MORDHAU – How to get a lot of Coins

MORDHAU – How to get a lot of Coins 1 -
MORDHAU – How to get a lot of Coins 1 -
Most youtube videos informing you of the quickest ways to get coins are outdated so here’s my research in 2021 of April 27th



Before I start this guide all I want to say is that you should probably play the mode were YOU have the most fun. 
Getting coins in Mordhau is quite difficult especially when you’re a spender like me. Saving up can be hard thanks to the constant influx of weapons and armor each update that you always buy for some godamn reason. If you’re looking at this guide you may have watched all of the outdated videos that honestly, doesn’t really help at all. 

Horde Mode

Let’s get the behemoth out of the way quickly. Horde mode no longer gives you as much coins as it used too. This made has been hit with a buff and a half multiple times. The crossbow and ladder glitch also no longer works thanks to youtubers not keeping their mouth shut, and even then, it only gave you about 1500 + your point count which has been diluted because well, you’re fighting brainless AI. 
End amount of coins: 
Loss: 100~1000-ish 
Win (wave 22): 1500~2000 
That’s not a lot for about 45~1hr of work with teammates. 
Coins Per Minute (cpm): 30 
Fun level: 40% (Fun at beginning then you get bored and then angry at a loss.) 

Invasion/Frontline (same thing basically)

Invasion and Frontline is a very fun mode no doubt but can take a long time depending on who’s your team. It’s very time consuming but not as devastating as Horde mode’s length. Most rounds take max 20 minutes to end and you can easily get kills on the way. I would recommend a longer weapon because you’ll be fighting multiple people at once sometimes. In this mode, you must offend or defend a base and kill the Nobles/Warrant to end the match. Like most modes it is highly dependent on your performance and amount of kills. 
End amount of coins: 
Loss: 0~300 
Win: 100~450 
Cpm: 22 
Fun level: 85% (Don’t look at the leader board and you’ll be fine) 

Brawl Modes

Brawl can be very profitable if you if you have the skills to play it. It usually ends when someone gets to 3k points or a team of 5 wins an out of five match (skirmish). This is the shortest mode(s) of all the casual ones and sometimes even the most toxic. These modes may also take around 5 to 15 minutes 
Coins in the end: 
Win: 100~450 
Loss: 0~200 
Cpm: 25 
Fun level: 78% (Fight people your skill level) 

Duel 1v1 (Comp)

This may be one of the best game modes to do this in for the sole reason it lasts 5~10 minutes long. The only thing you need is skill, which is quite hard to get but at the price of coins you might as well get it anyways. You might not get a lot of XP from this but this guide is about coins, not XP. Even if you don’t have skill you’ll still get a hefty amount of coins at the end no matter your preformance. 
End amount: 
Win: 150~400 
Loss: 100~250 
Cpm: 60 
Fun level: 50% (You’ll especially get angry if you go up against someone with dodge or is just overall better than you) 

Duel 3v3 (Comp)

Now pretend like I didn’t say that 1v1 was the best– this is. While it does take about 7~15 minutes and is extremely rare to come across and extremely hard to beat it has extraordinary rewards. 
It does partly base it off of your preformance thanks to it being a team effort but still, a lot of coins. 
End amount: 
Win: 400~600 
Loss: 200~400 
Cpm: 75 
Fun level: 40% (Your teammates will either be using peasant as a joke which just ruins it for the rest of the team.) 

Written by Austravich

This is all that we can say about MORDHAU – How to get a lot of Coins for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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