Phasmophobia – A Skeptic(le)’s Guide To Using Equipment and Objects (With tips!)

Phasmophobia – A Skeptic(le)’s Guide To Using Equipment and Objects (With tips!) 1 -
Phasmophobia – A Skeptic(le)’s Guide To Using Equipment and Objects (With tips!) 1 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – A Skeptic(le)’s Guide To Using Equipment and Objects (With tips!)

A (hopefully) detailed guide on using your equipment correctly, while providing tips to make the best use out of each equipment AND objects scattered throughout a game session.



Hello there fellow ghost hunter, if you’re reading this guide then you’re hoping to gain some insight on how to use the various equipment available to players in the game as well as numerous objects you can interact with, in order to nail down what type of ghost you’re dealing with. I’m Skepticle, and this is a (hopefully) detailed guide on how you can do that, CORRECTLY and EFFICIENTLY.

I’ll try to be as straightforward as possible, and I’ll also provide some tips regarding on how to use your equipment and objects scattered throughout a map, besides directly interacting with it or just holding it. For that matter, this guide is best scrutinized by newer players. If you’re an experienced and expert ghost hunter, please feel free to read and provide more of your input, info, and/or tips to add to this guide.

That being said, this guide is made based on my experience of playing Phasmophobia, as well as information bequeathed to me from experienced and higher-leveled players.

Without further ado, let’s get right on it.


Shopping for Ghost Hunting Equipment

There are numerous equipment available to players, to assist them in their investigations. For newer players, most of the equipment will be level-locked, meaning you’ll have to level up further in order to unlock them. If you don’t already know, the numerous equipment listed are NOT FREE, players WILL have to purchase them in advance before starting a game session. This can be done either in the Main Menu, or Server Lobby(after you’ve entered another player’s room, or have made one yourself).

Purchasing Equipment (Skip if you already know how)
Main Menu
img 5fa6f4f9a0a54 wpgameplay com

Server Lobby
img 5fa6f5062569f wpgameplay com

After you’ve clicked either of these, a new menu will pop up, detailing the items, their functions as well as how much money you have, and how much it costs to purchase them:

Store Menu
img 5fa6f517b374d wpgameplay com

For beginners, once you’ve unlocked strong flashlight, I HIGHLY recommend getting them ASAP. I’ll get into details as to why later on, as well as some other equipment you should get alongside. But for now, let’s focus on setting the items up first.

After you’ve bought the equipment you need, it is not automatically added to the truck after you load the game, you’ll have to manually add it yourself BEFORE starting the game. Take note however, that equipment is shared among ALL players. So for example, you’ve added 2 Strong Flashlights, you’ll be able to use one, while the other will be left for others who might need it. This way, higher leveled ghost hunters can support the lower levels and new players the equipment they cannot afford, or have yet to unlock.

Adding Player Equipment
img 5fa6f5252faef wpgameplay com
1. This is what you’ll need to click.
2. The list of equipment you’ll be bringing along with you, as well as what other players have added, i.e, people with munny $$.

Player Inventory
When you’re in the Player Inventory, you’ll see which equipment you have, and you’ll be able to select how many you’ll be bringing along with you during the investigation, and how many you won’t.
img 5fa6f5313010a wpgameplay com
After you’ve added an item by pressing the (+) sign, the amount in your inventory will reduce, indicating it has indeed been added to the list. Once you’re done, you can re-check what has been added by you and/or other players in the list at the Server Lobby.

List of Equipment Added
img 5fa6f53d90bf9 wpgameplay com

If you get killed during an investigation, ALL the equipment you’ve brought to the investigation site WILL BE LOST. This is where the Player Inventory comes in handy. Think of it as a safe storage, any equipment you leave here (That you didn’t bring along) will be safe, it can be used in your next investigation assuming you don’t have enough money to purchase a new one. Investigations of Amateur level to Intermediate will provide some insurance to cover for you. Professional difficulty above however, will not. If you die then, you lose everything you brought along and no insurance can be claimed. Insurance is claimed automatically, you don’t have to do anything.


img 5fa6f549abfbf wpgameplay com

This is by far my favourite equipment to detect the ghost’s spawn location. The way you use it is fairly simple and straightforward; anything above 15 ~ 16 degrees Celsius or 59 ~ 61 degrees Fahrenheit means nothing is there. If it drops down to 14 ~ 11 degrees Celsius or 57 ~ 52 degrees Fahrenheit, means it is nearby or walked right past you briefly, respectively. If it’s 9 degrees Celsius or 48 degrees Fahrenheit and below, it’s safe to say the room you are in is where the ghost lingers or is very close, and you can set up shop there. A thermometer has three functions:

1. To locate the ghost’s spawn location.
2. To complete optional objective (Reading of 10 degrees Celsius/50 degrees Fahrenheit and below).
3. To serve as a way to identify ghosts by getting a reading of negative values (Freezing temperatures).

