Melvor Idle – How to use Scripts – Extensions and Commands

Melvor Idle – How to use Scripts – Extensions and Commands 1 -
Melvor Idle – How to use Scripts – Extensions and Commands 1 -
Scripts and Extensions like SEMI and Combat Sim.



The following guide worked for my Windows machine and should hopefully work for you but I CANNOT guarantee that they will.

I recommend that you

  • Create a back up of your save each time you try a new script
  • Make sure you completely understand the instructions before continuing.
  • Back up your game. IT IS NOT MY FAULT IF YOU BREAK IT.


Gathering and Setting up required Files.


  1. Open your Melvor installation folder.
  2. Download the appropriate NW.js SDK, the current version you want is 0.49.2, it is possible this may change with future updates. –
  3. –
  4. Create a folder within your installation directory called Mods
  5. Within that folder create folder called MICS-Steam, and a folder called SEMI-Steam.
  6. Place the icons, styles, and scripts folders from the into the SEMI-Steam folder you created.
  7. Place the icons, styles and scripts folders from the Extensions folder within the into the MICS-Steam folder you created.


Editing SEMI and MICS to load through our Folders.

As the title say you’re going to have to edit the main extension scripts which are files called contentScript.js for MICS and SEMI.js for SEMI; this will allow all the required files to be loaded.

MICS’s contentScript.js is located under Melvor-Idle-Combat-Simulator-Reloaded/Extension/sources/
SEMI’s SEMI.js is located under SEMI/scripts

Replace these with the appropriate paths:

  • MICS:
    • icons/ -> Mods/MICS-steam/icons/
      (Line 30)
    • sources/ -> Mods/MICS-steam/sources/
      (Lines 31, 52)
  • SEMI:
    • icons/ -> Mods/SEMI-steam/icons/
      (Line 161)
    • scripts/ -> Mods/SEMI-steam/scripts/
      (Lines 73, 78, 163, 164)


Using The Console and Launching Extensions.


  1. Start the game and select your character. I am not sure if you’re able to bypa*s the 12 hour limit by having the option enabled and loading it while the “While you were gone” screen is open. I haven’t tried yet.
  2. Press F12 to open the console.
    • Change the context of the console from Top to game – http://(; you can enable the extensions we added earlier. Sorry for the link… Steam wouldn’t let me use the code formatting and to properly post the code.
    • You have to do this every time you start the game.


Extra – Launch SEMI on Start.


To have SEMI start on launch you’ll have to edit a single file.

  • Open the main directory of Melvor Idle
  • Find the file named package.json
  • At the end of the code but before the } add ,”inject_js_end”:”./Mods/SEMI-Steam/scripts/SEMI.js” and save the file.
  • SEMI should now load when you pick your save.
  • The only issue is that your hidden options will be visible but darkened and the options won’t be able to hidden. Nothing is broken though.


Written by Kalapeno

This is all that we can say about Melvor Idle – How to use Scripts – Extensions and Commands for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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