Nanotale – Typing Chronicles – 100% Achievement Guide

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Nanotale – Typing Chronicles – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Simple guide for 100% Achievements



Warning: Possible spoilers. I’ve kept it as spoiler free as possible with a lot of content hidden in spoilers tags as well. 
The achievements are fairly straightforward so I’ve broken them up into categories rather than in chronological order. 
I highly recommend finishing the game before using this guide. All achievements should still be doable after you finish the game by reloading your save file (it will load just before the final boss fight). 
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Story (Hidden)

The main story achievements in chronological order: 
– The Point of No Return: Finish prologue 
– A New Song: Defeat Forest boss 
– When Tamarais Bloom: Defeat Cave boss 
– No Risk No Magic: Defeat Desert boss 

Secondary Quests

Three achievements are related to completing optional side quests. 

Jasper Fan

Complete the “Mad about you” secondary quest. 
* First, speak to Kai (south of the forest village) to receive the quest. 
* Then speak to Clay (the “grumpy” one) in the village, and type JASPER when talking to them. 

Only They Know

Complete the “Somewhere only they know” secondary quest. 
Speak to the couple (Karma and Leaf) near the river in the north-east area of the forest village to receive the quest. 
From there, go east following the river until it ends. When you find the heart shaped rock, walk to the right where there is a “hidden place” and a lore. 
Once you enter the area, it should trigger the achievement. 

Master Of Mushrooms

Complete the “Master of Shrooms” secondary quest. 
In the cave area, speak to Kinoko, the younger villager who runs the mushroom farm, and type SILVER when asked to name a mushroom. 


While I consider these battle related achievements, they do not necessarily have to happen during battles. 

Your Devoted Fox

Have the fox save you from imminent death 
At some point when leveling, you will get this skill as an option. After that, if you “die”, then the fox will save you during battle. 

Crafty and Beefy

Five on one wave, to prove you are brave 
Have a Boverus hit 5 enemies. 

Slaughter Enchanter

Unleash your inner might, butcher your foes! 
Kill 20 enemies within 10 seconds. 


There are a couple of achievements that don’t fit into the other categories. They are nearly unmissable achievements: 

  • Where am I?: Try to find your way on the world map. Have the map open for 60 seconds 
  • Vulpine Rush: Go for a hike with your spirited friend. Run 500 steps with the fox


Words typed (Hidden)

There are hidden achievements based on the number of words you’ve typed: 
– 26: 1% : Epistory (by Fishing Cactus) 
– 165: 1% : The Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) 
– 407: 1% : Peter Pan (by J.M. Barrie) 
– 658: 1% : Journey to the Center of the Earth (by Jules Vernes) 
– 1073: 1% : Gullivers Travels (by Jonathan Swift) 
– 1191: 1% : The NeverEnding Story (L’histoire sans fin” by Michael Ende) 
– 1570: 1% : Eragon (by Christopher Paolini) 
– 2087: 1% : Midnight’s Children (by Salman Rushdie) 
– 2513: 1% : The Dragon Reborn (by Robert Jordan) 
– 3089: 1% : Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (by Susanna Clarke) 
– 3450: 1% : The Chronicles of Narnia (by Clive Staples Lewis) 
– 4805: 1% : Earthsea series (by Ursula K.LeGuin) 

Levels and Lore

A bunch of achievements are based on the amount of lore you have. While a few are technically based on your level, your progress to the next level is dependent on the amount of lore you’ve collected. 
Once you’ve collected at least one lore entry, it will show up in your log book. In the details, you’ll be able to see how many you need to collect to complete the lore an*lysis. In many cases, there are more instances of a thing in the game than the number of entries required. 
You can get the lore map marker skill early on in the game if you’re worried about getting all of them. Note: The lore markers (as of writing this guide) include plants that may not show up until after a boss battle for an area. 



While the game doesn’t tell you your current level, you can tell when you will reach your next level based on the circle that appears around your main character. When the circular bar is full, you reach the next level. 
The following achievements are based on your level: 

  • Self-taught (5) 
  • Apprentice (10) 
  • Archivist (20) 
  • Master Of The Order (30)





  • Herbarium: Analyze at least 1 item of each in plant category 
  • Botanical Garden: Analyze all items in plant category

Here’s a list of all the plant lore and the number of entries: 

  • Salligush 3 
  • Silver Caps 12 
  • The Creeper’s Bush 1 
  • Stray Starlet 13 
  • Whispering Liliac 8 
  • Frosted Dragon 12 
  • Gummie Bunnies 5 
  • Lucious Lily 8 
  • Stardew 12 
  • Blushing Bride 8 
  • Heaven’s Root 8 
  • Munshain Bells 9 
  • Shurabi 10 
  • Shiroi Vine 9 
  • Aurinko 1 
  • Tamarai Bush 1 
  • Tamarai Flower 5 
  • Piki Blan 5 
  • Hana Faiya 5 
  • Mingaria Bun 5 
  • Punerva 7 
  • Great Zanah 9 
  • Terah 10 
  • Butterfly Mae 9 
  • Vix frost 7 
  • Sibil Fae 6





  • Zoologist: Analyze at least 1 item of each in creature category 
  • Ethologist: Analyze all items in creature category

Here’s a list of all the creature lore and the number of entries: 

  • Green Jasper 8 
  • Sheep 5 
  • Garnie 7 
  • Papiyon Rock 4 
  • Munrei 6 
  • Vesper 6 
  • Zephyr Snake 6 
  • Healicks Nest 9 
  • Khara 8





  • Museum: Analyze at least 1 item of each in culture category 
  • Library: Analyze all items in culture category

Here’s a list of all the culture lore and the number of entries: 

  • The King’s Vault 5 
  • Arc of Antica 5 
  • The Blue Grounds 3 
  • Fire Clay Billow 1 
  • Aurora 4 
  • Nokken 10 
  • Izarak 6 
  • Hebinimh 7 
  • Nova Fount 7 
  • Oriana well 1 
  • Thunderstones 1 
  • Rue Soul 1




No achievement for this, but you do get XP for the lore entries: 

  • Vernon 60 
  • Lenni slacker 5 
  • Big Boverus 10 
  • Wildfire Snigil 25 
  • Vienna Vigorus 10 
  • Lightning Elva 15 
  • Myrkit 30 
  • Volta 10


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