Murder House Walkthrough

Murder House Walkthrough 1 -
Murder House Walkthrough 1 -

Murder House Walkthrough


A walkthrough for Murder House. Achievements included. I kept it as spoiler free as possible.



I am not sure yet if you need to keep the VHS filter on for the whole playthrough to get the Tape Master achievement. I have tested it and if that is the case it still seems to be bugged.


Hug the wall to the character’s right until you come to a security gate. There is space to crawl under it.

Hug the wall to the character’s left until you find a KEY near the mall’s doors.

Read the two missing posters on the wall.

Continue hugging the wall to the character’s left until you come to another security fence.

Use the key on it. It’s finicky so walk along the gate and use the key until it works.

Hug the wall to the character’s right until you come across an exit door. There is a missing poster on the wall near it. There is another poster further down the mall near the mall’s doors.

Go through the exit door. There are more posters on the walls here. Walk all the way down the hall.

Go into the washroom and hide in a stall.

Exit the washroom. Find the large door in the hall and enter.

Pick up the FLASHLIGHT. Go through the room until you find the exit by a TV.

There is a SCREWDRIVER not far from the TV but you may not find it in time. Leave if you hear a door open.

Leave the room and go back. Find the SCREWDRIVER.

Go the next room. Find the showers and open the curtains.

Use the SCREWDRIVER on the drain cover and get a KEY.

Right across from the showers is locker 1024. Use the tiny key on it. There is a number written on the door.


Return to the hallway where you found the large door. Across from it is another door with a keypad.

Enter the code and go inside.

Hide under the desk.

Kicking and screaming. Reach the end of the prologue.


Creepy House

Go to the back of the house. Enter the basement window.

Find the stairs. Read the note in the kitchen. In a drawer near the stove is a PENCIL.

Open the front door.

Go to the van and bring in the cases.

Go upstairs and find the bedroom. It’s the room with a TV. In the dresser by the bed is a FUSE. Pick up the PENCIL on the floor.

Return to the basement. Near the window by the stairs is a fusebox. Use the FUSE on it.

Return to the group.

Go to the basement and talk to Dana. Go to the kitchen and get the MUG on the table.

Use the MUG on the kitchen sink. Give the filled mug to Dana. She will give you a KEY.

Adjust yourself to make sure you’ll run in the right direction. Run through the door on cue.

Return upstairs. Use the small key on the door underneath the stairs.

Pick up the FLASHLIGHT. Pick up the PENCIL.

You can save the game by using a pencil on the journal in here.

Equip the flashlight and go to the basement.

In one of the dark rooms is a CROWBAR lying on a sofa.

Use the crowbar on the dryer. You will get a DOOR KNOB.

Go to the kitchen and use the door knob on the door by the fridge.

Pick up the FIRE POKER.

Exit the building and go to the van. Investigate it and read the note.

Go upstairs and talk to Gary.

Go to the basement and talk to Tom. He will give you a LARGE KEY.

Leave the basement. I recommend you save before going further up.


Murder House

Go upstairs to the group.

Go down the hall and to the attic. Use the large key on the door.

Search the dresser with the globe on it. Get a LETTER OPENER.

Turn off your flashlight and exercise caution from now on.

Go downstairs and investigate the body. You will find the DEATH EGG.

Enter the room with the studio lights. There is a cabinet at the end of the room. Use the letter opener on it. Inside is a GUN. Do not use it.

Payback! Got the gun.

Same room, the dresser. There is a PENCIL.

Go to the kitchen. Find the cabinet near the sink. Use the letter opener for a FIRST AID KIT.

Go to the basement and find the room with the mattresses on the floor.

Near the doorway across from the mattresses is a small cabinet. Use the letter opener on it to get a MAGNET.

Return upstairs. Go through the red door in the kitchen to the living room.

To the character’s right is a hole in the floor. Use the magnet here to get a KEY.

Use the medium key on the door upstairs. It’s in the hall on the way to the attic. Go inside.

Read the note. Pick up the BLACK LIGHT on the bedframe.

Go to the attic. Use the black light on the lightbulb.

Investigate the room and interact with the cabinet.

Go in.

Use the letter opener on the cabinet at the end of the hallway. You will get PISTOL AMMO. Reload your pistol now so you don’t have to do it later. You can do this by selecting the ammo in your inventory.

Enter the rooms and read the notes. In one of the rooms is a body on the floor tied with rope. Take the ROPE. In another is a PENCIL inside a dresser.

Bookworm. Read all the notes and missing posters.

Exit the hallway and return upstairs. Interact with the camera in the kitchen and get the TAPE.

Go upstairs and return to the room you found the black light. Collect the EGG.

Go to the bedroom with the TV and use the tape.

In the same room use the rope on the large cabinet.

Go inside. Open the curtain and get the EGG.

There is a cabinet on the wall in this room. Inside you will find BANDAGES.

Go downstairs and into the room with the piano. The door is near the front door.

The hint for this puzzle is “8 8 8 3 5 5 3 12 12 10 10 8”

Ignore the black keys and count the white keys. So instead of 12 there are 7.

Play “5 5 5 2 3 3 2 7 7 6 6 5”

You will get an EGG.

Put all the eggs in the basket in this room.

I recommend you save.


Final Confrontation

Go downstairs and return to the torture hallway. A door will be open.

Climb up but do not immediately run to the exit. If you go to the south after the camera change there is a SHOTGUN.

Equip the pistol and go to the exit.

A bug can make your pistol and fire poker not work at all if you switch to the shotgun or reload a save where you are already equipped.

After the cutscene, shoot him once or twice immediately and keep your distance.

Don’t run. Walk. You only need to sprint to get out of his attack range. Shoot when he is in his attack animation.

If you are not counting your shots and you shoot the pistol without ammo you will reload automatically. You won’t be able to move while reloading so be careful.

Use the first aid kit or bandages when you need it. You will be able to go through your inventory when he attacks. Don’t rush and keep your distance.

Switch to the shotgun when you run out of ammo. Continue shooting him.

Use the fire poker as a last resort.

Be Kind, Rewind. Escape the Murder House.

Tape Master. Reach the special thanks in the credits.



Helpless Victim. Get caught in the prologue.

Massacred! Get killed as Emma.


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