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Outward – Guide For New Players 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Outward – Guide For New Players

A Guide for new players on how to start the game properly.



This a short but simple step, when you first start the game you’ll wake up by a shipwreck. Follow the beach, ignore the torches, you don’t need them. Eventually you’ll reach a guy tending to someone else at a small campsite, he’ll tell to rest. Don’t rest just yet, pick up the bandage behind the guy and keep it, you’ll need it later. Sleep on the bedroll.

Looting the town

When you’ve waken up in your lighthouse you’ll probably start looting immediatly, make sure you have some food, a waterskin and clothing. Have your chat with the angry mob outside you home and you can start looting the town, in the town you’ll find a variety of weapons. I can recommend the Quarterstaff because it’s a great starter weapon, you can find it leaning up agaist a big rock next to the Lighthouse. Now you can head to the gate where a man in yellow armor will stop you, he’ll teach you a skill for the weapon you have equipped at that time free of charge! Now make sure you’ve filled your waterskin at the purifier on the beach so you can head out to fix your debt so you can keep your Lighthouse.

Cierzo Storage

Instead of going out the front you’re going to walk straight through the marketplace towards the lower docks, here you’ll find a door in the rock directly under the lighthouse, “Cierzo storage”. Inside you’ll find a lantern on your left if you haven’t picked one up in your house, lanterns hang of the back of your backpack so you can have light and a two-handed weapon. Continue walking forward and left, here you’ll see a cave entrance, get your Quarterstaff out. Inside this cave you’ll find a mining pick, you’re always gonna want to carry one of these because ore veins sometimes give gems wich you can sell. further into the cave you’ll find two Troglodytes, they’ve been trying to dig into town, kill them (don’t forget to use the weapon skill you got) and take their loot. Eventually you’ll find a dropdown into the exit of the cave, this will bring you to the beach.

The Beach

You are now on the beach, hills to your left and sea to your right. You have already noticed some horrific Shrimp creatures roaming the premises, don’t fight them, you won’t win. Carefully make your way up the beach, pick up any seaweed and blue sand you might find. Eventually you’ll come across a wounded guy, remember that bandage from before, give it him. In exchange he’ll give you a “Tribal Favor” keep it for later. Go back toward the cave you came out of, here you’ll find a ramp leading into the hills.


Just before the ramp turns into the hills turns left you’ll see a strange tree trunk, it’s got random loot inside, take it. Follow the ramp to the top, with the sea straight behind town will be left-ish. On your way back you might come across Gaberry bushes, pick them. You may also find a few more hollow tree trunks, aswell as two or three Hyenas. These animals are pretty easy to dodge because their attack has a slight windup, try to kill them, take anything they might drop, expecially predator bones (don’t sell these). If you find bandit’s don’t fight them, if they kill you they’ll take you to their camp wich really sucks, you could however try to lead them towards some hyenas or vice-versa. Congrats! You made it back to town.

Back in Town

First off go refill your waterskin, you’ll need it in just a minute. Secondly go give the Tribal Favor to Rissa in the town hall, it’s an alternative for the 150 silver you had to pay. You should now go to the cooking station in your Lighthouse, crafting recipes don’t have to be bought, if you put them in manually it will still craft the item and unlock the recipe free of charge. Here’s a few you might want to know at this moment:

– Bitter spicy tea, cures infection (carry one at all times)
Ochre spice beetle + Clean water

– Mineral tea, cures indigestion
Gravel beetle + Clean water

– Soothing tea, cures common cold
Seaweed + Clean water

Crafting better weapons

You might have aquired quite a bit of capital by now, if you haven’t managed to find a weapon you like labeled “iron” you should go buy one if you can. Now if you have some predator bones from the hyenas, you can craft them with the iron weapon of choice to make it stronger. For one-handed iron weapons it’s one predator bone and a linen cloth, for two-handed it’s two predator bones and a linen cloth. Now you can start exploring for real, quick tip, play with a friend, it’s more fun and easier.

Written by Chickenator587

This is all that we can say about Outward – Guide For New Players for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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