Persona 4 Golden – How to defeat Margaret

Persona 4 Golden – How to defeat Margaret 1 -
Persona 4 Golden – How to defeat Margaret 1 -
In this guide i will try to tell you how to defeat Margaret.



To unlock this battle you will have to be on new game plus, kill all the optional bosses, and go for the true ending. 
Something you have to know is that in this battle, you will be depending on luck and your personas. Note that this is a guide to fight her solo. 

Margaret’s personas

So, Margaret will use Siegfried, Loki, Okuninushi, Cu Chulainn, Oberon, Ardha, Helel and Yoshitsune. 
At first Margaret will only use Siegfried, Loki, Okuninushi, Cu Chulainn, Oberon and Ardha. 
After you got half of her Hp she will use a Diarahan to heal herself all the way through. (Since she does not use it that often i may have this wrong) And after that she should use Helel to cast a Morning star. Then after you have half her Hp down again she will use Yoshitsune instead of Ardha, that will be untill u defeat her. 

Strategy and which personas to use

So, every 25 turns Margaret will cast a megidolaon that will kill you no matter what, and your only salvation is enduring soul or to max Rise’s social link, after you max it she will be able to block an attack that will kill any of your teamates, that’s why you must do it alone, because every of her personas will hit a weakness of any of your teamates. That will probably kill them and she will trigger the protection. (Note that you will get another protection from Rise if she awaken’s her 3rd persona) 
So you will have 75 turns to kill her. 
Now the personas i would reccomend would have are Yoshitsune, Izanagi no okami and any other persona who can reflect physical damage. So the Yoshitsune is the only persona you would be using for most of the time. So you would need it to absorb Physical 
(You do not actually need Yoshitsune to absorb physical as long as he can block it it is ok), Electric, Wind, Ice and Fire. You would get absorb Electric from Lucifer, absorb Wind from Horus, absorb Ice from Isis and absorb Fire from hell biker. 
So what you will need to do first would be to equip the persona who reflects physical. At first she will start just atacking you with physical damage, and while you can use a Ha*sou Tobi + Power charge there is a risk of missing, however if u use the persona that can reflect it will be slower to get her to get her persona out. However if u use the reflect Physical method, you will have to an*lize her almost every turn, since if she gets Siegfried and Loki out she will probably end up triggering Rise’s protaction skill, making you only have 50 turns to defeat her. Now the first thing you will have to do is use power charge then a Ha*sou Tobi and after that you must use Heat riser, which Yoshitsune can have or anyother persona. You get that skll card by Magatsu Izanagi, if Ardha uses the megidolaon move (which will not kill you, Oberon’s megidolaon will kill you) plus mind charge, you will die. That’s why you need your defence to be buffed. So it would be to only use power charge, Ha*sou Tobi and then heat riser always before the megidolaon. You will do that untill she gets her Yoshitsune out, that’s when you will stop to use heat riser since your Yoshitsune will either absorb it or block it, other than that you will just use power charge+ Ha*sou Tobi. (note that if you use Yoshitsune’s Ha*sou Tobi after Margaret’s Yoshitsune uses Ha*sou Tobi, he will absorb it because she still hasnt changed to Siegfried) 


Hopefully this guide helped you to defeat margaret. 

Written by Oreo

This is all that we can say about Persona 4 Golden – How to defeat Margaret for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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