Persona 4 Golden – Midterms and Finals answers

Persona 4 Golden – Midterms and Finals answers 1 -
Persona 4 Golden – Midterms and Finals answers 1 -

Guide for Persona 4 Golden – Midterms and Finals answers

Midterms (5/9 – 5/11)



Q: What is it called when muscles grow after exercise? 
A: Overcompensation 
Q: What is the year before 1 A.D. called? 
A: 1 B.C.


Q: Which of these types of numbers does not exist? 
A: Marriage numbers 
Q: Who translated “I love you” as “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” 
A: Soseki Natsume


Q: Who said “As soon as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom?” 
A: Pythagoras 
Q: Which of the following is the highest mountain in the solar system? 
A: Olympus Mons

Finals (7/19 – 7/22)



Q: What is morale? 
A: Cheerfulness in a group 
Q: What sport is “heikin-dai”? 
A: Balance Beam


Q: Which kanji did Kobo make a mistake on? 
A: The first option 
Q: In which period did Japan first implement bonus pay? 
A: Meiji


Q: Which king in a deck of cards is missing a mustache? 
A: King of hearts 
Q: Who said this: “Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed”? 
A: Pascal


Q: Which one of these is the name of a real river? 
A: Pis Pis River 
Q: What is the beginning of “Gakumon no Susume” a reference to? 
A: The U.S. Declaration of Independence

Midterms (10/14 – 10/19)



Q: What part of the body contains the “Adam’s apple”? 
A: Throat 
Q: Where would you find Japan on a map made in a foreign country? 
A: The right edge


Q: How short was history’s shortest war? 
A: 40 minutes 
Q: “Venison” is the meat of what animal? 
A: All of the above


Q: What is the Japanese name for “panda”? 
A: Black and white bears 
Q: Which bird is falsely known for being cowardly in the English phrase “to stick one’s head in the sand”? 
A: Ostrich


Q: What was the name of the Wasan textbook that came out in the Edo period? 
A: Math Girl 
Q: What did Napoleon have invented? 
A: Gla*s jars


Q: Which season is the adjective “brisk” a kigo for? 
A: Fall 
Q: What is “Dragon’s Blood”? 
A: Plant resin

Finals (11/28 – 12/2)



Q: What does French food stem from? 
A: Italian Food 
Q: What does the “figure” in “figure skating” refer to? 
A: Geometric shapes


Q: Who is buried in the biggest pyramid in Egypt? 
A: Khufu 
Q: What is a book of maps called? 
A: Atlas


Q: What word has the words “bride ale” as its roots? 
A: Bridal 
Q: What kind of bird is a “kanko-dori”? 
A: A cuckoo


Q: Which country does the South Pole belong to? 
A: No country 
Q: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… What is this sequence called? 
A: The Fibonacci sequence


Q: What desert is the Welwitschia found in? 
A: Namib 
Q: Which of these is considered a “rice cake”? 
A: Mochi

Advancement Exams (2/6 – 2/9)



Q: The word “alphabet” comes from the words “alpha” and what other one? 
A: Beta 
Q: How was the theory that the pyramids were built by slaves disproven? 
A: Attendance logs


Q: What drink name means “bury demons”? 
A: Toso 
Q: What is the medical term for brainfreeze? 
A: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia


Q: What is the Japanese zodiac equivalent to the “cat” in the Thai and Vietnamese zodiacs? 
A: Rabbit 
Q: What vegetable was used to make the first jack-o’-lanterns? 
A: Turnips


Q: What color were the pyramids when they were first built? 
A: White 
Q: What gets mixed with snow in Europe that sometimes causes it to turn red? 
A: The Sahara Desert sand

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