Medieval Dynasty – Crafting yourself some tax money

Medieval Dynasty – Crafting yourself some tax money 2 -
Medieval Dynasty – Crafting yourself some tax money 2 -

Guide for Medieval Dynasty – Crafting yourself some tax money

Just a short overview of what I had success with, in the hopes that it can fuel your own creativity!


Starting out

Quick note This guide is based on the way I play, and my personal goals. I like to role-play.. so I never die, and I always pay my full taxes on the 1st of spring. If this does not suit your playstyle you may not find it helpful.


Berries are plentiful (in the summer) and are a great way of grabbing some additional moneys.
Medieval Dynasty - Crafting yourself some tax money

However berries are also a very helpful resources for producing your own early-game fertilizer so try not to sell them all. I like to hold onto some berries each year for later use (let them decompose).

Now let’s get into what you can do the rest of the year.

The Workshop

After you’ve chosen a spot to start your new Medieval Dynasty, I would recommend chopping trees/crafting tools/building in the area until you’ve unlocked the first two crafting buildings.

Your goal is to unlock and start making the stone sickle.
Medieval Dynasty - Crafting yourself some tax money

The stone sickle is made of 4 stones + 4 sticks and will sell for 32g (90g x 35.5% sell value).
This is the most efficient and cost effective tool for ma*s production/trading in the workshop.

While you are taking your trips into town to trade sickles, keep an eye on what is growing on the village fields. You can use your stone sickles to harvest and steal the village crops.

Once you get used to the process (obtaining the stones, crafting through the night to save daylight, etc) then you can switch your attention to setting up your secondary revenue streams.

The Hunting Lodge

You are going to need a hunting lodge at this point. If you haven’t started grabbing villagers and employing them yet, do so now. Your village MUST have a resource storage, a food storage and houses for your new villagers. So consider building these before getting any villagers.

The hunting lodge is going to be your primary source for leather and fur, as well as food for your villagers (and you).

In the TAB Menu go to the management screen select the building icon – go to your hunting lodge and open details with F – then hit D to see what % of worker time is allocated to what resources

Make sure you are only “working” resources that are available in the current season. For example a gatherer will always default to 50% berries/50% mushrooms, but they can only pick berries in the summer, and cant pick anything at all in the winter. If you are not on top of your allocations, you will end up wasting work hours (gatherers doing absolutely nothing in the winter for example).

At this stage you are going to be cooking all the meat produced in the hunting lodge. Pay attention to how much excess meat you are collecting in storage, and adjust the hunting cabin allocations until your workers are producing just enough food to last until the next day. Increase worker time for leather and fur equally to meet 100% productivity.

Sewing Station 1

Your excess Fur can be crafted into Capelets which cost 16 fur and sell for 36g (100g x 35.5%)
Medieval Dynasty - Crafting yourself some tax money

Make sure you save up 46 fur for yourself (1 capelet + fur boots), as you can freeze to death in the winter.

Your excess leather should be make into small pouches which cost 10 leather + 1 iron and sell for 36g.

The fur and leather items will not be a reliable source of money. Its just a nice little bonus once a year or so.

Obviously the issue with making the pouches is the iron!

Getting Iron

If you’ve reached a point where you are sitting on atleast 400g and ready to move onto the next thing, go out a buy your first pickaxe. I bought mine from Hornica (the village in the south/middle of the map). There is one for sale in another town but tbh I’m not sure which.
Medieval Dynasty - Crafting yourself some tax money

The single best item for trade is the iron building hammer which is just 2 iron + 1 stick and sells for 72G (200 x 35.5%). This is my main, full time business in my dynasty. I have an iron mine and 2 crafters working in my smithy producing hammers. All I need to do is make sure they have enough sticks from the woodsheds to keep the production chain going year round.

So that’s a good end goal, but you’re not there yet. First you go get that pickaxe, then you find your first cave. At that point you are likely to encounter your first bear…

Once you have found your way inside the cave start smacking the rocks. You will quickly learn how heavy rocks are. Your first couple times there I would recommend just dropping the stones and salt. The ores will respawn each season, so just focus on iron for now.

Okay now you have access to iron. You know how to make money, and you’ve also realized that you can breed farm animals in their pens and sell them. You’re ready to make your Medieval Dynasty flourish.

Here’s one last tip for getting iron. This screenshot is me on a typical “last night of the season”
Medieval Dynasty - Crafting yourself some tax money

A few things to point out here. I’m starving and dehydrated, about to die. I’m completely encumbered and unable to move. I’m deep in the caves far away from home. I also have about 200 iron ore in my inventory. Ever noticed that you get teleported to your bed at the start of each season? Well your inventory teleports with you, even if you’re over-loaded!

I hope this helps, have fun!

Written by Tagard

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Medieval Dynasty – Crafting yourself some tax money. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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