PAYDAY 2 – Guide for Beginners (2021)

PAYDAY 2 – Guide for Beginners (2021) 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Guide for Beginners (2021) 1 -

Guide for PAYDAY 2 – Guide for Beginners (2021)

This is a guide for all the newcomers on payday 2, so they can improve on their gameplay and be more useful for the whole team


Analizing The Causes Of Death Of New Players

The First Cause Of Death Of New Players:
It is funny to see how to one second to other after seeing the ammo left of your partners see that the low level dude on your team has 200 bullets, and after 30 secs those 200 bullets aren’t there anymore, they may waste bullets, that is not a problem, but the trouble comes when you can’t get your bullets back killing cops. So if you kill cops, make sure to take the ammo they drop, so you don’t run out of bullets so easily and get shoot to death.

Probably The Second Biggest Causes Of Death Of New Players:
As you can see new player are new, so they won’t have their perk decks at 100%, like joining to a match with only 3 or 4 cards of Anarchist, or Stoic making you really weak because it doesn’t haves the full potential, so they die really hard.

The Third Biggest Cause Of Death Of New Players:
Some new players thing that they are Rambo, it’s ok because a lot of new players jump from Overkill, to Death Wish, that is a really big change, Vulcan dozers income, Skulldozers spam, and some big damage out of normal units, so they rush at them and they die, because they don’t get used to use the cover mechanic to recover their armor, something that is really useful.

Those are the most notorious causes of death of newcomers on PAYDAY 2.

Little Tips For Improving In PAYDAY 2

Ammo Troubles
I said some tips to improve in the first topic, like grabbing the ammo drops that the dead cops make so you don’t run out of ammo, but there is another problem the weapons that you use, have certain stats, one of them is the ammo pickup that some weapons have, for example the DMR rifles, the high base damage rifles like the M308, the Galant Riflle, and the amcar’s and Ak’s that have the DMR option have a extremely low pickup rate, an example, you kill 10 cops, out of those 10 ammo drops you get luckly 3 bullets when you wasted 10 or more if you missed, so it not only depends on how many ammo drops you pick up, the stats of the weapons count too, for example the 100 damage based secondary weapons such as the Krinkov submachinegun, and the Tatonka submachinegun and the Jackal submachinegun can run out of bullets easy because they don’t have a big ammo pickup, the Thanatos .50 is another example and the Arbiter granade launcher has a medium pickup.

Don’t use Miniguns, the miniguns seems menacing, but it deals baby punch damage in high difficulty, if you want to shoot everything in your way, use LMGS

The weapons that haves the best pickup are for example, a*sault rifles that have 45 base damage or 60 base damage the same happends with submachineguns, the LMGS the best ones talking about ammo pickup is the M60, or the KSP 58 and normal KSP, and pistols, well let me tell you that revolvers have a medium pickup rate and aren’t very reliable because they only have 6 bullets in mag max and the pistols, depending on the damage you can have more pickup or less, except with the Signature .40 that gun has one of the worst ammo pickup for pistols, and the 70 base damage pistol with more pick up is the chimano custom.

Perk Deck Troubles
If you wanna be useful on your team, try to focus in only one perk deck until is full, and try to get a working build for the perk deck you’re using, an example is Stoic with big armor, first aid kits, and take Jake of all trades as so you can bring 14 first aid kits, and 1 doctor bag, or Anarchist with no armor, and Iron man skill so you have 200 armor points and Frenzerker (Frenezy+Berserker) so your armor points last long. For getting perk deck points try to farm big xp heists, if posible on stealth such as Big bank, Murky station or First World Bank.

Difficulty Change
If you are used to Overkill, you may try Mayhem, if you are used to Mayhem you could jump into Death wish but here the chains break, if you wish to jump from Death wish to Death Sentence you have to be really prepeared, you can die from two shots, or you can stand one more, you’re going to do the objectives dying, so get really experienced on Death wish if you want to jump into Death Sentence, and don’t try to skip one difficulty, start from low to big.

Armor Troubles
You have to get used to Armor regen, usually the armor takes 1.9 secs to regen with Shock and awe, 2.3 secs without skills and depending on your perk deck it can take less, the perk deck that has the fastest armor regen is Hitman with 1.5 secs, but it doesn’t helps you at all, you can’t be deadly but you can hide like a cockroach, and crook has the second fastest armor regen, it takes 1.7 secs, so when you get hurt, make sure to recover your armor so you can still fight, another mechanic is the stun, if an enemy is firing to your direction you get stunned so armor regen stops in the time that it stopped, like for example, i get shooted by a green bulldozer lost my armor, got behind a chair and police officers are trying to shoot me and 0.9 seconds left for recoverying armor so there it stops until they don’t shoot me anymore, and there is one more mechanic the invulnerability, if your armor get broken, for example by an elite unit they deal an specific damage, so if that damage breaks your armor, if you receive another shot that deals the same damage it won’t hurt you, but this only happends for 1.5 secs, not to much time so go and hide in that time so you can regen your armor, but if the damage is lower, or higher you’ll receive it anyway.

Some Utility For Skills

Inspire Mechanic
Fist thing of all, Inspire, the inspire skill allows you to scream to a parter and if he is near you, he can run a 30% faster and reload a 10% faster, so it can really help your teammates, more when moving bags, be a good parter and give ’em a hand would you?

The Roles Of Teammates
Try to divide your team on two parts, the offensive part, and the defensive part, you can have 2 offensive parters so they rush and kill every soul in that heist, and the two other heisters can have support builds and tank builds, drill skills, C4 with fire, or Saw for making objectives faster

A Way To Use “Bullseye” Skill For Your Adventage
If your armor gets broken, you can do a headshot so you get 5 armor back so you stand one more shoot and have a little more time to run, the perk deck that uses Bullseye a lot for it’s adventage is Anarchist recoverying like 65 armor per headshot every 2 secs.

Turrets Function
Here we are talking about the deployable, I’ve seen a lot of new players using Torrets when they’re low level, but the turrets aren’t useful, only if you put skills on them such as AP rounds so you can penetrate and deal a moderate damage, instead of wasting half of the turret ammo on an armored unit.

How To Deal With Big Enemies

How To Deal With SWAT Turrets
You can manage to erase that shield that the SWAT turrets have by using a granade launcher and try to shoot into the Turret cam, or you can use an ECM jammer deployable and use the Jammer function to get the turret by your side, but you have to deploy the ECM in the SWAT truck and start the Jammer function , it will start shooting the cops instead of you and your team, so you can save yourself for a while.

How To Quickly Take Care Of a Dozer
One easy way, is by blowing the protecting plate and use the Jabaline as Throwable so you instakill the dozer, or you can use a LMG with berserker so you deal ma*sive damage and quickly take him down, or another way to kill them fast is using an RPG to instakill them, but the cops and shoot your rocket and explode it in your face, and you die.

Best Way To Kill Captain Winters
You take the compact granade launcher, and spam granades until killing him.

Best Throwable To Avoid Cop’s Counters
If you’re into explosives, you can use Dynamite because the cops can blow it when shoot at, and if you like re-usable throwables you can use Jabalines for bulldozers, and knifes if you want to deal with everyone by just throwing a knife, it is a good option too.

Written by SrDowagger

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