People Playground – The Assassin

People Playground – The Assassin 8 -
People Playground – The Assassin 8 -

Guide for People Playground – The Assa*sin

Assa*sin has his next contract
Assa*sin is the best in the world group of Assa*sins, Because he is the only one!

Before You Start Reading…

This House was made entirely by me 
And… it has a fighting scene 

The Story

There is the guy called Assa*sin 
He is called… (look up) 
So Assa*sin has his 87th target, He’ll get paid 6 thousand euro if he manages to eliminate his hardest target yet 
This is Assa*sin: 
People Playground - The Assassin 
This is Target: 
People Playground - The Assassin 
So, Assa*sin literally blows up the door and then steps in to see.. basically nothing 
But… he DOES see that the lights are flickering on and off, He had a look at the blueprints for this house and there is no faulty wiring that he knew of 
People Playground - The Assassin 
Anyway, he climbs up the ladder to the bedroom 
Assa*sin sees Target 
Assa*sin Hurts Target 
People Playground - The Assassin 
Then Target starts jerking ‘n stuff 
Then, Target wakes up 
People Playground - The Assassin 
Target steps in front of Assa*sin 
People Playground - The Assassin 
Then Assa*sin kicked Target into the air and used his baseball bat to fling the torso of Target into the ceiling 
People Playground - The Assassin 
‘Ceiling hit isn’t very effective’ 
Target then does a really fast punch and his hand comes out the other side of Assa*sins body 
People Playground - The Assassin 
Then Assa*sin punches Target so hard he gets dazed 
Anyway, in the next five minutes Assa*sin gets hurt 
Then Assa*sin just pops when Target does his really fast punch that makes his hand go through Assa*sins body and 
People Playground - The Assassin 

Written by SuporSpeed

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