Neurodeck – Gameplay Guide

Neurodeck – Gameplay Guide 68 -
Neurodeck – Gameplay Guide 68 -
In this guide, you will learn the basics of Neurodeck’s gameplay.

We will introduce each phobia with their patterns and some tips and tricks to defeat them easily or to challenge yourself.

In case you are stuck during your exploration in the subconscious maze, feel free to take a look at this guide!



Neurodeck is based on building your own deck. 
Depending on the emotion that you’ll choose, it is safe to adopt your own strategy from the start that you can complete thanks to the rooms you can explore as you progress through the game. 
You can add cards, meditate, but you should also consider removing the cards that you find annoying during your fights, those that you cannot take any advantage of or that don’t make the effects that you need
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

The characters, their emotions & their basic cards





Neurodeck - Gameplay GuideNeurodeck - Gameplay GuideNeurodeck - Gameplay Guide







At the beginning of the run, 
you gain +20 MAX Stamina 
and +20 MAX Sanity.
When you play a card, 
you regain 2 Sanity 
and 2 Stamina.
You draw one more card 
with Mind Focus.
  • 2 Random Thoughts: 
    Phobia loses 6 HP. 
  • 2 Comfort Food: 
    You regain 8 Stamina 
    & 5 Sanity. 
  • 1 Stressball: 
    Phobia Loses 8 HP. 
    Player gains 2 Rested.
  • 2 Random Thoughts: 
    Phobia loses 6 HP. 
  • 2 Comfort Food: 
    You regain 8 Stamina 
    & 5 Sanity. 
  • 1 Back Pain: 
    Phobia Loses 8 HP. 
    You discard 
    1 random card. 
  • 1 Diary: 
    You regain 10 Stamina. 
    Phobia loses 5 HP.
  • 2 Random Thoughts: 
    Phobia loses 6 HP. 
  • 2 Comfort Food: 
    You regain 8 Stamina 
    & 5 Sanity. 
  • 2 Presents: 
    Deal 5 damage 
    to the Phobia. 
    Gain 1 action. 
    Add a copy of this card 
    to your discard.


Special capacity: Mind Focus.

You draw one card. It costs 8 Stamina, though. It adds up well to the Present card when you need one more action to draw another card. 




Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide


With full Inner Peace, 
you play another turn 
after this one end.
  • Homework with kids: 
    Phobia loses 5HP. 
    Gain 1 Meditate. 
  • Comfort Food: 
    You regain 8 Stamina 
    & 5 Sanity. 
  • Old Movie: 
    Phobia loses 6 HP. 
    You draw 1 card.


Special capacity: Inner Peace.


Thanks to some cards or by spending 8 Stamina on this capacity, you’ll get another Meditate point. Once you have 5 Meditate points, you can play another turn. 

Neurodeck fights UI


The gauges


In Neurodeck, you’ll have to manage the Sanity and the Stamina. 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 
Sanity is basically your health point, so once you have no Sanity left, you faint and have to start the game again. 
Stamina allows you to play your cards, once you have no Stamina left, you can no longer play cards, which forces you to end your turn to regain a bit of it. 

The fights


Here is your interface when fighting a phobia. These can vary a bit depending on the phobia you’re facing: 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

Here is where all the player’s data are gathered:


Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 
On the bottom, there are your gauges, Stamina and Sanity. They are very important and you have to manage them carefully. 
The three circles under Lei’s icon are your traits. You can have a maximum of 3 traits that have pa*sive effects. 
On the top-right are where your equipment cards go, you can place maximum of 2 action cards and you can use them whenever you want. 
On the top-left, you can see your modifiers. In this very case, there is 1 Wrath, and you can see that there is a tiny line around the icon which represents the number of turns the modifier is available. 
Your Blocks will also appear on this part of the interface: 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

Here is the information about the phobias:


Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 
Its health gauge is in red as well as the name of the phobia just above it. 
Just under the gauge, you can see two brain icons. The number of icons tells about how long the phobia’s pattern is. The brain represents actions that will affect your Sanity and flash your Stamina. 
For example, Squalophobia has 2 actions affecting your Sanity, here is an example of Agoraphobia, which has a quite long pattern with actions that affect both Sanity and Stamina: 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 
Let’s come back to Squalophobia’s example. You’ll know more about the actions of the pattern on the square below the icons. The action “BITE” for Squalo is incoming right after your turn. 
You also can notice that next right the health gauge lie modifiers. In this case, Squalo has 4 Rested and 4 Anxiety. The line around the icons means that they’re available for 3 turns. 

Information related to your turn are here:

Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 
During your turn, you have 3 actions. You’ll find the number of actions you have left in the bubble next to “Your Turn.” 
You’ll also find your special capacity – Mind Focus for Lei, Inner Peace for Jupiter – as well as how much Stamina it costs. You can end your turn, which will make you regain Stamina – you can choose this when you’re starting to be out of Stamina instead of using Comfort Food, for example. The fewer actions you do, the more Stamina you’ll regain when ending your turn. 

This is your deck:


Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

Damage preview


If you move the mouse over a card, you can preview the damage done to the phobia on its HP gauge with a yellow bar: 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

Icon information


If you move the mouse over the icons, you’ll find out more information about them: 
Neurodeck - Gameplay Guide 

The rooms & their features

There are 12 rooms to explore. After you defeated a Nightmare Mode phobia, you have the choice between 3 rooms. 

Neurodeck - Gameplay GuideNeurodeck - Gameplay Guide


Sleeping Room

Get a card from another pool of emotion from the same characterAdd a card to your deck
A little survey will appear and in the end, you’ll unlock a card coming from another emotion. For example, if you’re playing Lei Surprise, you will be proposed cards from Anger or Joy.You’ll be asked to choose between two midle rare cards


Neurodeck - Gameplay GuideNeurodeck - Gameplay Guide



Improve your character’s permanent stats.Duplicate a card from your deck.
You have the choice between doing Plank, which will add you 10 Stamina, or Push-ups, which will add you 10 Sanity. 
The maximum buff you can add is 50 per gauge or 120 for each of them.
You pick one card of your deck that you’ll duplicate.


Neurodeck - Gameplay GuideNeurodeck - Gameplay Guide

Living Room


Unlock a card you’ll be able to get in future runs.Remove a card from your deck.You answer a “are you more this or that” survey to unlock a card from another emotion that you’ll be able to add to your deck when entering the Sleeping Room or when defeating a phobia.If you think that a card of your deck is unnecessary, you can get rid of it in this room.