Monster Bash HD – “In One Piece” Achievement Walkthrough (With jump references)

Monster Bash HD – “In One Piece” Achievement Walkthrough (With jump references) 1 -
Monster Bash HD – “In One Piece” Achievement Walkthrough (With jump references) 1 -

This text guide will help you to complete the "In One Piece" achievement in Monster Bash HD.


Monster Bash HD -
Welcome to my guide that will walk you through In One Piece HD. Your goal in Episode 1 is to finish Level 6 with no damage. It refers back to the level hint that the original gave you, which was a bonus to finish with zero damage. Now it is a full achievement. This achievement is one of the most unlocked in MBHD. However, you can break it into segments like most levels while using jump refers at certain points.
My goal was to take the idea of unpredictable enemies, and obnoxious spike boxes, and turn it into consistent strategies which are repeatable. The guide also includes a companion video.
You are welcome to play on any difficulty, except Nightmare (. Unless you're looking for bragging points or trying to reach maximum points or collecting all hearts at full HP). From easy to hard, Monster Bash levels have no enemy/trap differences. The secret level Episode 2 raises enemies by one difficulty.

Quick Tips and the Zombie Threat

While it may sound great that the basic Zombie should be the main enemy on this level, it's not ideal. They may die in 3 hits but their heads are just three times as deadly after being liberated. They roll fast. However, their physics can cause them unpredictably to move. Johnny crouches to capture it. It bounces over his shots, striking him. Time to start).
You should destroy any detached heads quickly after the zombie dies. Two shots are enough to "prime" it and then two more shots at neck. Even if it rolls in a different direction, it will still exist and will return to you when you're not ready. You can see your points (For Easy: 100 to kill the zombie; 100 for the head. Or, to confirm the kill, check how much gore is visible.
We must remember this:

  • Anything other than self-preservation and the freedom of pets should be ignored
  • Before you tackle the level fully, practice execution in segments.
  • Stop letting zombies run amok!
  • You can use pan and zoom to see enemies offscreen or check semiblind jumps.

Enemies can be found at bolded. The re-encounter of enemies (knifehands & cannons) is at italics.

The Saw and Zombie Gauntlet

Grab the Boulder motorbike and blast the skulls in your path. Keep an eye out for the knifehand/shoe on-screen. You'll likely be sent into the spikes when it hits you. You can run behind it until it pa*ses. Wait for your shoe to knock the spike pit over. Shoot up to free the 4 pets. Don't worry about saving Boulders for the enemies. In most cases you will still need to fire again to kill the head. Here is our first section. Saws intermixed together with 4 zombies.
Kill the second one and then jump until the saw reaches the side of you. If the saw moves away, you will have plenty of time for the next one to pa*s. Keep your distance from any edge of each "trench", because the circular saw will strike those edges and inflict serious injuries. To kill a zombie, place yourself in the middle of each trench. Then, shoot one at neck height after each one. As always, be aware of incoming heads. Spamming rocks at neck level makes this unlikely.
Monster Bash HD -
The only time you don’t need to shoot is when the "No Recycling” sign appears on the screen's right side. Once you're inside the final trench shoot the last zombie. Then aim up and destroy 2 skulls. Once the saw moves to the right follow the trail and jump at a chain to shoot the third head midair.

Left Fork

Continue to climb 3 chains. There are no other concerns than not falling off the chains and hitting a spike.
To the left is a set of easier jumps. There is also a level exit. We must go left. Fortunately, the hardest path is the first. So if we make a mistake here, we won't be far behind. Before you turn left, destroy each right and left skulls and optionally kill zombie. Below is a reference picture to help you jump the spikes.
Monster Bash HD -
After the inapplicable reviewpoint, aim upwards and rebound rocks off ceiling onto the zombie. This will increase its chance of blasting its heads. Stand where it was and kill a just past it. Continue until you reach a slight elevation change. From here, you will need a zombie to be shot offscreen. It is harder to kill confirm for these shots. However, you can make a small jump while sending rocks towards it. Wait until the first cannon crawls up. Once that happens, crouch down to knock it out. There is no audio cue that will tell you when it is done so it is best to see it happen. Although it cannot harm you, it wakes up quickly so don't stop moving.
Jump, but avoid the knifehand, then grab the chain and look down to ensure that the saw moves past. Follow it until it does. Then, fire shots at a zombie quickly to kill it. Keep shooting to get rid of several skulls. Alternate between shooting and avoiding the saw until it looks clear enough to (just 4 spaces below the) heart. Finish any skulls left and aim up towards rebound to strike the skulls blocking the next jump. These tree trunk/lumber things come with a large hitbox. You should give them a wide clearance when you jump over them. Clear a few more skulls before moving up the chain. Clear another zombie on the top, jumping, and then re-clinging. Crouch down to remove zombie along with skulls to its left.
Monster Bash HD -
It is important to practice the jump repeatedly before you attempt a full course. It requires that you stand close to the left spike before jumping. Unlike other areas that provide reference images, this must be a running leap.
You can also destroy more skulls by placing a zombie onto the ledge. You don't need to climb it to achieve this achievement . Just fire rapid fire until the pet is freed. Kill the zombie and its head before you go.
Monster Bash HD -
BONUS. For those who aim for high points during a normal run, I'll provide a jump reference. There are a heart-shaped candy piece and a heart to collect, ideally without cutting the spike or ruining the heart bonus.
Monster Bash HD -
Jumping up any ledge requires that you run jump, then jump until Johnny crosses over the line towards your final "stump". Once you have reached the spike, stop.
You should now go backwards and consider the saw before you return to the ledge. Look out for the cannon. This should be shot in a crouched or prone position (. If you do, it could be knocked offscreen. You can return to the fork using the old checkpoint.

Right Fork

Monster Bash HD -
Jump to your right side and disable 2 cannons. Then, partially descend the ramp to lure the zombie upwards. It's not worth the risk of fighting it on a ramp. Now kill it.
Monster Bash HD -
Enter the secret to the right and grab the Fireball. Stand at the zombie, and shoot up at its surface for a clean kill. The lava from the volcano can be used to disable 3 cannonss on the descent. Otherwise, you should take normal shots and rebound shots from different parts. Continue down and disable cannon. Fireballs should be fired over the spike stump, killing the zombie at the other end.
Monster Bash HD -
Let me now tell you about my favorite jump technique: Line up Johnny’s white pajama foot with the stump edge. Next, press and hold jump. This will ensure that you clear the jump every time, provided you are standing correctly. Before you jump, ensure that the cannonA has been completely disabled.

Conveyor Chaos

The hardest jumps can be done now. All you have to do is keep cool on the conveyors. Move across to the upper-right, and once you reach spike ceiling, take the left. After you reach the center, crawl under the spikes to release the pet. The belt will lead you back to the left.
Monster Bash HD -
To get your pet free, you can bounce off the wall. Now, go back up and around to the exact belt fork. Follow the correct path.
Once you have the zombie, aim higher and bounce off your belt to slowly take it out. You can jump down to try and combat it but we want consistency. It may turn around mid-patrol. Once it's gone you can ignore the zombie exit sign. The right side is the best. If you are too close on the left side of the zombie, it can cause serious injury. Stand by the chest, blast the zombies and the last pet lock, and you will be free from this achievement.
Monster Bash HD -

Companion Video Guide & Outro

This is how it looks in action. I also have it in video.

Emberheart Games/PrimozV., for leading and developing this great soft remake of a timeless cla*sic! Apogee is also to be commended for not holding onto their IPs indefinitely. Here's looking forward to bigger rereleases!


Written by Ceekur

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