NUTS – Achievement Guide

NUTS – Achievement Guide 11 -
NUTS – Achievement Guide 11 -

Guide for NUTS – Achievement Guide

Achievement guide for NUTS

First things first

Before I get into the achievements I feel I should preface that I fully believe this game should be experienced blind at first. Secondly I will try and include as little spoilers as possible in this guide 🙂 

Work safety

NUTS - Achievement Guide - Work safety 
Should come at the beginning of the game 

Squirrel Stalker

NUTS - Achievement Guide - Squirrel Stalker 
Achieved after sending your first squirrel picture 


NUTS - Achievement Guide - Thanks 
Just finish the game 🙂 


NUTS - Achievement Guide - Strum 
Found in chapter 5 just find the fallen logs and around the area will be a steel cabin. Inside there will be a broken guitar. Pick it up and the achievement will pop 
NUTS - Achievement Guide 
NUTS - Achievement Guide 
NUTS - Achievement Guide 

Missed opportunity

NUTS - Achievement Guide - Missed opportunity 
keep faxing things that aren’t squirrel shots until they say this NUTS - Achievement Guide 


NUTS - Achievement Guide - fax_sound.wav 
no idea on this one, I don’t know if its broken or I just haven’t worked out how to unlock it yet but I’ll update this when I find out 

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