Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy – Achievements (End Game Awards)

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy – Achievements (End Game Awards) 2 -
Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy – Achievements (End Game Awards) 2 -
This is a guide for how to acquire the end game awards for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy.



Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy takes place in Scotland, and other than atrocious Scottish accents, its one of my favorite Nancy Drew games in the series. 
Here is a guide on how to get all of the End Game Awards for The Silent Spy. One amazing feature HER added for this one is the capability to see your awards throughout the game. Once you have achieved one, the Menu button changes to a trophy and you can click on it to see which one you got. You can also see your list of awards at any time by clicking on the Menu button and clicking the icon of the trophy to bring you to your own trophy room. 
Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy - Achievements (End Game Awards) 


Ride the Zip Line at least 10 times – I had to just keep riding the zip line until the awards popped up 

Bomb Expert

At the end of the game, disarm the final bomb so that exactly 1:30 (Amateur Sleuth) or 1:00 (Master Sleuth) remains on the clock 
I actually finished this ahead of time and just waited for the clock to hit exactly the time I needed for the achievement. I’d also recommend saving right before you go into the last (3rd) disarming challenge, so if you miss it, you can just go right back and try again without having to do the first two again. 


Find at least one of the three Easter Eggs in the game: 
Wylie: This is by far the prettiest egg I’ve seen so far in the games! This egg is in Nancy’s safe, but only if you enter 4133 as the combination. (That number was shown on the box for “Alibi in Ashes” as Nancy’s prisoner number.) 
Scotch Egg: This egg is found in Locker 44, but you won’t see it until you open the locker three times. You have to pay each time, so you need 6 pounds to get the egg. 
Her?: This egg, which is a plain white egg with an arrow through it, can be found by playing FDCECABEEF on the bagpipes in the training center. 


Buy at least one of every food at the deli. As a heads up, this will cost you a total of 61 pounds. 

Golden Archer

Play at least seven rounds of archery. Try to beat the highscores of Kate and Moira! 


Play the bagpipes at least 11 times. This means playing them, clicking away from them, and playing again. Rise and repeat until the award shows up. You also don’t need to play any specific notes, just a honk will do 🙂 


Buy every item in the souvenir machine, which will cost you around 250 pounds. They’ll be in a green bag in your inventory afterwards, if you want to look at them and see if you’re missing anything. 
A few of the souvenirs won’t be available until later on (the blue Scotland flag mug for instance wasn’t available in the beginning of the game, but was available later). Just keep checking for the ones that you are missing. 

Spoiler Free

Complete the game without using any spoilers. You can still read through the hints in the task list, but just don’t all the way through to the one that tells you the answers. 


Put on the spy gla*ses 30 or more times. The easiest/fastest way to do this one is stand in some neutral spot and just click rapidly on the gla*ses to put them on and off rapidly. 

Treasure Hunter

Find at least 25 coins that are hidden throughout the game. 
Full list of where they show up at the end of this guide. 

Trivia Tamer

Correctly answer the trivia question at the end of the game. 
What was the name of the hotel Nancy was staying at? Glaucus Lodge 
What type of food is Cullen Skink? Fish and vegetable stew 
How much did it cost to open a locker in the train station? 2£ 
Which name was not seen on Zoe’s pa*sports? Leena Patel 
What is the name of the restaurant at Giffnock? Ten Raven 
What is Alec’s sister’s name? Grace 
Who was quoted on the plaque on the bench by the deli? Robert Burns 
What was the name of the organization Kate worked for? Cathedral 


Open all of the available (with a green light) lockers in the train station. This will cost you 30 pounds total. 

Coin Locations

Here is a full list of locations for the coins throughout the game. If you don’t see one, try either going away and coming back to the scene or hovering around the expected area until you see your microscope. 
You only need to find 25 coins to get the award, but feel free to be an overachiever 😊 
Hotel, seventh floor hall and Nancy’s room: 
— Nancy’s room, on one of the white lilies on the table 
— Hall, on the lamp to the left of Nancy’s door 
— Hall, above the painting to the right of Nancy’s door 
— Hall, in the palm tree in front of the elevator 
— Nancy’s room, in the plastic bag in her suitcase (after it arrives) 
Hotel courtyard: 
— Hotel, in the plant above the door to the right 
— Deli, on the left corner of the bench by the table with the newspaper on it 
— Deli, on the little jackalope keyring hanging on the back wall 
— Deli, to the right of a pillar next to the trash can (only visible when in the closest view of the trash can) 
Train Station: 
— Ticket window, in the window opening 
— Souvenir machine, on top of the left lamp 
— Bearsden platform, under the seats at left (after it’s open) 
— Lockers, inside locker 33 (after you pay to open the locker) 
— When looking at the train sign, on the ledge of the upper left window 
— Close to the pub, on top of the window right of the door below the Raven sign 
— After leaving the closet, on the outlet where the tea pot and toaster are plugged 
— In the closet, on the sleeve of the lime green coat at right 
— In the bookcase, above the books on the top right 
Loch Lomond: 
— Outside, under the large rock at right, in the extreme lower right corner of the screen 
Training Center: 
— High score table, under the table among the targets 
— Compound bow case, between the towel stacks on the shelf behind 
— Information table, between the pads of sticky notes under the whiteboard at left 
— Bunk bed, on the pillow as seen when you first enter the cabin 
— TV, on the corner of the red bench to the right when you’re looking close at the TV 
— Back wall, on the lower ledge of the shutters on the wall (which reveal a computer monitor when you activate the computer) 
Bridget’s Room: 
— Bed, on the hanging above the bed (as seen when you’re looking at the green notebook) 
— Window curtains, in the right corner of the room (as seen from the coffee table looking closely at the flowers) 
Cathedral Hub: 
— Facing the archives, on top of the files on left 
— Back to the archives, on the floor between two computer banks 
— Facing the entrance to the server room (firewall controls to the right), on the floor at left near the hand rail 
— While Ewan is away, above the keyboard under the far right monitor 
— Inside the spy toys display, on the bottom shelf (after you unlock the display) 

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