PAYDAY 2 – How to be gangsta(FUN)

PAYDAY 2 – How to be gangsta(FUN) 7 -
PAYDAY 2 – How to be gangsta(FUN) 7 -

Guide for PAYDAY 2 – How to be gangsta(FUN)

You’re a gangster, helping your gang take over areas of the city, eliminate rivals, etc. Typical stuff. However your gang starts moving to much more complex stuff: robbing banks and moving hardcore drugs. You can’t just go in unprepared, cops would obliterate you. You need to prepare, use everything you learned in your years of gangs to declare extreme war on the cops. If you’re here, then you need help becoming a gangster worthy of a, so i’m here to help.

The skills.

Being a gangster teached you a hell ton of stuff, more valluable than most things out there. In here, i simply teach you how to perfect your knowledge. 
PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) 
As a gangster, you live in constant fear and questioning on how and when you’ll die, and what you’re going to face against. So you came prepared, pockets stuffed with medkits and a bit of training on steady hands will definetly make a difference on the hell of bullets that you’ll be in the middle of. 
PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) 
You learn to use your fear on your advantage, creating adrenaline enough to not feel the bullets hitting you. You also increase your vision quality, allowing for flashbangs to become nothing than a nuisance rather than a fatal threat. You also train on keeping your clothings ready to stop a bullet for you. You notice how stealing back ammo is important to conserve money, so you study your enemies carefully, and when you get enough intel, you find a way to make them get you extra ammo. 
PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) 
Training on keeping your aim on your enemie’s head rather than a wall is fundamental to win a battle. You also increase the punch your weapons pack, sometimes making an enemy fall from a shot, even if far from fatal. You learn how to properly store things, fitting more bullets in your guns. 
PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) 
You need to keep out of the line of fire, so you train your running speed. You also notice how important it is to run and reload, doing 2 things at once is always better. You increase your fear’s effectivness, having it create large ammounts of adrenaline when you notice your clothing won’t protect you from bullets anymore, running extremely fast to get to cover. You focus a lot more, hitting much more vital spots on enemies you deem important to kill. 
PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) 
You get stronger, and it gives you many advantages. You feel yourself being able to take more shots and lose a lot more blood, also making your enemies fall more quickly than before with your melee attacks. You learn to act, feigning death quite easily sometimes. Once you feel weak, you get filled with a powerfull rage, letting you stay up for a few seconds more. The rage is so strong you don’t even notice your bullets spilling out. The rage also helps you, killing an enemy while incapacitated makes it go away, and you feel stronger, being able to get up on your own. 


The weaponry is the most important part of being a gangster, and also a important sign on the gang. 
Your first weapon is the Micro Uzi, a generic choice of weaponry for gangs, however still powerfull. You need to mod it with: 
-Custom Barrel, provided by retired gangsters on the blackmarket. 
-Competitor’s compensator, cla*sic choice of a mod. 
-An accuracy boost, this weapon is pretty poor in that stat, so you need to modify it’s mechanisms to make it a little bit better. 
-Auto fire, custom modification that improves your weapon’s damage by a bit, You’re a gangster, not a cop, you don’t need single shot. 
-You see that stock in the weapon? Unfold it. If you have a folded stock in your weapon, why bother even have a stock attached to it? 
Your second weapon is the AK rifle, a cla*sic and effective weapon for criminals. However this shouldn’t be your main gun, since you’re a gangster. Use the uzi, and only use this if you end up with no ammo for the other. Mod it with: 
-A DMR kit. This kit will transform this rifle from just a gun to a complete beast, increase the weapon’s damage by incredible ammounts. 
-Again, the competitor’s compensator. 
-An accuracy boost. The other mods will make this weapon have practically no recoil, so you need to tighten the spread to keep those helmets flying. 
-Auto fire, you know why. 
-The crabs rail, this rail has a special mechanism that tightens the weapon’s spread significantly. 
-AK wood grip or AK rubber grip, these grips keeps your hands tight on the gun, and in the end, it comes to wich one you like the most. 
-The AK Quadstacked Mag, although you’ll probably have that mag available only. However, you wouldn’t want to reload while your other weapon also has no bullets right? 
-The cla*sic stock, old but effective. 

Other equipment.

PAYDAY 2 - How to be gangsta(FUN) - Other equipment. 
Armor: none. You’re a real gangster, you don’t use body armor. 
Throwable: Molotovs. Easy to do. Unless you have a shady, multinational skilled arms dealer, i don’t know how you’ll get your hands on a grenade. 
-Melee: Lucille’s baseball bat. Those barbed wires are gonna make for some easy shredding of the cop’s heads. 
-Equipment: First aid kits. Stuff your pockets with them and you’re on for a good time alive. 
Perk deck: Muscle. Being a gangster made you tough, taking a lot more bullets than usual. You also learn how to patch yourself up bits to bits, even on a fight. 
-Outfit: Boom Bap(IF AVAILABLE): If you want to be a gangster, you need to look like one. Take this outfit, made spefically for gangsters. Thick material, able to withstand a couple of bullets. 


Now, you’re ready to be a bank robbing, hardcore drug moving gangster. 
On a serious note, thanks for viewing my guide. If you want to see more fun/practical builds from me, comment on a specific perk deck you want to see being usefull on DSOD (except sociopath and tag team) or a build on a specific theme made for fun or hell, maybe even practical! 

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about PAYDAY 2 – How to be gangsta(FUN) helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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