Medieval Dynasty – Resource Management Hint

Medieval Dynasty – Resource Management Hint


Just a simple and playful hint to manage your storage.


Managing your resources…

Specially in the beginning of your village, resources are gold but storage are scarce. How may you keep and store everything that is useful?

Have in mind that NPC workers stop to produce whenever your storage chest capacity reach maximum weight. This is the reason of many newcomers complaints that their NPC aren’t worthless.

But have you seen the pile of logs outside the NPC’s houses/cities? Then, why do not apply the same idea?

Medieval Dynasty - Resource Management Hint

Your beautifully designed Resource Storage

Now that you finished to build your Resource Storage, note how beautifully it was designed.
There are divisions and areas but all empty!
The space are already there, why not use it to hold your resources instead of pack all inside the chest?
Remember the logs left on the side of the houses?
Let’s do the same!

Logs, more logs, even more logs and a beautiful pile of logs.

NoteI am using a Resource Storage II as example.

In this example, I am dropping at the storage place packs of 10 logs.


Just calculate it the amount of logs show in this example. If all stored inside the chest, it will halt all production of your village.

This is the concept show and it does apply to all other resources:

Firewood Pile


Straw Pile



Storage View



Bottom Line

With this concept, it is possible to store huge amount of storage with a PRO added: your resource storage won’t look empty.

Of course, we are waiting for new items added to the game. Honestly I expect, furnitures, shelves, objects in general, that you may drop your stuff, organize them.

BUT there is a CON

You need to organize yourself and keep your own mess inside the storage.



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