MORDHAU – How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline

MORDHAU – How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline 3 -
MORDHAU – How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline 3 -
We will go over on how to maximize your survival, to get the best results out of your mercenaries. TO MAKE YOU A GOD
A KILLING MACHINE… some might say


Straight to the Point

The first thing we are going to do is to create a new mercenary. 
Once we do that, we are going to add these perks. 
1.) Bloodlust 
2.) Fireproof 
3.) Cat 
The only perk we really need here is bloodlust, the other perks can be whatever. 
MORDHAU - How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline 


We now need to make our character look as cool as possible. You have the points, give him the best! 
MORDHAU - How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline 

The weapon

Sadly, all we get is a cleaver. BUT HEAR ME OUT!!!! 
This is just my small little guide, that is about a guideline! You don’t need to follow me step for step! Let me explain. 
Don’t need as much armor? Go 2/2/3, and use those extra 6 points to get the perk Rush. Rush is a very good perk especially when used with bloodlust. That’s just an example. You can do whatever you want, as long as you follow this rule. 
The boomers of mordhau don’t want to tell you this, but the best way to survive as long as possible and kill as much as possible, you need to become a weapon thief. 
You must spawn in with no weapon, or a weapon that costs very little points. You then need to stack all those points into either armor, and mostly perks. 
You then need to find a weapon on the battlefield. You might die without finding one sometimes, but if you just stick behind your teammates you’ll find one, and then you can find a better one, and then you can become that god I was talking about. 
Goodluck my brave mercenaries. I will be seeing you on the battlefield! 


You don’t need to read any more than this, I gave you my knowledge of how to succeed to your best ability. Keep reading if you want 😀 
The best weapons to pickup in my 1,000 hour opinion are these, ranked best to worst. 
1.) Zwei 
2.) Battleaxe/Waraxe 
3.) Bardiche 
4.) Messer 
5.) Maul (I’m not a maul user, tho I’m sure Maul can be ranked #1 if I was.) 
But again, I most likely have a very different play style to your own, and I can’t advise the same to you. Maul users, mostly goes to you!! 

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about MORDHAU – How to become a GOD in Invasion/Frontline. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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