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Guide for PAYDAY 2 – Alesso Solo Stealth

A no-frills guide to solo stealthing Alesso heist on Death Sentence One Down


This is a no-frills guide. Maybe I will add pictures, but don’t expect me to do so. This guide pretty much cuts to the chase and walks you through the heist. 
I wrote this guide for myself. I spent several hours trying to complete this and I blew stealth multiple times, often times over some dumb sh-t. 
The heist takes about 45 minutes to complete solo. If it can be done faster, I’d be interested in hearing about it. 

Big Mistakes To Avoid

Do NOT throw the loot inside the chute. This is for Loud only and will make completing stealth infinitely harder when you have to go back and collect it. The loot needs to go to the air vent in a room that Bain will mark for you when you bag the first loot. 
When you’ve collected all the loot and have activated the intercom, do NOT put on your mask. This will make escaping infinitely harder and will likely cause you to get downed and fail the heist. I’m not even sure why they would allow you to put your mask back on; this should be removed. 
Use camera loops when inside the bas*ment. Do not risk blowing the heist over something so simple because you wanted to cut corners. Camera loop when you tie up the worker and move the forklift. 



  • Sixth Sense 
  • Jack Of All Trades Aced 
  • Nimble Aced

Perk Deck 

  • Hacker


  • Primary: Tripmines 
  • Secondary: ECM


  • Silenced Shotgun / Judge



  • 1x Pager on the guard patrolling the kitchen of the empty concession stand on the third floor 
  • 2x Pagers on the guards patrolling the bas*ment 
  • 1x Pager on the guard that patrols the loot drop off spot


Tripmines Placement

Stairs connecting Second Floor to Third Floor  

  • 1x on the first flight of stairs towards the top 
  • 1x on the second flight of stairs towards the bottom 
  • 1x on the Soda Vending Machine at the bottom when you return back to this area

Second Floor Concession Stand Before Stairs That Lead To Third Floor 

  • 1x to the left side of where you can go down that leads to the bas*ment 
  • 1x to the right side of where you can go down that leads to the bas*ment 
  • 1x on the pallet at the bottom of the stairs before going down to the bas*ment


  • 1x in the middle of the left stairs 
  • 1x in the middle of the right stairs 
  • 1x below the fire hydrant between the stairs 
  • 1x before the railing by the locker room 
  • 1x on the corner outside the entrance

Note: this part might not be necessary if you take out the two guards in the bas*ment. Either way, they do help you in taking out the guards. 

Casing Mode

Go to the second floor before the staircase that leads to the third floor. 
There will be a civie behind a booth and a guard. 
When the guard is committed to going up the stairs (sometimes he stops and turns around), mask up and shoot the civie underneath the table. 

Find The C4 – Part 1

Make your way up to the third floor. 
Depending on whether the guard that travels between third floor and staircase leading to the second floor is preventing you from going, you have to choices. 
If he’s blocking the right side where the bar is: before reaching the concession stands, there’s a room that leads to one of them. Pick the lock and be careful as the guard might be there. Check for the marked room, but don’t pick the lock if it’s there until you can confirm that the guard is moving away AND the concession worker has moved away, as well. She has a nasty habit of popping up as you’re trying to pick that lock. 
If he’s not blocking the bar, then go and pick the lock to the door at the side of the bar. Checked for marked rooms, but confirm that the guard is moving away if there’s a pallet or some obstacle blocking your view. 

Find the C4 – Part 2

Make your way through the main hallway to the concession stands on the third floor. 
There will be one that is empty. 
If the empty one is closest to you, just check to see if the hallway is clear of guards before jumping over it. 
Otherwise, you will have to hug the wall to your right where the stools are and make your way to the middle between the two pillars. Note that there is a false alert that will go off, but the civies are never actually alerted. Also, before any of that that, make sure the area is clear of guards in the main hallway. 
Once inside the empty concession stand, wait for the guard to move to the opposite side and for the employee to move to one of the sides. Then tie up employee and wait for the guard to show up, be alerted, then get him to surrender. Normally, I’d hate to waste a pager for something like this, but this will save you a crap ton of time since the employee and the guard make it impossible to get a safe, clear path. Also, there’s no real safe way to hide the hostage that won’t waste your time and probably won’t alert the guard since he doesn’t stay stationary very often and turns around quite often. 
Once they’re dealt with, look for marked rooms that contain C4. 