Freezing Temperatures
Sometimes, the temperature will drop to negative values depending on the type of ghost. It doesn’t happen all the time, and when it does, it doesn’t always happen immediately. It may take some time before the room temperature drops to a negative value. In this picture, you can see the thermometer showing a value of -10.2 degrees Celsius. That is a confirmed evidence of Freezing Temperatures and you can mark it down in the last page of your Journal (J) as an Evidence.
img 5fa6f5640e882 wpgameplay com

Sometimes, circumstances dictate you do not have a thermometer with you while a room is in Freezing Temperatures. You can STILL detect this by your character and other player’s character breath. Your breaths will exhale a small amount of short-lived vapors. This means the room you’re in is DEFINITELY freezing cold. Other times, you’ve already figured out where the ghost’s spawn location is, but when you’re in other parts of the building, your breath fogs up. This is a sign the ghost is stalking you and you might want to prepare for an incoming hunt.

UV Flashlight
img 5fa6f57cf1caa wpgameplay com

This is an Evidence Equipment. Meaning it serves no other purpose than to obtain evidence of ghost fingerprints and figuring out ghost types. I mean, yes, you can use it to light up your way too, but it’s very dim and is unlikely to provide the comfort you seek.
Fingerprints are a bit tricky, they don’t always appear immediately and other times they don’t appear at all (very very rarely, atleast for me). Fingerprints are easiest to detect when in the dark and no other light is shining at the surface of the fingerprint. After a fingerprint is obtained, it is highly advised to take a photo of the fingerprint and then just drop the flashlight to save up a slot.

Shine the UV light at doors (both sides), light switches, and furnitures as well as objects that have been disturbed by the ghost and can be interacted with. If it shows a green handprint that glows in the dark, that is what you need as the Evidence. The fingerprint doesn’t have to be visible for you to get a photo of it, if you already know it’s on a door, just take a photo of the door and it will still count.

While used as a seasoning in nearly every dish to make it taste better, it serves a much different purpose here. Salt is used to sprinkle the ground to detect movement of ghosts in the room and the areas surrounding it. Just hold it in your hand, point to the ground and use it (F). Preferably sprinkled at the entry points of the room and where you think the ghost might be lingering.
Each salt container can only be used 3 times. After you’ve used it 3 times, you can just toss the container away. While you might think this is pointless, experienced players have learned to use the footprints (only detectable by UV light) to figure which type of ghost it is. For example, a Wraith will almost never walk (it floats), meaning if the salt is disturbed but you have no footprints, it is highly likely you’re dealing with a Wraith. On the contrary, if footprints are found (especially in all three salt piles), you can safely rule out the Wraith as the culprit.

Even though Wraiths do not give out footprints, they can still react to salt. They are the only known ghost type to immediately stop hunting if it passes through a salt pile. With this knowledge, say you’re dealing with a confirmed Wraith type, just sprinkle salt at locations in which you’ll be running to. When it’s hunting and chasing after you, immediately run to the salt pile and make sure the salt pile is between you and the Wraith. If the Wraith passes the salt, the hunt will stop. This is useful since Wraiths can see right through doors, and walk pass it. Hiding in a closet is a surefire way to get yourself killed when going against a Wraith.

Also, tossing a UV light while it is switched on and pointed at a certain angle, can help reveal footprints without having to constantly shine at the salt pile. Glowsticks can also do the same, and works better in my opinion.
img 5fa6f589636da wpgameplay com

If any footprints are detected, it will automatically glow without needing a person to shine at the salt pile at the exact moment, because footprints will eventually disappear.

