Copy the files from Better UI Patch and Miranda Installer Fix inside the MEUITM2 folder
  • Copy the files from the HD Realtime Reflections inside the Mods folder, that’s inside the MEUITM2 folder
  • Run MEUITM2.exe

Launch the game once after the install has finished

Config files changes


Frame rate:


  • Open Gamersettings.ini, located in C:\Users\(YOURUSER)\Documents\BioWare\Ma*s Effect 2\BIOGame\Config\
  • Search for SmoothFrameRate, make sure it is continued by =False. If you can’t find it, then search for the [SystemSettings] section. (if you can’t find it, write it yourself at the end) And then under it write it yourself
  • We then need to also disable VSync. Search for UseVsync= and add False. If you can’t find it, add it under the one for FPS you have just added/changed


Shadow resolution:


  • Open Gamersettings.ini, located in C:\Users\(YOURUSER)\Documents\BioWare\Ma*s Effect 2\BIOGame\Config\
  • Search for MinShadowResolution= and forMaxShadowResolution= and change them with 256 and 4096 respectively. In case you could not find them, just add them alone under the [SystemSettings] section. (if you can’t find it, write it yourself at the end)


Filmic response shader:


  • Open UberPostProcessBlendPixelShader.usf, located in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder\Engine\Shaders\
  • Search for float3 x = max(0,InLinearColour-0.001); (it can also be another number, ex. 0.004)
  • Replace it with float3 x = max(0,InLinearColour);


Mouse sensitivity and acceleration:


  • Open Gamersettings.ini, located in C:\Users\(YOURUSER)\Documents\BioWare\Ma*s Effect 2\BIOGame\Config\
  • Add or change the following:
  • Download and install –
  • Open Coalesced.ini, located in Ma*s Effect 2’s main folder\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked with Notepad++
  • Then change or add the same ones you added or changed inside Gamersettings.ini. (you can ignore the ones starting with [ and ending with ] )
  • Save the file and then download –
  • Unzip the downloaded file in the same location where Coalesced.ini is, and run it once


You can now enjoy the game with as few bugs and performance issues as possible. With huge improvements and big overall quality difference. I am sure there are other things one can add to this guide, or change, but this is 100% what I did and am more than happy with the results. I hope my guide helped you! ^^

Written by Ciocolici

This is all that we can say about Ma*s Effect 2 (2010) – The “All You Need” Guide for Ma*s Effect 2 for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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