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NieR Replicant – Fishing Guide 1 -
NieR Replicant – Fishing Guide 1 -

Guide for NieR Replicant – Fishing Guide

A comprehensive fishing guide, based on my old GameFAQs guide for Nier. Added to Steam by request.


**Note: It’s a long time since I originally wrote this guide, and I haven’t been able to fully check for any changes in this version of the game. But I hope this will be useful** 
Fishing can be one of the more tedious aspects of Nier. Hopefully this guide will make it a little more painless. Fishing is mostly an optional part of the game, but is involved in: 

  • One unskippable main quest. 
  • Several sidequests. 
  • Trophies/achievements: “Fish of Legend” (Catch a Rhizodont) and “A Round by the Pond” (Catch every type of fish). 
  • Required for some weapon upgrades.


Fishing Controls

  • Press circle/B at a fishing spot and select your bait (or the nak*d lure). 
  • Wait for the rod to bend sharply (expect a few smaller nibbles beforehand) and pull back on the left an*log stick. Keep the an*log stick held back. 
  • When the fish tries to swim in a different direction your character will automatically lean in the opposite direction. Try to push the an*log stick in the same direction as your character while still pulling back. So, either straight back, diagonally left or diagonally right. 
  • When in the correct position the fish’s health bar will turn red and decrease. If it’s staying still and yellow tweak the position of the an*log stick slightly to keep reeling the fish in. 
  • Once its health bar reaches zero, the fish will be caught automatically.

(To add: keyboard controls) 

  • It’s perfectly possible (and easier) to fish without using the X button at all (A button on Xbox 360). 
  • The fishing quests will make your character stronger and able to reel fish in more quickly and fish up increasingly tougher fish. 
  • If you are struggling to see the rod dip when a fish bites, try experimenting with different camera angles, and maybe even screen settings. You’ll get a feel for it with practice. 
  • Different fish have different behaviours which can make it easier to anticipate them with experience. For example, some species will always nibble twice before taking the bait. 
  • One exception to the ‘Don’t press X’ rule is if you’ve hooked a Dunkleosteus, Rhizodont or other strong fish. If you almost have its health down but are having trouble finishing it you can press X to try and pull it out of the water early.


Fish Locations and Bait

Fish are listed here roughly by level, with later fish requiring you to have completed the fishing quests to be strong enough to reel them in. 
* = required for the Fisherman’s Gambit quests. 

Shaman FishLureSeafront Beach
Sardine*LugwormSeafront Beach
Blowfish*LugwormSeafront Pier
Rainbow Trout*LureNorthern Plains
Bream*LureSeafront Pier
Black Ba*s*LureVillage
SharkSardineSeafront Pier
Giant CatfishCarp or LureEastern Road
Royal Fish*EarthwormEastern Road
Blue Marlin*Sardine or LureSeafront Pier
DunkleosteusSardineSeafront Pier

Note: Fish for Shaman Fish at Seafront Beach towards the lighthouse, where the seals are, as indicated with a red cross on the map while on a quest for this fish, NOT the small sandy section next to the fisherman who gives you the rod, which is too high level for beginners 
Bait is purchased from vendors, or some are low level fish you can fish up yourself. 
Some fish have a lower chance of biting and just take a bit of patience. 
I had better luck fishing up Blue Marlin from the small boat under the bridge than the pier itself (using a Lure), but your mileage may vary. 

Fishing Quests

Completing the quest to catch a Shaman Fish for Yonah opens up the Fisherman’s Gambit quest chain. Gambits 1-5 can be completed in the first half of the game, with 6 and onwards unavailable until the second half of the game. 

  • The Fisherman’s Gambit: Catch ten Sardines 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 2: Catch seven Blowfish 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 3: Catch seven Rainbow Trout 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 4: Catch five Bream 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 5: Catch five Black Ba*s 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 6: Catch three Sandfish 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 7: Catch three Royal Fish 
  • The Fisherman’s Gambit 8: Catch two Blue Marlin 
  • The Fisherman’s Final Gambit: Catch one Hyneria

First half of the game: 

  • A Signature Dish: Ten Medicinal Herbs, ten Wheat and ten Sardines for the tavern keeper in Seafront. 
  • Bon Appetit!: Five Sharks, five Rice and five Mushroom for the tavern keeper in Seafront.

Second half of the game: 

  • Bot Appetit! 2: Ten Rice and ten Giant Catfish for the tavern keeper in Seafront.


Fishing for Weapon Upgrades

Most of the junk fished up is useless, such as aquatic plants or dead branches, and can be safely sold. But for those trying for all the weapon upgrades, you will a few items from fishing to complete the Blade of Treachery, Iron Will and Iron Pipe upgrades. 
In total you will need: 

  • 10 Rusty Buckets 
  • 9 Rusted Clumps

They can be fished up from the Northern Plains or Desert, using Carp or Sardines as bait. 

Making Money from Fishing

Although less lucrative than cultivation, you can make some respectable money from fishing in Nier. Royal Fish are most commonly recommended for making money, and are fished from the Eastern Road using Earthworms as bait. 

SpeciesSell Value
Black Ba*s1500
Blue Marlin1900
Giant Catfish2250
Rainbow Trout600
Royal Fish4000
Shaman Fish60


Version History and Thanks

  • Thank you to Scott Lennon and Lunchbox for corrections and comments.

Version 1.0 (2011-01-04) Original Submission to GameFAQs 
Version 2.0 (2021-04-25) Original Submission to Steam 

Written by shallow_depths

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