Medieval Dynasty – Money Makers Guide. Updateable.

Medieval Dynasty – Money Makers Guide. Updateable. 1 -
Medieval Dynasty – Money Makers Guide. Updateable. 1 -
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This my Good Sir is the MMG.

It’s Intended to be the way, to make Money fast and easy.
Firstly as the begining make wooden spears/poles for horses to be stabbed on…
Next sell them to the odinary seller and buyer of goods Adelina because
there is no limitation to how many wooden stabbers a Tavern needs.

Next go grab enough till you have 510 gold my good sir!
What 510 gold?
Indeed sir Next go to the seller of String and garments to get You the best backpack.

Oh thank you for telling me to grab a backpack it’s now easier to go around with…..
50 Logs than having to drag them around.

The End till now…



Money Makers Guide  
Probably 2 Hour Plus Guide. But then you are set up to No Failures. 
IMPORTANT… Make yourself a Small House and Edit Everything to Stone and Planks. 
Go Do Quests till you have a high enough Building Limit of 4+ Buildings.
Guide Start —————————————————————————————— 
Go gather 100 Sticks and 10 Stone make it all into Hatches. 
“Put Everything inside the Hunter and Woodshed Chest” if you need Space 
Related to before Finishing your House.
Before settling go grab reeds 
down by the beach you will need at least 80. 
Make wooden spear/stabber. 
Sell the 1 or 10 to a vendor. 
Make 510 gold/Money. 
Go to Denica. 
Buy a large simple backpack 20+KG. 
Go make a woodshed. 
Start building your house. 
Make planks in your woodshed. 
Finish your House. 
Build another house with same specifications. 
“Hiring is after you have 60-70% relation/attraction better does better.” 
Hire a worker. 
Assign worker to woodshed. 
Unlimited supply of logs. 
Make them into wooden spear/stabber. 
Go sell them if you need gold/money. 
Go make a hunter cabin/hut. 
Hire a worker. 
Assign worker to the hunter cabin/hut. 
Go to Denica and get linen thread/string to make a bow made in hunter cabin/hut. 
Go hunt “yourself” and level up hunting till level 4+ 
Make small bags for farming sell but 4 you will need them later. 
Next go around and gather all berries as you can till winter. 
When winter is nearly over take all berries and throw them on to the ground. 
Go sleep. 
Go to the place where you threw the berries. 
Go sell half of those fertilizers. 
Use the rest to farm. 
Happy Leveling. Sir. 

Written by Drefar

This is all that we can say about Medieval Dynasty – Money Makers Guide. Updateable. for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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