Find the C4 – Part 3

Make your way to the second floor. Do NOT jump over the balcony. The guard often turns around after pretending to go downstairs. You can jump the balcony after the third tripmine is placed, but not yet. 
Maneuver your way to the where you shot the civie, making sure to avoid the guard. 
There is a door in that area that can be lock picked along with a soda vending machine next to it. When the guard turns around to go back up the stairs, place a tripmine on the soda vending machine and begin picking the lock to the door while keeping an eye on the guard. If the guard turns around, go to the opposite end and hide. Keep repeating this so long as the guard keeps turning around half way before fully committing to moving up the second half of the stairs. 
Once that’s done, go inside the room to the concession stand and peek the corner to make sure the other guard isn’t there. If he’s not, place a tripmine right before where he stops and wait for him to come back so you can spot him. 
Once you spot him, if he goes to the opposite end of you, place a tripmine on the opposite end. 
If he goes towards you, you’ll have to wait for one of the following: 

  • For him to to go to the opposite end 
  • For him to go downstairs.

If he went to the opposite end, follow the instructions above. 
If he went downstairs, before he turns the corner to go down, you can jump the ledge and hide behind the pallet with boxes or jump over again to the side. 
When the area below the staircase is clear, place a tripmine a bit past the staircase. 
When the guard leaves that bottom area, check for marked room and keep an eye on the guard as you pick the locks. 

Find the C4 – Part 4

Before you go to the other side, read the relevant section on tripmine placement. 
Once you’ve placed the tripmines, and a*suming you’re still missing some C4, make your way to the other side using the tunnel that connects the two concession stands. 
Be very careful as you do not want to waste a pager as this area can be traversed with a bit of patience. 
To look around, you want the guard to be on the other side or near the registers and make sure the employee is not near you. 
If you need to open a marked room, wait for the guard to commit to going to the opposite side. 
Once you’re done head down to the bas*ment. 

Plant The C4 – Part 1

As you make your way down to the bas*ment, use the right-hand side stairs and make sure the area is clear. 
Read the relevant section on tripmine placement for this area. 
With the tripmines set up, isolate two guards and take them out. 
I’m not sure if you absolutely need to body bag both of them, but I would do it just to be safe. 
The area should be pretty clear of guards from here on out, but play it safe, anyway. 

Plant The C4 – Part 2

Now, you have to deal with the worker by the forklift. 
Identify the camera that is going to spot you and blow your stealth if you were to attempt to tie up the worker, and identify where you’re going to move the worker after you tie him up. 

  • If the hostage is to the side of the locker room, you can move him to the gated area across the locker room. 
  • If the worker is near the back by the pallet with boxes, you can move him behind the boxes 
  • If the worker is near the really long stair case with the locked door at the end, you can move him up there.

Now, use a Pocket ECM as you make your way towards the camera, loop that camera, and tie up the worker. 
Before moving the worker to a safe location, loop any camera along the way that can blow your stealth. 
Once that’s done, loop the camera again before moving the forklift over to the designated areas for the C4. Trust me, play it safe; I failed to do this one time and blew a stealth with no chance to even react with a Pocket ECM. 


Make your way back up to the third floor. The tripmine sensors will make this easy for you. 
Make your way to the empty concession stand. 
There are two ways to go from here on out: 

  • Wait for a guard to go to the opposite end of where you need to go 
  • Wait for the guard to go where you need to go and trail him

There will be two guards, so you will need to identify where the other is or be sure that the area is clear before advancing. 
Once you make it inside the pyrotechnics area, there will be a guard patrolling back and forth. 
At this point, you should still have one pager left, even though you don’t want to use it on this guard. 
From here, I prefer the guard to go left into the room and I’ll go right. 
From there, just tie up the pyrotechnics operator, place the laptop, and stand in the left corner facing the crowd. 
Follow Bain’s instructions and complete the Put On A Show objective. 
Now, go back to the bas*ment the same way you left, but you can jump over the balcony this time so long as the guard patrolling the staircase, that connects the second and third floor, commits to turning the corner at the bottom of the stairs. 

Use The Circle Cutter

Once you’ve made your way back to the bas*ment, it should be clear. 
The only thing I want to note here is to loop the camera before moving the forklift. You’ve made it this far, don’t be lazy and risk wasting all the time you’ve put into it over something so simple. 
So just move the forklift around and use the circle cutter tool to retrieve the loot and bag it. 

Secure The Loot

Once you’ve bagged all the loot, it’s time to secure it. 
Bain marked a nearby room with a vent that you can throw the loot up into. 
At this point, it’s best to use your last pager to take out the guard that patrols this area so you have an unimpeded path with no worries nor having to waste time waiting for the guard to move away. Just make sure that there’s no cameras around when you take out the guard. 


Once all the loot is secured, you can activate an intercom. 
From here, you will automatically be put back in Casing Mode. DO NOT PUT ON YOUR MASK. 
Now you have to make your way back down to go outside. BE CAREFUL AS THE GUARDS CAN SPOT YOU IF THEY GET TOO CLOSE. 
So be aware of guards and find the path that isn’t blocked by civies. 
Once you get past them, that’s it; you completed the heist. 

Written by Undefined

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about PAYDAY 2 – Alesso Solo Stealth helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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