Muck – How to Play Muck for Beginners on Steam

Muck – How to Play Muck for Beginners on Steam 1 -
Muck – How to Play Muck for Beginners on Steam 1 -
For those just starting out your Mucky adventure and need some idea on What the Muck to do


First day

First step is to find a rock. 
Use that rock to slap some trees. Your goal here is to try to get more than 30 wood so that you can craft bark, and both of the wooden tools. (Axe is optional as you don’t really need that) 
Next step is to go on a mining adventure and get as much iron as possible. Iron is like stone, but in a darker colour. 
Be on the lookout for black crates as you can get free power ups from those. Others cost coins that you get from killing the enemies during the night 
While running around you should also be picking up as much food as possible. Get everything, it will help you later. 
For food you should avoid killing cows as that takes up too much of your valuable time. Instead head into a forest and look for mushrooms and apples. Different mushrooms increase different bars. 
To put this easy 
Red for healing – Always have these on your hotbar incase something gets the jump on you 
Yellow for food – Without food you get no stamina and do not heal 
Purple/pink is for stamina – Can be useful in a tricky situation when you need to run fast as you can sprint and eat them at the same time. 
Rainbow is for everything – It increases everything. 
At this point you should still be on day 1 or on your first night. 
Craft some furnaces and put your iron to melt. For fuel you can either use wood or coal that you get from mining stone or picking it up from the ground. 
2 Different types of enemies should start appearing out of the ground. The amount depends on the difficulty that you are on 
They should be pretty easy to kill, just jump and run around to avoid getting hit. Try and get them away from your furnace and crafting bench 
You can eat the mushrooms to increase your statistics and chances of surviving the night! Recommend having a lot of red mushrooms! 
If you are playing multiplayer and die, DO NOT WORRY! You respawn at 12:00. 
Mobs will stop spawning at the same time. But you can still die and if you do you need to wait till it gets to 12:00 again. 
You get coins from the mobs that you kill. You can use coins to open 3 different levels of loot crates. 
Prices of crates are 25, 100 and 250 

Second Day

Well done! You survived your first day. 
Now grab that iron that you started smelting before and make an anvil. If you are on easy difficulty I recommend making sword, a pickaxe and an axe. If you are not on easy you should also make some armour. 
Now you can start mining mithril. 
Mithril is the next ore that you should be starting to mine. It’s a blue-ish color and is a bit better than steel items. 
Remember while you are looking for ores you should still be picking up all the mushrooms that you see! This will save your butt in late game. 
Start smelting the mithril you collected and start harvesting fir wood as you need that for the tools. You do need a steel axe to chop them so make sure you have that. 
The second night should have started by now so you should probably deal with the goblins and dinos coming after you! 

Third Day

Congratulations you have survived the Second night. 
Now you should really start mining more mithril items. What you should craft depends on the resources but I recommend going with a sword, pickaxe, axe, and various bits of armour depending on the amount of mithril that you have. 
Now you should start looking for adamatite. You find it by looking for a green-ish ore. It is one of the best materials that you can get at this point. You need a mithril pickaxe to mine it. 
To make adamatite tools you need oak wood, you can chop it down using a mithril axe! 
Put the adamatite to smelt while you are chopping wood and use the coins you got last night to get as many power-ups as possible! It is crucial that you are strong enough to survive the next 2 nights. 

Fourth Night

You have survived the third night, but the challenge is not yet over. 
Get as stacked as possible. Your doom might come this night. 
Make adamandite armour. You need 40 bars to make a full set! 
Gather! Gather! and Gather! Get power-ups, mushrooms and armour
Now depending on the difficulty there will probably be a boss fight this night! 
Big Chunk 
Muck - How to Play Muck for Beginners on Steam 
I was a bit more lucky and he spawned on the 5th night on Normal difficulty. 
But I have also had him spawn on the 4th one so if he doesn’t spawn tonight, consider this an early warning. 
Tips for fighting him: 
He has 2 main attacks: Jump and hit. 
With the jump one you do not want to be near him and have to avoid the stones that roll away from him! 
Hit one is pretty easy to avoid, but it does splash damage so be aware of that. 
You could also just go for it! Get between his legs and hit away. If you have high jump capabilities then get on top of him. If you can do that then he can only hit you when he does his jump attack. 
Remember to eat your mushrooms! 

Fifth Night + Rest of the game

If you have followed all the steps from before, you should be set for the rest of the game. 
If Big Chunk didn’t spawn last night, then he will tonight! 
All you have left to do in the game is to get more power-ups and food. That’s essentially it. 
The following days will get harder and harder. Beware of elemental dinos that do range damage. 
There are also flying creatures so you should probably get a bow to deal with those. 
You can craft a bow using a fletching table, you need a bit of birch for that. 
You also craft arrows using the fletching table. You need different metals and wood types for the arrows 
Big Chunk drops Chunkium ore. You use that to craft the last and the best armor of the game. You can also craft a hammer, if you are lucky that he drops a hammer shaft. 
In later game, multiple Big Chunks will spawn
That is it! Good luck with getting as far as you can and I hope that this guide was sufficient enough to help you! 

Written by Uran

This is all that we can say about Muck – How to Play Muck for Beginners on Steam for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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