Spirit Box
One of the items that serves as an equipment to gather evidence, as well as locating the ghost, and prepare for an incoming hunt. ANY answer you get here is a Spirit Box Evidence, so make sure to mark it down in your Journal. Take note that the ghost won’t always give an answer. In this case, try to check the whiteboard in your truck to whom the ghost responds, whether they respond to people who are alone, in groups or everyone. If alone, then preferably you turn off all the lights in the room (including your flashlight), tell everyone else to step outside the room for a bit, and then start asking questions.
img 5fa6f594b17d8 wpgameplay com

Some ghosts don’t interact with the Spirit Box. In this case, the Spirit Box will say “Nothing detected.” on the screen.
img 5fa6f5ac7a234 wpgameplay com

By asking the ghosts questions such as “Where are you?”, depending on the ghost type, you may get an answer such as “Next” or “Behind”. This is the ghost telling you where it currently is. If it answers with “Death”, “Attack”, or “Kill”, that would be a sign that a hunt will begin soon. Answers such as “(Insert number here)”, or “Adult” is just information regarding the ghost’s age and such. No other use for that besides providing evidence of a Spirit Box interaction. DO NOT say it’s name first when asking a question. For example, “Mark Thompson, where are you?” the game will only register you saying its name to anger it, and not the question. Just asking the question(s) will yield the best result. For example “Where are you?”. Tossing the Spirit Box on the ground while it is switched on, or switching it on while it’s on the ground, you can ask questions and if the ghost type matches, it will still answer. This can help save up a slot for you.

Used to burn Smudge Sticks and Wax Candles, no other uses besides that.

Since lighters can be used to burn Candles you buy, this also means you can use it to burn any candles you find in the building. Say the lights go out and a hunt starts, and you don’t have a flashlight, atleast you won’t be in complete darkness, flailing about while the ghost chases after you.
img 5fa6f5c4d5c90 wpgameplay com

Burn the candles you find in buildings. These candles can also be picked up and carried with you to keep your sanity at manageable values.

Equipment Part 2

Video Cameras
Different from Photo Cameras. Set these black-coloured cameras up in the room where the ghost spawn. You might find floating specks of dust in the live video feed on the monitor in the truck. These floating specks of dust are actually Ghost Orbs, and is an Evidence. These cameras can be set up on a tripod if you have them, useful when you want to put the video cameras in a certain position but have nothing to put them up on, such as a table.
img 5fa6f5ddc9bdb wpgameplay com

Video Camera on a Tripod.

Ghost Orbs usually fly in a pattern, you might have to take a good look and even then, it might take awhile to manifest. To make it easier to detect a Ghost Orb, turn off all the lights in the room you have the Video Camera set up, and make sure night vision is switched on.
img 5fa6f5f81fa64 wpgameplay com

Example of how a Ghost Orb would look like on the monitor.

EMF Reader
My second favourite equipment to detect a ghost’s spawn location. This device emits a single light upon switching it on. When a ghost activity is detected, the EMF Reader will notify the user by giving out the respective level of activity:

EMF Level 2: Ghost activity/presence detected.
EMF Level 3: Ghost activity/presence nearby.
EMF Level 4: Ghost activity/presence strong at current location. Ghost may be very close to the user. If reading spikes up from normally lower levels, a hunt/event may start.
EMF Level 5: Ghost Activity/presence extremely strong. Mark down reading as Evidence in Journal. Hunt/event may start soon.

The reason I say it’s my second favourite is because despite being a very good method to locate the ghost and prepare for an incoming hunt, the constant beep sound it makes when EMF levels are very high gives me anxiety and that’s when panic sets in. I’m okay with lights suddenly flickering, but loud beep that says “Time’s up, I’m coming for you.” does not go well for me.
Just because it reached level 5, is not a guarantee that a hunt is starting, and when you hide just because of a beep, it kinda makes you look like a wuss. So there’s that.

img 5fa6f602280cd wpgameplay com

EMF Level 3 when in the same room as the ghost. Readings may vary.

Ah, the favorite, go-to equipment investigators usually cling on to their dear life when a ghost is chasing them, right before they die. The Crucifix is NOT something you can stop a currently ongoing hunt. Meaning, if it’s already chasing you down, holding the crucifix will NOT make it go away. Throwing it at the ghost, or in front of it while it’s chasing you will also NOT stop it. The Crucifix works as a prevention. The way it is supposed to be used, is to prevent a hunt from occurring, it STOPS the hunt from happening BEFORE it starts. If you know a hunt is about to begin shortly, immediately throw the Crucifix on the ground WHERE THE GHOST IS CURRENTLY LINGERING. This does not limit the location to the room where the ghost itself spawns in. Say the ghost wandered off somewhere, and you know where it is, throwing the Crucifix on the ground nearby will stop it from entering its hunting mode.
img 5fa6f60ecc8f7 wpgameplay com

Holding the Crucifix and reciting from the Bible will NOT stop an ongoing hunt. Although, I admit it’s very funny to watch. Especially when they scream afterwards.
“How in God’s name did that not work?!” – Random Ghost Hunter (deceased).

