Muck – Guide to surviving

Muck – Guide to surviving 1 -
Muck – Guide to surviving 1 -

This Guide contains:

Everything about Beginning
Informations how to get/cook/make Food
Crafting and more!



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When you enter game solo you will see Tutorial

That tutorial is helpful but it doesn’t tell you everything about protecting and gathering other materials!

So let’s begin!

When you will spawn look at the ground for small rock it looks like this:

Muck - Guide to surviving

Let’s begin by mining tree’s, mine them untill you will get 30 wood for useful stuff!

If you got 30 wood let’s make a workbench by going into inventory and clicking the table!

When you got workbench place it by clicking Right Mouse Button then make 2 times Barks if you made Barks go to Tools Bar and make Wooden Pickaxe and Wooden Axe

Now let’s go to other part about how to make House

Making your First House!

If you got Wooden Pickaxe and Axe let’s begin this part of Guide!

For the first night your house can be 1×1 or 1×2/2×2

Materials required for 1×1, 1×2, 2×2


3 Walls
1 Doorway
2 Floors


5 Walls
1 Doorway
4 Floors


7 Walls
1 Doorway
8 Floors

This is example of 1×1: (Ignore the gra*s)

Muck - Guide to surviving

1×1 House takes 12 wood to make

You can make it by placing floor then 3 walls, doorway and floor on top

1×2 House takes 20 wood to make

1×2 is 2 floors long (or wide) so the floors and walls are doubled

2×2 House takes 32 wood to make

2×2 is 2 floors long and 2 floors wide and it requires more time to make

Monsters and how to kill Them

About this one I couldn’t get pictures to showcase…

There is currently 5 Monsters which I found during playing Game

Dino (Small Green Monster)

Easy to Kill with Rock and Basic Tools and other stuff

Fire Dino (Small Green Monster with Fire)

Harder to kill cause he damages you with Fire by throwing it at you (You don’t burn or get Fire Damage)
Best Strategy is to use bow or kill him while he is distracted

Goblin / Zombie Caveman (Caveman but Green)

Best way to kill him is to do circles around him and hitting him cause he will have no chance to hit you

Rock Monster / Small Chunk

Same Tactic as Goblin / Zombie Caveman

Big Rock Monster / BIG CHUNK

This one is hardest.
Use bow to shot him from far or if you have Friends(or solo) attack him when he will spawn there will be chance that you can lower his hp to 1000(if you have friends) or 1400(if you are without friends)

How to Find/Make Food

Raw Meat / Cooked Meat

You can get Raw Meat by killing a cow this is how Meat Looks:
Muck - Guide to surviving

When you killed cow you can eat the meat or cook it in…


If you wanna get Cooked Meat make a Cauldron in a Workbench and then place it and put coal(or wood) and meat and it should cook


There are 4 Shrooms


Each of them regenerates one of our bars

Pink regenerates Stamina
Red regenerates Health
Yellow regenerates Hunger
And Rainbow regenerates Every Bar

Shrooms can be found on ground


Yes there exist’s Bread.
To make it collect 5 Wheat and make Dough at workbench. When you made the Dough make yourself Cauldron
If you made Cauldron place it and place inside coal(or wood) and Dough and wait untill it’s done

Bread can also be found in chest’s (Not the Powerup one’s)


You will need a Bowl and Cauldron
Place Cauldron and inside bowl and RAW meat then coal and wait untill it’s done

Soup can also be found in chest’s (Not the Powerup one’s)


I RECOMMEND CHECKING THIS GUIDE (cause his guide is this part):

Powerup’s for Attack

Orange Juice / + Attack speed
Dumbbeli / +Base strenght
Horshoe / Increased critical chance
Crimson knife / Damaging Enemy regenerates your health
Bulldozer / Chance to knockback Enemies
Sniper Scope / Small chance to deal chunky damage
Adrealine / Falling below 30% of max health will boost damage
Knuts Hammer / Deals extra electric damage ( And his hammer was electric)
Wings of glory / Deal bonus damage when falling
Berserk / The lower the health, the higher the damage

Powerup’s for Health

Broccoli / Keeps regenerating Health
Red pill / Increases max Health
Blue Pill / increased shield
Danis milk / guess it’s like defense?
Dracule / Increases Max Health if killed a Monster

Powerup’s for Movement

Janniks Frog / +1 Jump
Sneakers / +Movement speed
Jetpack / Higher Jumps


Peanut butter / +Stamina
Checkered Shirt / Bigger Damage to resources
Piggybank / Better Loot in Chests


Bars are main elements of Muck

There are 3 Bars in-game:

Health Bar:
Muck - Guide to surviving
If the Health Bar runs out the player dies and World resets but if player is in multiplayer he can still respawn
Hunger Bar:
Muck - Guide to surviving
If the Hunger Bar runs out player will not regenerate Stamina

Stamina Bar:
Muck - Guide to surviving
If the bar runs out player will be not able to Sprint and Jump

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Muck – Guide to surviving helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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