People Playground – People’s Fluids

People Playground – People’s Fluids 1 -
People Playground – People’s Fluids 1 -

A complete list of all fluids in the game up to 2022. Also, how to get them.


These fluids may all be spawned using the Chemistry tab.
-Bone Eating Poison
-Coagulation Serum
-Instant Death Poison
-Joint Lock Poison
-Knockout poison
-Mending Serum
-Ultra Strength Serum
-Water Breathing Serum
-Reanimation Agent


These fluids may all be spawned using the Chemistry tab. They also come in the form 1 Liter flasks which are named in accordance of the Liquidentifier.
-Gorse Blood


These fluids are all extracted from separate items and listed in simple possesses. Named in accordance to the Liquidentifier.
-Tritium. Attach a empty syringe or a Blood Vessel Wire to an Atom Bomb. After that, you can put it into a Liquid Duplicator and generate an infinite amount. This is required to make the Exotic Liquid or the Immortality Serum.
-Beverage, M04: The Bottle item can be extracted from Misc tab. It can then be duplicated in a Liquid Duplicator for an infinite number.
-Inert Pink Liquid. Attach any Pink Syringe item to a Centrifuge by using a Blood Vessel Wire. Once it is full, activate Centrifuge.


These fluids must be combined with fluids from other sections in any container. Two containers are required for achievements.
-Immortality Oil: Mix 50% Mending Cream and 50% Tritium.
-Exotic Liquid: Mix 50% water breathing serum and 50% tritium.
Mix 50% Acid + 50% Joint Locking Agent

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