Niche – a genetics survival game – Loner Niche Challenge

Niche – a genetics survival game – Loner Niche Challenge 4 -
Niche – a genetics survival game – Loner Niche Challenge 4 -

Guide for Niche – a genetics survival game – Loner Niche Challenge

Exciting, I know, another challenge. This is just one I enjoy, if you would like to participate, then go ahead and read.



Mainly, this challenge consists of not going to a certain island or completing a goal, it’s living the life of a loner. Your goal is to watch the stories of your nicheling, and their children, evolve.
Ultimately, you would follow 1 main creature and the loners that they meet, along with their potential children.
You would live by collecting food and choosing another nicheling to be the one you follow, and have others by the side.
But enough with this, let’s get started!


So, in order to start, let us get something straight – your creature is going to be random.
As such, we are going to go into Sandbox mode instead.
Once you’re in Sandbox mode, go make a new settings because we need to change a few things.
First things first, I recommend making adults live longer, due to only having 1 or so creature most times.
Niche - a genetics survival game - Loner Niche Challenge

(My settings, you can use these or have different ones.)
Once you have your age settings, let’s get onto genes.
Delete one of the creatures, it does not matter which. After, you can randomize the other by turning everything to question marks and removing the unallowed genes, so you can have the most random creature. You can choose the name, make it the name randomly generated, or remove it, it’s up to you
Niche - a genetics survival game - Loner Niche Challenge

(How it should look once everything is random.)
Now that you have these done, set anything else you want, and it’s done!

How to play

Niche - a genetics survival game - Loner Niche Challenge - How to play

(If you get something like this, or you start blind, feel free to reset for a better creature.)
To start, you can choose the island or roll for it, I roll for it. Once you’ve gotten on your island, take a moment to get to know your new creature! Now then, time to get started. Your first goal should be to find food in order to keep your creature alive, so that we can continue. I typically collect food up to the 50 mark and start playing. Now, let’s see the gender of your creature!

If you are male, which means you have the yellowy tan symbol in the corner of your little creature’s profile, there are 2 routes you can go. 1 Route is living the life of a rouge male, mating with whatever females you can find (Which won’t be too hard as, if you only have 1 creature, the opposite gender will spawn a lot more,) and hoping they rest on a nest so you can have another child to continue with (If you are having too much trouble getting them on a nest, you may invite them in and make them sit on a nest, and banish them after.)
The other male option is going around and gathering food, as well as looking for another creature to invite in as your ‘heir,’ living on their story.

For females (The faded pinkish purple symbol), you can either do the heir route described in the male section, OR you can continue with your children. Doing this route involves choosing the child you want to continue, and banishing any other children to live as loners once they grow to either teen or another age you would like.

This continues until you make a game over, from which you can start again.


This section is just to answer questions or add any extra things you should know.

Using the mutation menu is up to you, I typically don’t use it but you can if you want/need it.

Sacrificing children is okay, as long as you can find another child/heir to continue, unless you would like to restart the challenge.

Written by Hummingbird!

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Niche – a genetics survival game – Loner Niche Challenge helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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