If there is an EMF Reader in the room, and the levels are usually at 2 or 3, and then all of a sudden it spikes up to a 4 or even 5, try dropping the Crucifix on the ground with all the strength of your beliefs(Just press G). If the ghost is nearby, and EMF levels went down again, you might have just prevented a hunt from occurring. If you dropped the Crucifix on the ground, but a hunt still happened shortly after, that’s because the ghost was not in range of the Crucifix’s holy powers. The Crucifix only prevents a hunt within 3 meters from it’s location, 5 meters if the ghost is a Banshee. And each Crucifix only prevents a hunt twice, meaning the crucifix has two charges, and when used up, will disappear into thin air. Yes, holy powers has its limits, too.
Besides using EMF Readers, if there is a person in the truck monitoring the cameras, they can sometimes see when a ghost is about to start a hunt. This is when the camera shows the ghost, BUT the investigators in the room cannot. When this happens, tell them to drop a crucifix down, and they’ll be safe for while.

Smudge Sticks
Easily the most clunky equipment in my opinion. Despite taking up one slot, having the need to use a lighter means it may as well take up two slots. The simplest way to use a Smudge Stick, is to have a LIT lighter in your inventory. Meaning you held the lighter, lit it up, and swapped for another item (via scrolling with your mouse). When you want to light up the Smudge Stick, no need to drop the Smudge Stick on the ground, change to the lighter and try to crouch-kiss it, just immediately switch to the Smudge Stick, and press F. You’ll notice the Smudge Stick produce a stream of smoke, meaning it’s been lit. That doesn’t mean it’s done it’s job, it only means it’s burning. Once the smoke stops and the Smudge Stick turns dark, then it’s worked.
When do you use a Smudge Stick ? Preferably after you’ve found the ghost’s spawn location. Burn the Smudge Sticks, and toss it on the ground. Even if it hasn’t completely burned out yet, it will still count once it has. This is ONLY to complete the optional objective “Cleanse the area with a Smudge Stick”.
img 5fa6f62adf4c5 wpgameplay com

A lit up Smudge Stick producing smoke.

After using a Smudge Stick, ghost activity will increase slightly. I mean, burning a bunch of stinky sticks and throwing it in my house will definitely trigger me too. This will sometimes cause a hunt to start afterwards. So unless you NEED to, try not to burn the Smudge Stick. On the other hand, using a Smudge Stick DURING a hunt, when the ghost is chasing you down, burn the Smudge Stick and keep holding it while you run. Once the Smudge Stick has completely burned out, the ghost will stop targeting you for a few seconds. This will cause the ghost to wander off for a bit over a second or two, before trying to find you again. It does NOT stop the ghost from hunting, but it buys you some time to hide.

Flashlight (The sh*tty one)
This is your default flashlight, and it’s sh*t. You can’t really see anything more than 3 meters in front of you, that’s really short, and that coming from an Asian guy is saying a lot.
If you’re doing investigations on a large map, i.e Asylum or Highschool, you do not want to be using these impotent source of dim luminosity, lest you wander around and never find the exit ever again. But if you only have access to these, it’s fine.
img 5fa6f645bc508 wpgameplay com

Sh*tty flashlight barely lighting up the darkness of the garage door.

Strong Flashlight
This will be your best friend in the dark, and the only light source you’ll need 60%-70% of the time.
This will make you see much better in the dark, and is a must-have for everyone. If you’re a high level player, or have spare cash, just buy extra for those poor, poor new players. You’ll be giving them a gift of sight, so to speak. They will never want the sh*tty flashlight ever again.
img 5fa6f66012ea2 wpgameplay com

Strong, bright light can help you find your way around the map easily.


Throughout your investigations, there are multiple objects you can interact with. In this section, I’ll provide the ones you can, what you can do with it, and some tips on how to properly utilize it to assist you in your investigations.

Light Switch
Light Switches are….well, switches for lights. You may turn these on or off, they are located near doors in the room/area. For large maps with hallways such as Asylum and Highschool, they are two-way switches and are located at the opposite ends of the hallway.

Light Switch in a Bathroom
img 5fa6f67a0c6bd wpgameplay com

Turning on light switches is a useful way of seeing the area you’re in clearly as well as preventing your Insanity from dropping too fast, too early. You may find information what Insanity does on other guides provided by the community, but simplest way to put it, it affects how often the ghost will enter it’s hunting mode; indicated by malfunctioning lights of both the room’s and your own flashlight, as well as walkie-talkie communications cut off. That being said, as long as your flashlight isn’t blinking on and off, but you see the ghost clearly, it is NOT hunting, it is merely showing it’s presence and will most likely complete a Ghost Event objective.

