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Guide for My Singing Monsters – Experience Guide

We’ve all been there. Stuck at level 10-20, not knowing how to get much further. Well, look no further – I’m going to show you how to ramp up your levels quickly and efficiently.

The Basics – What do levels do?

Leveling up in My Singing Monsters is probably one of the most important things a player can do. It allows you to: 
– Unlock more decorations 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
– Gain access to certain structures, such as the Mini-Mine and Hotel 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
– Unlock more islands (Magical Islands, Wublin Island, etc) 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
– Breed/Buy new monsters 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Now, early on, leveling isn’t too much of an issue – you can get to level 15 in a week or two. Then you hit a bit of a… roadblock. Getting from level 15 to level 16 costs 1.2 MILLION experience. It only gets worse from there. The farther you level up, the harder it gets – to the point where millions upon millions of experience to gain a single level. Yikes. 
Now, don’t worry – in this guide, I’ll walk you through the most optimal ways for you to level up. You’ll unlock all the things you need in no time – and, you might learn a few tricks along the way. Now let’s get started, shall we? 

Before we begin…

Here’s something you should know – Level 30 is the last level required to unlock any new items – besides that, the only thing that higher levels give are the special monikers. It is not recommended that you go past level 30, as it takes over TWENTY BILLION exp to hit max level from there. If you want to do it, go ahead! Just be wary of how long it may take. 

Method #1 – Making Food

Now this one is quite simple – you’ll be able to do it right from the beginning. Baking not only produces a hefty amount of experience each day, but it also provides you with food needed to level up your monsters. 
In the first few levels (1-10), baking isn’t really needed for leveling – you’ll need the food more. However, once you reach level 15 and beyond, you need much, much more in order to progress. That’s when you start baking. 
Here’s what you should be baking, and when you should be baking it: 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Pie is available with the large bakery at level 15. It costs 500,000 coins to bake one, and it will provide 250,000 exp in 12 hours. I suggest you continuously bake this until level 17. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Next, we have the Turkey. For 1,000,000 coins, it produces 500,000 exp in 24 hours. This is really good, especially early on. I suggest you use this until level 20. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
After that, we have the Cake. For 5,000,000 coins, it produces 2,500,000 exp in 48 hours. This is also the most cost-efficient option for making food, since you’ll also gain 500,000 of it in those 48 hours. Use this until you hit level 23. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Finally, we have the Big Salad. It costs twice as much as the Cake, and it also produces 2x as much exp in the same amount of time. The only downside to this is that it produces only 1.5x as much food as the Cake – so, if you’re trying to grind out food, use the Cake instead. Bake this from level 23 and beyond. 
Note: Don’t have enough coins to buy all that food? No problem! Follow my Zynth Farm guide if you’re short on coins! 

Method #2 – Placing Monsters

Placing monsters is another simple way to gain Exp – all you need is time and patience. 
Now, there’s two different types of monsters you should be doing this method with – Quad Elementals and Wubbox. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
For Quad Elementals – 
Quad Element monsters produce 110,000 exp when placed, and can be sold for a hefty sum of coins as well. It’s best to breed, hatch, place, then sell them. 
To make this as efficient as possible, breed a rare quad with a normal quad. This ensures that you get a quad each time, without the risk of breeding a triple/single element monster. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Now, for Wubbox – 
Wubbox gives a TON of experience when placed. I don’t mean a few hundred thousand, or maybe a couple million. Nah. Wubbox produces 37,500,000 experience when placed (excluding wublin island.) This tops literally every other monster, which is absolutely insane – although, there’s a bit of a downside. 
Normally, Wubbox costs 75,000,000 coins. That’s… super expensive. However, there is a bit of a trick. You see, every now and then, Wubbox goes on sale – 50% off, to be exact. That means, for only 37,500,000 coins, you’ll gain enough exp to blow through most of the early levels (25-33). To put it simply, save your coins for when Wubbox goes on sale. When the sale comes around, buy as many as you can, and watch your level SKYROCKET! 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 

Method #3 – Placing Decorations

Decorating your island is one of the many features of My Singing Monsters – and a very important one at that. Not only can they make your island look very stylish, but they can also help you gain some levels as well! 
Similarly to monsters, decorations produce quite a bit of exp when placed – a key difference between them is that it takes much less time… and it’s very expensive. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
The Jarhead (level 21), Ambered Thing (level 22), and Floofy Nest (level 24) all cost 25 million coins, and produce 6,250,000 exp upon being placed. If you can afford them, they can greatly speed up your leveling through levels 21-30. 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
Next up is the Inverdigus Fern (level 25). Compared to the last 3 decorations, it only costs 10 million more. In return, you’d gain 8,750,000, making it quite a bit faster to purchase these over the past options. 
Now we move on to the big one – the one, the only, Tub Fountain! 
My Singing Monsters - Experience Guide 
This monstrosity of a decoration costs a whopping 50 MILLION COINS, making it the most expensive decoration in-game. However, the price is well worth the investment – it gives double the amount of exp that the first three give, totaling to 12,500,000 EXP! If you can afford it, go ahead, buy a ton! However, just warning you in advance – unless you’re trying to level up past level 30 (or you have a… very strange taste in island decoration?), it is not recommended that you buy the Tub Fountain. 

What’s past level 30?

Now, I bet some of you are wondering why I said not to go past level 30 – I’ll explain it right here. 
Once you reach level 30, two things happen: 
– You unlock the last two decorations 
– You gain access to monikers, and you receive the “Apprentice Handler” moniker. 
For those who are wondering – monikers are a special title that can be obtained by leveling up to level 30 and beyond. Whenever someone vists and views your island, they’ll see your moniker at the top corner of your screen. If anything, it’s more of a flex. Once you reach level 75 (which will take several BILLION experience, mind you), you’ll obtain the hard-to-get “Celestial Chronicler” Moniker (alongside another reward for getting that far). It could take weeks, months, or (more than likely) years to reach that far. 
I personally suggest not focusing on leveling after reaching level 30. However, the choice is entirely yours – wanna have the ultimate flex on the rest of the community? Go ahead! If not? That’s fine too! Do whatever makes you happy. 


So, you’ve made it. I’ve shown you the ropes, and now it’s up to you to boost your level up to as high as you’d like it to be. It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end, eh? 
Anyway, thanks for sticking around and reading my guide! Got any questions? Want me to make a specific guide? Leave a comment below and I’ll get right to it! Happy Monstering! 
(Pssst – before you go. Wanna add me? My friend code is 4000002823EN. Send a request and I’ll light a torch or two!) 

Written by Dracotroll

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about My Singing Monsters – Experience Guide helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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