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Paladins – Basic Guide 1 -
Paladins – Basic Guide 1 -

I will explain many features in the game I didn't fully understand when I first started playing. (Though I aimed some things more towards competitive play, this guide should still be helpful regardless of).


(to) all FPS games, communication is crucial. Paladins is no exemption. If your friend asks you if anyone has a save or not, don't be afraid to give your save. If they ask you for a ban, please don't hesitate giving a good ban suggestion, especially for Paladins. (The entire paragraph only applies to).
Another important time to communicate, is after the game begins. The off-tank and flank should have some basic plans, even if it's just which side you're on. If your teammate gives coms with their microphone, please do so. If possible, please use your (). It makes communication so simple than using VGS. We all have plans, and those plans often depend upon our teammates. Even if you're a strong player, your tank could endanger you.
TLDR. Please talk with your team, particularly with your mic. No matter how little or insignificant your information appears, it can and will help your entire team.


Your abilities can quickly change the game. A missed ultimate can cost your side the win. But if you hit that one shot, it can win the game. This leads us to ability counters. So many people are clueless as to what they should be buying. Buy things that only benefit their lives, and equip cards and talents to boost your abilities. Which is a good (and), but you should think in counters.
This is the first. Items can be used to counter cards, abilities, and cards. You should not be afraid of their Mal Damba and VII. Buy Resilience to make stuns (, such as Fear and Stunned), last very little time and completely ruin their strategies. It also lowers your AOE (area of effect) damage, which is useful, but less so.
I don't want the whole item counter system to go on for decades. Instead, I want people actually to read this so that I can begin to counter abilities with other abilities. There are many different abilities that can negate an ultimate. This is something that almost no one takes advantage of. The first type of ability are shields. In particular, the hand held shields. Zhin has (. Zhin doesn’t technically have a sword, but it works exactly the). These shields can help you negate ultimates like Bomb King and Skye, Vatu etc. It's important to keep this in mind as it can cost you your round.
This section ('s final part) I'm going to keep. Cards, these cards work in both directions. You can either increase the health of the shield to allow you to tank much more damage or you can extend the duration of your (Crowd Control) abilities. It makes it harder to counter. "The best counter for Crowd Control are better Crowd controls" – Some Paladins players 2019.
There are many unique counters within this game. I recommend that you do some research (. I might go deeper in a future article).
TLDR. Items can be countered by abilities and cards. This makes it very important to experiment and keep track of your champions kit.


Each map in Paladins differs, which results in different champions. Current maps in the competitive queue include: Bazaar; Jaguar Falls; Ascension Peak; Warder's gate, Brightmarsh and Serpent Beach. Splitstone Quarry is also available.
Each map has its strengths as well as weaknesses for different champions. Bazaar isn't a great map for Khan or Torvald as you can not make any epic plays on this map with your Ultimate. Their ultimates are much weaker (than they are). There isn't much to throw people off the map.
There are also variations in team compositions between maps. Ascension Peak has a lot of open areas and provides better protection for the healer. This is why people tend take double damage. While you can choose to play with different team members on other maps, it's not as map-based as it is based on your team and your enemies.
Although the final point is difficult to categorize, it is generally the type or damage that is possible from map to map. Jenos is the healer that is most commonly preferred on this map. He is the only healer who can penetrate walls. Jenos is the only map that is preferred, which highlights the importance of the map and how it affects the team composition. This is also true of damage characters. Maps like Brightmarsh can be great for Tyra, Dredge, and Tyra as their abilities cover the entire point. However this map won't work for Willo, Drogoz or Willo because the roof over the points significantly nerfs all their flying abilities.
TLDR. Maps determine the team composition. Please be familiar with the maps whether they are in Siege or Customs.

Team composition

This is a fairly basic topic so I'll try and keep it short. The basic team composition that everyone wants to have is: Two Tanks (: One for the Point, one to Play Off the Point). One damage, one healer, and one flak.
The easiest role here is the Tank. The Point Tank is both the first and most important. It controls the points for your team. Ie: Fernando, Barik, Inara, Ash, etc. This shield serves two primary purposes: it helps to stop the damage they are doing and gives you a break from the anti-healing they are using so that your healer could heal you.
The Off tank is second in tank type. This is a tank which plays off the pointe (wow) and aids the flank. Their primary task is to absorb damage to flank and deal damage to flank. Ruckus is a good example of an off tank. As too many healers, damage, and escapes have "escape" capabilities, be sure to be aware of their abilities.
Damage is the next important role. This is the most popular role because it impacts game play and gets many kills. Your job is simple: kill their point tank and keep them off the line. Also, protect your team's healer at the flank. You must remember who you are facing when you play damage. Dredge is an awful pick against Evies, but Tyra will quickly take her out of the air.
Next up is The Healer. As implied by), their role is to heal your team and the point tank. Although healing the entire team is preferable. The healer helps keep the team healthy and can also help to combat the flank. It is great to have, especially if you are playing healerplease buy chronos
The most desired role is probably the last. That is the flank. If you are able, your job is to kill enemy healers, damage, or tank. It is HIGHLY beneficial to stick with the off tank As every flank champion is extremely sick, this is a bad idea. Flank characters are easy to learn and the most fun. They will try to impress you with their resilience.
TLDR. Your team should contain 2 tanks, 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 healer, 1 flank, and 1 flank. Please try to play characters that counter your enemies characters.

Talents, Cards

Paladins is a place where many Talents and Cards are terrible. When you pick them, your teammates will scream at and shout at you about how terrible they think you picked. But they won’t tell or explain why. This leads to the creation and maintenance of this section.
When choosing a card/talent, it is important to consider how easily it can be defeated. Ruckus is able to use the talent Flux Generator to increase the health of the Emitter Shield ability. This is not bad, but the enemy can counter it by buying Wrecker. This will cause you to lose your shield in a matter seconds, rendering that ability and talent pointless. Consider whether the ability can be countered with an item. If it can't, it's likely not a good talent. Although there are exceptions, you should consider this before you choose a "Troll".
The second part concerns cards. Your character’s deck has an impact on a lot of things. Some cards have terrible effects, others are amazing. However, all cards are good in general. Some cards are better than others. The first thing to think about (again is). This refers to how easily your card of choice can be countered. Most cards don’t include a counter. But, if it does, you might want to reconsider. One card that's extremely useful is one that allows for you to skip buying an object. Talus's cards that grant lifesteal, are two examples. If you have multiple enemies to counter, these cards allow you to skip buying Life Rip. You can use a few cards to increase your ultimate charging rate. You can also skip buying Morale Boost. There's a lot more cards that can replace items.
TLDR. A single item cannot counter your talent or cards.


I hope you find the information helpful. Good luck with your next ranked tournament! Feel free to correct or make suggestions in the comments below (or). I also thank you very much for reading this.


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