Moon Hunters – How to get Beast Tongue

Moon Hunters – How to get Beast Tongue 1 -
Moon Hunters – How to get Beast Tongue 1 -

Guide for Moon Hunters – How to get Beast Tongue

A short guide on how to get the Beast Tongue achievement and gain the ability to speak with animals.


Your goal is to find Bayun the cat. He can be found in the Baba Yaga levels, so keep an eye out for those. He is the grayish-purple cat seen throughout the game, but this is one of the instances where he can be interacted with. 
You’ll want to explore the level thoroughly, since you need both the Bayun interaction and the Baba Yaga interaction. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE BAYUN INTERACTION FIRST. 

What to do

Interact with Bayun. Bayun will hiss at you. You will be given two options- Soothe or Feed. Pick feed. He should reply in human speech, and then tell you to call on him as Bayun. 
Go to the Baba Yaga hut. 
There you should get the interaction where you can hear sobbing from inside the hut, and Baba Yaga should say that she doesn’t need any more servants. You will be given two options once again- Attack or Call on Bayun. Pick call on Bayun. He will attack Baba Yaga, and the interaction will end. 
Finish the level as you normally would. 
Once you get to camp, DO NOT PICK COOK. Cooking skips the random encounter of the night, so DO NOT. You should get an interaction with Bayun where he says he has no place to go now that he’s not with Baba Yaga. Offer to take him in. He will reply by saying he will teach you how to speak with animals in exchange. 
At this point, you have the option to take him on as your familiar, although I don’t think it’s necessary. Still, it might be worth saying yes just in case. It’s fine to change your familiar later in the run. 
Congratulations! You have Beast Tongue! And now you can speak with animals in every future adventure! 
(The achievement will show up after you finish the run. It’s not affected by win or loss.) 

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