Medieval Dynasty – Intermediate Tips

Medieval Dynasty – Intermediate Tips


Tips on recruiting / flirting, villager management and some basics

still very much WIP, questions & suggestions are very welcome



Berries are the fastest way to earn money right from the start. Maybe crafting later on?


Cooked food (not roasted meat!) is the way to go, It has multiple times the nutritional value of the components used. You need 1 meat and 1 – 3 vegetables for a meal with 25 – 35 nutrition craftable in your house and tavern. Cabbages seem like a good starting option, no scythe needed and 2 harvests per year where you can use the seeds collected from the first to plant the second.

Interacting with villagers (recruiting and flirting)

It seems quite hard to figure out the right dialogue options. But there actually is some logic to it:
Consider the weather and season: You can’t talk about nice weather in winter and there are no flowers in fall. So do not flirt or talk about the weather, blue sky, flowers etc. all year round.
There seems to be some personality to the villagers: Farmers do not like to talk about their work and they do not like you talking about the benefits of hard work or some nobles clothing, though you can talk about working the fields all day and ask them how they are. Crafters and traders on the other hand do like to talk about their work.
If they do not want to talk to you anymore, you can try again the next day.

Managing villagers

You need both storage buildings and houses to keep your people happy (you can set the storage up before recruiting, or right after you get the first villager.. they do not instantly die, but the happy-meter drops fast).
To actually supply your people, you have to put firewood (sticks work too, but do not let them use logs, for firewood is far more efficient) into the res storage and food into the food storage building.If you assign villagers to work in production buildings they will store their products directly in the food and res storage building as long as these buildings are not overfilled. You can overfill both types of storage (by exceeding the weigth limit), but this prevents your villagers from storing stuff there for you, forcing you to do the moving from production building to storage building yourself. If the production building is full, production will stop, so do frequently check on the storage limit there.Fieldworkers do actually work on the fields (just like you would, but slower) and this is the only job where the animation actually matters.
For all other jobs production is just a number per hour depending on the corresponding skill. For extraction jobs, you just have to assign a worker. All tasks that require some res to craft anything need to be set up in the tab for the production building by assigning workforce to it.
Farmers do the production in the barn (threshing and milling etc.) but they do not work the fields (confirmation needed!).

Timers and stuff

-trees respawn after 2 years
-recruiting and flirting can be done daily
-animals ??
-clay and rocks respawn every season (?)
-side-quests are only vaild in the current season

Cheesy stuff: (if you really want to cheat)

Deleting and replacing your fields after harvest skips the need for manure. patched with 1.1.0.
Your fieldworkers do not require seeds or manure as you would. Helping them with tasks for which you have the tools or seeds yourself focuses them instead on the tasks for which you are not equipped. (logic, eh.)
At the end of the season, you are teleported into your house (or some village, if you do not have a house). If you want to cheese the hell out of that, combine that with the unstuck teleport:
-> go collect res until you’re unable to move (or pile up several loads first) -> teleport to unstuck and drop everything from your inventory -> repeat as much as needed, or keep playing normally -> just before end of the season teleport to unstuck once again and load everything back into your inventory -> end of season teleports you to your home with all the stuff you gathered at unstuck

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