PAYDAY 2 – Krultzer’s Hitman Loud Build

PAYDAY 2 – Krultzer’s Hitman Loud Build 6 -
PAYDAY 2 – Krultzer’s Hitman Loud Build 6 -

Guide for PAYDAY 2 – Krultzer’s Hitman Loud Build

Hi, I’m Krultzer and I’ve been playing payday 2 for some time now, so I thought "Why not make a build?" and that’s what I did, after failing and failing I came up with a Hitman build that can do Death Sentence (One Down only if you know what you’re doing). Of course it doesn’t mean that you’ll be 100% safe with this build, but it can easily solo Mayhem Cook Off and Safe House Raid.


This build has no dodge, so if you’re looking for a Hitman dodge build, you’re in the wrong place, now if you want a sustainable build for Mayhem, Death Wish or Death Sentence, you’re in the right place. 
Of course it will mostly depend on your gamesense, having a loud build doesn’t mean you can just walk around with a minigun killing enemies, you need to know what you’re doing. 

Skills and Perks

Perk deck: Hitman (of course), this perk deck is based in armor regen and maxed out it regens your armor to the max in less than one second. 
PAYDAY 2 - Krultzer's Hitman Loud Build 
PAYDAY 2 - Krultzer's Hitman Loud Build 
PAYDAY 2 - Krultzer's Hitman Loud Build 
PAYDAY 2 - Krultzer's Hitman Loud Build 
PAYDAY 2 - Krultzer's Hitman Loud Build 


Primary: Akimbo Micro Uzi Submachine Guns 
Mods: ~ Low Profile Supressor 
~ Team boost (if possible) 
This gun is very reliable and very good against good quantities of enemys, even tho the damage can be a bit low, the fire rate is absurd and definetly my best choice. 

Secondary: The Judge Shotgun 
Mods: ~ 000 Buckshot 
~ The Silent Killer Supressor 
~ Team Boost (if possible) 
~ Compact Laser Module (only if you want to) 
~ Any sight (only if you want to) 
As everyone knows The Judge is a great "shotgun" and does tons of damage agains bulldozers and other high health enemys. 

Throwable: Molotov Cocktail or Incendiary Grenade 
I like to use Molotov Cocktail because it can help when you have a bunch of enemies gathered in one place, but Incendiary Grenade can do that job too. 

Armor: Lightweight Ballistic Vest 
I like to use this armor because it’s a good combination between speed and durability, but if you want to use any other armor that’s up to you. 

Primary: Doctor bag 
Secondary: First Aid Kit 
This combination is good for normal runs or One Down runs, but if you prefer other equipments that’s up with you. 

Tips and tricks

~ Try to always get cover, it’s not because it’s a loud armor regen build that you can just go in front of the enemies and stay there. 
~ The shield only regens when you’re not being attacked, so always get cover. 
~ Before you get downed, use the 3 seconds of Swan Song to switch to your primary (a*suming you’re using the akimbo micro uzi) and kill as much enemies as possible. 
~ If your crewmate is downed, helping him might be a bad idea since the helping time in this build is terrible. 
~ Last and one of the tips that might help you the most, when you’re out of ammo use the Electrical Bra*s Knuckles to shock your enemies and use that time to get cover and reload. 

The End

I hope you liked this guide and hope this build is useful, it will mostly depend on your playstyle and your gamesense but I think it’s a good build so I wanted to share with everyone. 
This is the first build that I make so don’t expect too much from it. Hope this guide was useful to you and bye. 

Written by Krultzer

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