People Playground – Alex’s Pre-Journey #1

People Playground – Alex’s Pre-Journey #1 1 -
People Playground – Alex’s Pre-Journey #1 1 -
This guide is a before of Alex in MidnightMaroon’s People Playground Log series. I was the one who came up with the idea for Alex, so might as well continue him, with a PREQUEL.


The Beginning

“Well, if you are hearing this, it’s been a few minutes, I’m plopped in a house by a radio, and a weird… triangle thing with a pole on it put a house, then it stayed stationary. I am too worried to move.” 
A loud *DING* is heard, and a pop up appears to the front of the house. “Oh, no. I remember. My whole life before this, I saw this giant version of my hand press a giant Z, and I suddenly… vani… vanished. But suddenly, that pop up on the giant gla*s barrier keeping me from escaping, reminded me of all of it.” Then screams and banging, (gunshots). “Not again. He’s spawning a town and is doing a video, it’s not long until I am killed, or deleted… unless I can get out of view… the hand only ever presses Z when it’s one or two items… but manually deletes them from a pop-up when he uses a right-sided, giant button. So if I am out of view, he would not delete me… and I can escape!” More banging is heard. 

The Travel

*Chhhhhhh* Hello? This is Alex… from Universe 47,235… I picked up your signal on the radio… right now I gotta be a bit quiet because the cursor spawned in a swat unit and he’s outside… I think the unit is rogue or something, but I found a pretty nice place to hide, it’s like a bunker, inside of the Hybrid area… if you receive this, please respond… oh sh**! 
*Multiple Shotgun Rounds* 
Jesus christ! They just killed my pal… I gotta go.. *CHHHH* or these sons of dogs will *CHHH* kill me! 
*Pitter of feet and yelling* 
*Multiple Gun Shots Ring Past Radio* 
“I AINT GOING OUT!” *Loud Pistol Shot* 
I got him… but the cursor might be after me now…. oh n- 
*Chhhh* This is Alex again… recap on previous message… I found a portal, and I think I’m at your universe, because I just saw gorses everywhere, blood, and a house… if you are in there, don’t shoot whoever comes in… I gotta be quiet because your cursor is now out to get me if he finds me… *Chhhhh* 
*Chhh* Log 3… I am reporting back here using a radio I found…MidnightMaroon’s cursor is STILL chasing me… but I did hide from it, and I witnessed a construction worker slaughtered by another construction worker with an axe… and it was not pleasant… I also saw… James Bond?… shooting a guy with a cola can… MidnightMaroon’s Cursor is going crazy… I need to get him and me out of here before it- *BANG* 
Oh god… they saw me! 
*AK-47 begins to fire off* 
*Fires Pistol Back* 
*More Pistol Fire, then the AK fire stops* 
Okay… I got them… but now my hand is destroyed… 2 rounds. 
Alright… turn this thin- *click* 
*Transmission ended* 

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about People Playground – Alex’s Pre-Journey #1. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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