Ostranauts – Pressure Suit Basics

Ostranauts – Pressure Suit Basics 5 - gameplaylists.com
Ostranauts – Pressure Suit Basics 5 - gameplaylists.com
Basic Pressure Suit guide and concepts


Pressure Suit Basic Concepts

The basic premise of the pressure suit is that it “mimics” the exact condition of the room you are in the moment you enclose the whole suit by wearing both the pressure suit and it’s helmet. Most rooms will maintain a steady OXYGEN PRESSURE of 20-24kpa, TEMPERATURE of 296-297 degrees, N2 level of 79-80kpa, and a CO2 level less than 1kpa. ( CO2 should only ever become an issue at levels over 15kpa and will only reach that level after prolonged periods without air circulation within the suit. ) 
The pressure of the ga*ses and temperature of the room will directly transfer into the levels your suit carries once both the helmet and suit are equipped. Therefore if game is paused, and you equip your pressure suit in a room with 20kpa O2, 79kpa N2, .01 CO2, and 297 degrees you will have those exact numbers in your suit. The suit is absolutely airtight allowing no exchange of ga*ses between the inside and outside of the suit. Your pressure suit is insulated much like a wet-suit however, the temperature inside the suit will gradually adjust to the temperature inside the room. Therefore you will slowly, but steadily become colder or hotter depending on the external temperature of the suit. At any time you can find the temperature of a room by hovering over it with you mouse, your suit’s current information can be found by hovering over it with your mouse as well. The information will display in the top-right of your screen 
The suit’s helmet is equipped with two sensors that will alert the player to a lack of 02 or acceptable temperature withing the character’s suit. The 02 alarm will blink if the 02 pressure inside the suit drops below 20kpa, the temperature alarm blinks if the temperature inside the suit drops below 296 degrees. 
Your character should be treated as a living entity, regularly taking breaths to exchange O2 and N2 for CO2. In the safety of your pressurized ship C02 is regularly dispersed and disposed of by your working air pump systems. Inside the pressure suit however this pressure will increase over time leading to asphyxia and eventual death. At any point you can release this gas, as well as the 02 and N2, inside your suit by removing your helmet. Your characters temperature within the suit is adjusted the same way by removing the suit the temperature inside the suit is voided, upon wearing the suit again it will contain the temperature of the room you are standing in. 

Wearing the Suit

ADVICE: I strongly recommend pausing while going through these steps. This way you can take your time to familiarize yourself with the pressure suit process as well as make sure the room you have chosen is safe to wear or take off your suit in. 
1. Place your character in the room or area you wish to equip the suit in. It is advised to do this in an airlock with a minimum 02 pressure above 20kpa and temperature above 296 degrees 
Ostranauts - Pressure Suit Basics 
2. Open your inventory by pressing the “I” key or left clicking on your character’s portrait. 
3. Left click and drag the pressure suit icon from it’s location to being over the character’s torso. Release the mouse, this will make your character wear the pressure suit and swap it’s icon with your current clothing. Place the clothing wherever you would like. 
Ostranauts - Pressure Suit Basics 
4. Left click and drag the pressure suit helmet icon from it’s location to being over your character’s head on the paper doll. Release the mouse. This make your character wear the helmet. Place any previous headwear wherever you would like. 
Ostranauts - Pressure Suit Basics 
5. Exit your inventory. You should now see the pressure suit helmet’s mask overlayed on your screen and both the O2 and Temperature alarms at the bottom right of the mask overlay. These will light up when O2 pressure goes below 20kpa or temperature goes below 296 degrees respectively. 
Ostranauts - Pressure Suit Basics 

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