My Singing Monsters – The “All you need to know” for Referral/Friend Codes!

My Singing Monsters – The “All you need to know” for Referral/Friend Codes! 5 -
My Singing Monsters – The “All you need to know” for Referral/Friend Codes! 5 -

Guide for My Singing Monsters – The “All you need to know” for Referral/Friend Codes!

Don’t know how to refer a friend? Looking to enter someone else’s referral? Just started the game and looking for a little boost? Or maybe you just want to make some easy diamonds. Look no further, Referral codes and their rewards are right within your grasp!

What is a Referral Code?

A Referral code is similar to that of a Friend code. In fact, the actual codes themselves are Identical. That’s Right! a Friend code and a Referral code are the exact same string of numbers and letters! It’s how and where you use these codes that makes the difference! 

So what’s the difference between Friend Codes and Referral Codes?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Friend Codes and Referral Codes may look identical on the outside, however, the content that lies within them is different! 
Friend Codes: 
Friend codes are Codes that you enter in the friends menu to acquire companions on your My Singing Monsters Journey! Friends have many benefits within the game and it’s recommended that if you are staying around, you make a few! 
So what are these benefits? 

  • The ability to light each other’s torches for FREE! 
  • Friends can like your islands and boost your island into those juicy island leaderboards! 
  • Friends can gift each other keys for FREE!

These in-game benefits are a no-brainer, so if you don’t currently have any friends, you should make some NOW! 
Referral Codes: 
Referral Codes are very similar to normal Friend Codes, however, they come with one more amazing benefit! 
So what’s this benefit, you ask? 
Entering a Referral Code will reward the user with 5 FREE DIAMONDS! For those who are running low on Diamonds, for those who need these Diamonds for their Monster Breeding Speedups, For those who are just starting the game and looking for some extra of this scarce resource, Look no further! 

Awesome! So… how do I enter a Referral Code?

Entering a referral code is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
Head over to your settings and click on the button that says ‘Submit Referral’ 
My Singing Monsters - The  
From here all you need to do is enter a friends Referral Code! 
Dont have a Referral Code to enter? 
Use mine! 4000062896LC 
Its as simple as that! You now have a new friend and are 5 Diamonds Richer than before you read this guide! 
My Singing Monsters - The  
I wish you luck on your My Singing Monsters Journey! 



How do I send a Key?

Its Easy! Click on the key icon in the top right, From there, you will be given the option to send a key to a friend! 
My Singing Monsters - The  
Upon clicking ‘Gift a key to a friend’ you will be taken to the friends menu where you will now have the option to gift any friend a key! 

How do I Light a Torch?

Lighting torches is simple! 
Assuming that you have friends and that they have torches that need to be lit, you can light their torches with just a few clicks of your mouse! 
Heading over to Friends and pressing the Fire icon in the top right will present you with all your friends that may need their torches lit! Be a good friend and check this tab frequently! The more torches you light, the more of yours will be lit by others! 
My Singing Monsters - The  
You can pick and choose which torch to light and on which island, be a good friend and light on the island they requested! 

How do I add a Friend? (Friend Codes not Working)

On the date of writing, Currently there is a bug where you cant add friends the regular way. But, there is a work-around! 
By adding a friend that also plays My Singing Monsters to Steam, you can make friends without ever thinking about pressing that add friend button in-game! 
Once you and your Companion are friends on steam, simply launch the game and head over to the friends tab! 
When you’re here, click on that little Steam icon that says ‘Import Friends’ and Voil√†! you have now imported all your Steam friends into the game! 

How to add a Friend on Mobile/Other Platform?

Unfortunately My Singing Monsters Steam is currently a separate client from the Mobile versions of the game, making it impossible to add friends from other platforms at the time of writing. 
This may change in the future, however, for now make some friends on Steam and let them help you Through your My Singing Monsters Journey! 
Cant take no for an answer? 
The most you can do is get your friend to create a Steam account and start over with you. After all, Creating a Steam account and downloading the game is free, so this is no difficult task! Your friends can continue on their main Mobile accounts and also play alongside you on the new Steam version! 

Written by Crunk

This is all that we can say about My Singing Monsters – The “All you need to know” for Referral/Friend Codes! for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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