Mr.Mine – How to get free gold chests

Mr.Mine – How to get free gold chests 1 -
Mr.Mine – How to get free gold chests 1 -

Simple way to get your tickets for Mr. Mine!, used as a way to revive scientists and accelerate gameplay


Step 1 Click the garage just to the left of our crafting center
Step 2 Click the tab "Use tickets".
Step 3
Now it will display "Enter the code in order to redeem."
Step 5 Join the official "Mr. Mine discord – []
Step: 6 The server codes are updated frequently in the announcements tab. You can find one every 2-3 weeks so be sure to check back often! This is a great way for you to get free gold coins. Each code gives you 1-1.5 Gold Chests or a two hour time lapse.
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