PAYDAY: The Heist – Mastering Payday. Could be your setup.

PAYDAY: The Heist – Mastering Payday. Could be your setup. 1 -
PAYDAY: The Heist – Mastering Payday. Could be your setup. 1 -

Guide for PAYDAY: The Heist – Mastering Payday. Could be your setup.

Easy Tutorial for a Pro Setup.

To Enjoy Payday at it’s fullest. Try these settings.

I may edit improve this guide with better formatting in the future. For now this is easy enough on the eyes for anybody that wants to play seriously with no damage runs etc. 
This guide gets a lot better the farther down you read… There are lot of things that makes this game much more enjoyable than Payday 2 to me. Did 40 or so hrs… Couldn’t handle the necessary dlc and terrible aim from weapons for heavy a*saults/Bulldozers even at 18 accuracy and bonuses. That may have changed by now, but PDTH is much easier for pickup and play. 
DPI 800, Sens 13, Fov 75 75, Corsair Cloth mouse mat, Logitech G3 mouse 
Left Click(fire) 
Right Click(ADS toggle) 
L ALT(crouch toggle) 
My monitor setup: 
1080p, 120 or 60fps, vsync always on in nvidia settings, vsync off ingame 
Riva Tuner(fps limiter) Set to 119.99 or 59.99 
24. Asus MG248QR over HDMI 
Google “HZ check” for your monitor to set the Riva Tuner(fps limiter) to .01 below that 
Turn off light adaption and streaks ingame. Never liked the color grading myself. Everything else maxed. If there is tearing on your screen you will miss targets when moving mouse. Set color to cool temp. so it’s not bleeding out for long sessions. I prefer slightly higher than normal sharpness for clarity. 
Notes / Tips: 
The KB/Mouse setup is so you do not lift your fingers from the keyboard nor move the mouse unnecessarily by attaching keys to it. Notice the L ALT for crouch toggle. Turn on Win Lock. to avoid that… Of course you could go higher dpi and adjust sensitivity, but it’s unnecessary as targets heads are pretty big… Also easier when swapping to other games. 
The sensitivity is for perfect 180 turns and rapid succession head shots without wearing out your arm. Also can snap mouse to catch moving targets without overshooting. Maybe 30 kills/min. avg. No Mercy on Hard. 400-500 kills per heist. 
The Fov setting should be changed by moving both sliders at once. Also avoids the weird stretched out weapons and enemies. Harder to hit far targets otherwise. 
Check those corners. Line up shots and prefire if on full auto if ai has a lock on you. No fear when surrounded. Don’t camp unless necessary to reload or waiting a*sault. AI specials will glitch you if cornered. Always check 2 positions back and forth so AI loses your position to get surprise shots in. Use your secondaries to keep AI spawns down to reload. Leave 1 bullet in clip for faster reloading. Sharpshooter, Aggressor, Speed reloaders are better than BGH. Keeps team healthy. Always go for cover. Never fire when being shot at. Aim is terrible. 
Don’t move mouse or movement keys once tazed. Move mouse to center of screen between being tazed from where your crosshair was b4 you got tazed. Don’t go by the animation while being tazed. Whatever the normal amount of distance you need to move mouse to center from when you started getting tazed to center over tazer. Move mouse that much distance(slightly lower if automatic weapon). Gun will change position onscreen after you have stopped moving the mouse. 
Don’t run to corners unless your weapon can knock back a cloaker that runs right infront of you. Always slow down when approaching corners during a*sault. Make sure spawns behind you are cleared b4 approaching new room. Breach and clear. i.e. Panic Room 3rd floor. To know when your turning corners properly, you should only see 1 or 2 enemies max when entering new area to avoid damage even to your armor. Another reason for the sensitivity setup. 
You should be able to do quick 180 turns while approaching a new entryway just incase. Practice doing 180 turns at entryways to new areas. Learn how to aim up and to the side and behind when going up stairs. Check your firing lanes. 
Support team by covering a spawn section. This makes the game much easier. More hostages equals less cops and specials making the game extremely easy on hard. Can subdue 10-15 cops at a time by forcing to knees before cuffing them all. One shot to fbi/swat from amcar b4 subduing. One shot to cops from bs-9 b4 subduing. One headshot from amcar to Heavy Swat b4 subduing. If hostages are already at 5 you can’t take any more(usually). 
Always get a good connection. If it takes more than a minute to connect to host. The ai will act funny:(. It’s not hard to find a good host luckily. If you have a great connection be a host. The problem might be on your end also (family wifi). If your on family wifi. Put the Router in your room with PC connected using a Ethernet cable. This makes sure you have the best connection. Family shouldn’t mind unless there’s another gamer in the house. 
Once you mastered hard. Overkill is recommended with a good team/ good team ai management. 
Note there is a lot more cops on Hard and they spawn faster also vs Overkill. Can gain 5 levels per heist on Overkill. Know your weapons strength and weaknesses per situation. Ai spawns also. Team AI can be used as shields and turrets if positioned properly. If you get really good try resetting your rep and playing with an upgraded weapons on higher difficulties. 
Just a bonus. If you move in any direction just before being shot at, bullets will not hit you. Great for certain situations. 
Another bonus. Headshots make surrounding enemies dodge / dive for cover. Challenge yourself to finish the rest before they get up. There’s also a variation to this where waiting for enemies to get up will make cops repeatedly dodge / dive for cover. This only works when cops haven’t spotted your crew for a long time or the first time. 

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about PAYDAY: The Heist – Mastering Payday. Could be your setup. helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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