Muck – Items from chests and Health Resistence

Muck – Items from chests and Health Resistence 1 -
Muck – Items from chests and Health Resistence 1 -


Attack Ups

Orange Juice | Attack speed
Dumbbeli | Base strenght
Milk | Damage
Horshoe | Increased critical chance
Crimson knife | Lifesteal
Bulldozer | Chance to knock back enemies
Sniper Scope | Small chance to deal chunky damage
Adrenaline | Falling below 30% of max hp will boost damage
Knuts Hammer | Deals extra electric damage
Wings of glory | Deal bonus damage when falling
Berserk | The lower the health, the higher the damage

Health Ups

Broccoli | Health Regeneration
Red Pill | Increase max hp
Blue Pill | increased shield
Dracule | Permamently increase max hp on kill

Movement Ups [ENG]

Sneakers | Movement speed
Jetpack | Increased Jump Height(To the moon)
Frog | Double jump

Misc Ups

Peanut butter |Stamina
Checkered Shirt | Increased damage to resources
Piggybank | Better loot in chests


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