Metal Wolf Chaos XD – EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming]

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming] 3 -
Metal Wolf Chaos XD – EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming] 3 -

Guide for Metal Wolf Chaos XD – EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming]

Easiest way of netting a ton of money real fast and unlocking all weapons

1.) Level up the raingun tree to *at least* level 4

The railgun unlocked at level 4 (RG-50) allows you to use this farming strategy to good effect, but I highly recommend getting to level 5 in the tree for the RG-50SP. It will double your farming speed. I’d almost say the 50SP is mandatory, but you’ll still be able to farm faster than anywhere else in the game with the RG-50. 
If, for some reason, you completely neglected this tree the entire game, you don’t need that much money for trees sub level 5 anyway. Replay a few levels once or twice. Chicago is decent as long as you have strong enough bazookas or missiles to take out the towers quick enough. If you know the layout you can finish it in under 3 minutes for a nice payout. 

2.) Go to New York

The New York level is over as soon as the boss dies. The level starts with the boss literally in front of you and walking towards you. You can finish him off in as quickly as 20 seconds for a reward of a little over 200k dollars. NY is easily the fastest completed with the most gain. 
The designers want you to run away from the boss and towards a fortress that, once taken out, will weaken the boss by eliminating his instant kill beam special. Instead of doing that, you’re going to kill him right at the start. 

3.) Kill the boss

That’s it. Don’t run away, don’t move from the start of the level. Just charge your railgun. 
Metal Wolf Chaos XD - EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming] 
He’ll use his instant kill special, but it won’t hurt you. Either because he’s too far away or because the shields in front protect you. Either way, no need to move. 
When he’s close enough just go underneath him and hit him square in his weak spot. Charge your railgun again whilst straffing and repeat. Watch out for mines and rockets by just jumping a lot. 
Metal Wolf Chaos XD - EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming] 
Strafe around that red spot so as to not get hit by the instant kill beam if he uses it 
With the RG50 you can finish him off with 6 fully charged beams. WIth the RG50-SP you can finish him off with 3 to 4 beams. Oddly enough, the RG70 takes 4 to 5 hits to finish him off, so avoid it. 
Level up the tree to max and get the RG-RH so that the boss will die in one fully charged shot. You’ll have more than enough money in under 5 minutes anyway. 

4.) Profit

5 runs through New York should be more than enough to level up any weapon tree to its max. You can complete New York in under a minute 30 with the RG50, and probably in under a minute with the RG50-SP. 
By the time you unlock the final railgun, you can finish it in under 20 seconds. The loading times will be taking up more time, and this game doesn’t have huge loading times. 

Any other sections to farm fast?

There’s no need. 
Regular progression through the game gives you more than enough money to level up multiple trees to six and buy the weapons. The game is easy enough anyway that you won’t consider farming. 
Its only until you get to Liberty Island (the level after New York), that you’ll actually need upgraded weapons to destroy the tank in the tight conditions the game gives you. It’s here that most players most likely began farming. 
Like I said before, if you get to NY with no railguns, play through any levels a few times. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get the RG50-SP 

This is all that we can say about Metal Wolf Chaos XD – EZ weapon unlocks [quick farming] for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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