Turning on TOO MANY lights will eventually cause the fuse breakers to trip, requiring constant effort on the investigation team’s part to go to and back from the breakers. This can cause significant problems when identifying a Mare-type ghost. Take note however, a Mare will NEVER turn the lights back on after it’s turned it off via the switches (Not the breakers, although it’s still possible), while a Poltergeist or Jinn will “play” with the lights, so keep an eye on that.

Fuse Breakers
These are situated randomly throughout a stage (But always in basement or storage areas). You can check where they are located at the map in your truck, it will be indicated by it’s icon:

img 5fa6f6808bb7a wpgameplay com

When the all the lights are suddenly turned off, and you can’t switch them back on via their respective switches, that means the breakers are tripped. You’ll have to make your way to where the fuse box is located, and manually turn it back on (Interact with box with the light indicator on it, red = off, green = on).

Fuse Breaker In-Game
img 5fa6f683b10c6 wpgameplay com

Sometimes, it’s actually better to cut OFF the fuse breaker, i.e when dealing with a confirmed Jinn, as doing so will greatly limit the Jinn’s ability to travel far distances and at great speeds during their hunt. This will allow the player(s) to kite the Jinn and/or buy time for the player(s) to hide from it when it’s hunting. When dealing with a Mare, always ensure the lights are switched on to prevent frequent hunting (-10 hunting chance in light) while you are gathering evidence. If you really need a photo of it, then that’s a different story.

Located in the kitchen and toilet areas of the stages as well as some garage areas, these are objects that help the players complete the “Dirty Water” objective. How it works varies; some say turning it on and then checking back later will sometimes yield dirty water in which you can snap a picture of with a photo camera. Others say leaving the sinks alone, and when it’s suddenly turned on by itself, will yield the results faster. In my experience, leaving the sinks alone provides the best result. But this only applies if the ghost wanders to an area to where the sinks are located, and they turn it on, or the area in which the ghost spawn in already has sinks (Toilets).
img 5fa6f69cac356 wpgameplay com

This is a paranormal object with which you can take a picture of, and also collect (If you have a slot remaining, you can only carry 3 items at once and a head-strap camera does not count as one). These bones are located randomly in a stage, usually on the floor, sometimes on a furniture. Take note that not all stages spawn a bone, and they are optional, so no need to try really hard to look for it.
img 5fa6f6b72c373 wpgameplay com

Green Files
What I call the X-File, these are actually something most people don’t know they can collect. They are almost always located in modern buildings such as the Street House (I’ve never seen an X-File in the Farmhouse or Asylum or Highschool).
img 5fa6f6d4ab4aa wpgameplay com

Bloody Cleaver
A cleaver with blood on it, not much to say. Usually located in the kitchen in one of the Farmhouses. Take a photo of it for a meager reward of 5$ (pre-difficulty multiplier).

Smashed Mirror
Located in the toilet of one of the Farmhouse. You’ll see a mirror smashed with a wood-chopping axe sticking out of it. Not sure of interactions, but interesting to note.

Voodoo Dolls
Often found in the Farmhouses, sometimes up to 2 Voodoo Dolls can be found. You can take a photo of it, but I’ve been told there are prerequisites you’ll have to accomplish for a photo reward, such as picking it up and throwing it first. If and when it moves (even slightly), take a photo of it. (Needs confirmation, I usually just snap a picture of it in its original position)

Ouija Board
Favorite paranormal object of almost every ghost hunter I’ve ever played with. Everybody’s excited when they see one, considering it’s very popular. But not everybody knows you can pick it up, and interact with it. If you want a decisive answer to where the ghost spawns, ask the Ouija Board “Where are you?” and the ghost will answer by spelling the location for you, such as “T-O-I-L-E-T”, “A-T-T-I-C”, “S-T-O-R-A-G-E”, etc.

Although using the Ouija Board can give you the answer you seek, doing so will affect your Insanity level by a moderate amount. This may also affect anyone witnessing the event, such as the people gathering around the Ouija Board when it starts moving(Needs confirmation). So if you don’t want hunts to occur too frequent or sooner than it should, refrain from using the board too much. If the ghost is a Demon however, asking questions that guarantees an answer will not reduce your Insanity level. One way to confirm this, is by having someone monitor your Insanity while you’re interacting with the Ouija Board. If your Insanity level doesn’t change much after using the board, then you’re dealing with a Demon. I do however, suggest you complete the investigation ASAP if it is.

By Skepticle

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Phasmophobia – A Skeptic(le)’s Guide To Using Equipment and Objects (With tips!) helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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