Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide

Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 3 -
Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 3 -

Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide


In this guide, I’ll show you how you can make tons of money, which you can use later in the game for buying high powered weapons or supplies.



Are you new to Metro Last Light? Maybe you just got the game today, and you have been enjoying your time with it, but you can’t seem to find a good source of income, and you are always running low on MGR. (Money)

Or maybe even you are playing on survival ranger hardcore, and you are continually running out of ammo, filters, medkits, and you have no money to purchase any of the three needed items.

Well, in this guide I will show you how to quickly make money using a certain level, a merchants shop and some of our lovely bandit friends.

Ps: They’re not so lovely. They’re a bunch of d**ks.


Chapter 14: Bandits

It’s in this chapter where you will be able to perform this money trick. You can start a new game and make it to this chapter while saving up some money or rushing through and not exploring the optional game areas. It will take some time to do it as you need to run back and forth, but if you want to have a lot of MGR that you will be able to use for the rest of the game. Then the time you put into this trick is worth the trouble.


The Trick

Once Artyom comes to his senses, and you get back onto the railcar. You will keep going along the path until you stumble upon a camp of Red Line refuges who inform you that they have a “bandit problem.”

There is a weapon merchant in this small camp, and a bit further forward are bandits with three separate occupied sections. Those bandits usually carry highly modified Revolvers, Lolifes, Ashots, or Duplets. Deal with them by killing them or knocking them out. How you do it is up to you.

Once you rid of them, pick up their weapons. If you are in the spartan mode, then you can pick up two of them in place of two of your other weapons. If you are in survival ranger hardcore mode, you can only pick up one as the other weapon is your primary, and you can’t sell all of your three weapons at once. Just try to remember where you dropped your original weapon. You wouldn’t want to lose it and have to buy a new one.

Now run back to the merchant’s shop and sell the bandit weapons you picked up. The seller will accept the weapons for prices of 60 to even 80 MGR!!!

Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 1 -
Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 1 –


Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 2 -
Metro: Last Light Redux – Easy Cash Guide 2 –


Do this how many times you wish as long as there are bandits and weapons. You will easily be able to finish the game without even dropping to 100 MGR. Of course, be smart with the money, don’t go mindlessly buying stuff you don’t need just because you have too much. Remember, you can still use the MGR to deal with some hefty amount of damage to humans and mutants alike.


Final Notes

By all means, the choice is yours. Use this trick or not; the choice is up to you. I’m not encouraging anyone to do it. Some people may consider this a cheat, and some people may like the challenge of having little to no money and having to scavenge every little corner to find some MGR for usage in shops.

I just shared this trick with you guys because it’s a neat trick for both new players and veteran players alike.



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