PAYDAY 2 – Buzzbomb – Quick and Dirty Achievement Guide

PAYDAY 2 – Buzzbomb – Quick and Dirty Achievement Guide 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Buzzbomb – Quick and Dirty Achievement Guide 1 -
A quick(ish) guide to getting the Buzzbomb achievement (and the taze grenade) easily.


The Achievement

Buzzbomb – While wearing the “Cable Guy” outfit, kill 200 enemies using electric melee weapons on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. 

The Requirements


  • The (free) “Cable Guy” outfit 
  • The “Electric Bra*s Knuckles” melee (Rep 16+) 
  • Overkill+ difficulty


  • ECM(s) 
  • ECM skills 
  • Parkour/Second Wind Basic 
  • Yakuza/Berserker


The Method

In stealth, an un-alerted guard will always die in one hit, from any source. 
However, even an alert security guard will die in two un-charged hits from the bra*s knuckles without any damage boosts (on Overkill). 
With that in mind, the simplest way to grind this achievement out is to pick a stealth map to solo, kill all the guards, restart, repeat. 
There are a few ways you can do this: 

  • ECM+ECM feedback to alert (and thus mark) all the guards (2 hits) 
  • ECM to delay pagers to keep it quiet but potentially miss guards (1 hit) 
  • Molotov for Yakuza/Berserker + ECM+ECM Feedback but risk getting downed (1 hit, most setup) 
  • Molotov for Yakuza + ECM to keep quiet but maybe miss guards (1 hit) 
  • murdermurdermurdermurder

I recommend ECM+ECM feedback, but the choice is yours 

The Map

The choice of heist is important; it should have lots of guards that are close together, but not so close they can gun you down immediately – especially if using berserker. 
Art Gallery/Framing Frame Day 1 
~7 guards, 8 if you can get into the cam room quickly. A 9th can show but is not worth the time. Rooms keep guards contained but close. Lasers can be a little annoying. 
Est. 60 seconds, 25-29 runs 
Car Shop 
~8 guards, outside and inside guards are well separated, but inside guards can bunch up. Breaking gla*s will wipe marks. 
Est. 80 seconds, 25 runs 
The White House 
~15 guards, including the Murkies on the lawn. They are all together though, so they can down you if you’re not careful 
Est. 120 seconds, 14 runs 
Breakin’ Feds 
~16 guards, but depends on RNG for the briefing room in the first area to be full. Otherwise, 5 guards in first area, maybe 11 guards total but it will take a while and requires objectives. High risk of missing guards if heist fails prematurely due to Garrett getting alerted. 
Est. 30-100 seconds, 13-40 runs 

Written by Laziezt

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