Phasmophobia – Complete Gamer Guide!

Phasmophobia – Complete Gamer Guide! 7 -
Phasmophobia – Complete Gamer Guide! 7 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – Complete Gamer Guide!

This guide will have everything you need to successfully become a ghost hunter!


Ghost Types (Cheat Sheet)

– Many ghost types in the game have their own needs when wanting to identify them, this cheat sheet below will list all ghost types currently in the game with the needed steps to find them!
Phasmophobia - Complete Gamer Guide!
(Credit to Lervfo for making this table!)

Phasmophobia - Complete Gamer Guide!
(Credit to DryBear for making this table!)

Questions to ask the ghosts!

There are four types of questions you can ask:
– Difficulty
– Location
– Age
– Personal (Unused)

Difficulty Questions
“What do you want?”
“Why are you here?”
“Do you want to hurt us?”
“Are you angry?”
“Do you want us here?”
“Shall we leave?”
“Should we leave?”
“Do you want us to leave?”
“What should we do?”
“Can we help?”
“Is anything wrong?”
”Are you friendly?”

Location questions
“Where are you?”
“Are you close?”
“Can you show yourself?”
“Give us a sign.”
“Let us know you are here.”
“Show yourself.”
“Can you talk?”
“Speak to us.”
“Are you here?”
“Are you with us?”
“Anybody with us?”
“Is anyone here?”
“Anybody in the room?”
“Anybody here?”
“Is there a spirit here?”
“Is there a Ghost here?”
“What is your location?”

If you are within 4 meters of the Ghost, the Ghost will give you a random response for how near it is. If you are further than 4 meters away, the Ghost will give you a random response for how far it is.

Age questions
“How old are you?”
“How young are you?”
“What is your age?”
“When were you born?”
“Are you a child?”
“Are you old?”
“Are you young?”


Personal questions (Unused)
“Are you a girl?”
“Are you a boy?”
“Are you male?”
“Are you female?”
“Who are you?”
“What are you?”
“Who is this?”
“Who are we talking to?”
“Who am I talking to?”
“What is your name?”
“Can you give me your name?”
“What is your gender?”
“What gender?”
“Are you male or female?”
“Are you a man?”
“Are you a woman?

No responses have been added to the game yet for these questions.

Making Money!

Objectives are the main way every Phasmophobia player makes their money. You receive four objectives from the list below at the beginning of each game, and your goal is to complete them to the best of your ability. If you don’t complete all four objectives, the game will not punish you for packing up and leaving the location, it just won’t pay you for work you didn’t complete.

Discover what type of ghost you’re dealing with.
Have a member of you team witness a Ghost Event.
Capture a photo of the Ghost.
Capture a photo of Dirty Water in a sink.
Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF Reader.
Detect a room below 10 Celsius/50 Fahrenheit with a Thermometer.
Detect a Ghost’s presence with a Motion Sensor.
Cleanse the area near the Ghost using Smudge Sticks.
Prevent the Ghost from hunting with a Crucifix.
Get a Ghost to walk through Salt.
All objectives pay the same, but the difficulty of completing each one vary. Some objectives are riskier than others, so figure out if waiting for Dirty Water to pop up is worth $10. Hint: it’s not.

Difficulty multipliers make the world of a difference in your bank account. There are three Phasmophobia difficulty levels:

Amateur: 1x reward multiplier, 25-second hunts, a 5-minute set up phase, and provides 50% insurance to cover lost items if you die.
Intermediate: 2x reward multiplier, 1.5x experience gain, a 2-minute set up phase, 1.5x increased sanity consumption, 35-second hunts, and 25% insurance to cover lost items if you die.
Professional: 3x reward multiplier, 2x experience gain, no set up phase, 2x increased sanity consumption, 50-second hunts, and no insurance to cover lost items if you die.
Choose your difficulty carefully, as you might not be prepared for the intensity of Professional level Phasmophobia. Avoid reckless people or lobbies that want to play Professional for the spooks. Losing items and money isn’t fun when you’re the one ponying up your inventory.

The bones are their money in Phasmophobia. Most players don’t realize there are two ways to make money off of bones. Next time you stumble into a bone, snap a picture and grab the bone. Taking a photo of the bone is worth $5-15 depending on the difficulty, and picking the bone up is worth $10-30 as Bone Evidence.

This is important to remember: take a photo first before picking the bone up. Once you pick the bone up, you can’t put it back down to take a photo.

We already talked about how photos of the bone make money, but there are other ways to cash in with your photo camera. Taking photos is a great source of income, so make sure to save your film for when you need. Each photo is worth $5 before factoring difficulty multipliers. Here’s a list of things that count as photo evidence:

Ghost interaction (Moving doors or items, radio playing, Ghost Writing book)
Dirty Water
Ouija Board
Dead body
Multiple photos of the same event won’t stack money either, so try to clear the categories above with a solid photo representing everything. A photo will also cover only one subject, so don’t try to fit multiple subjects in one shot.
Phasmophobia - Complete Gamer Guide!

Daily challenges
Very easy to overlook, but daily challenges provide a great source of additional income as you play through locations. Keep an eye out on the pre-game lobby whiteboard for challenges you need to complete. They reset daily so there’s always something new.

Don’t die!
This last one is sometimes easier said than done, but don’t put yourself in a position to die. You won’t earn money in Phasmophobia if you’re dead. Once you see those lights flashing, make your way to the closest safe bathroom, closet, locker, or exit.

General Tips!

– Don’t skip the tutorial, it will give you a chance to try out some of the equipment with less stress,
Knowing how to use all the tools at your disposal is very important to your success in Phasmophobia.

– When you first enter a location, listen for footsteps, notice lights flickering on and off, objects moving, phones ringing, doors opening and closing, and more to indicate where a Ghost may be.

– Taking photos of items around the location, like Ouija Boards, Bones, Voodoo Dolls, and footprints will earn you extra cash

– Stay in lit areas to keep your sanity high.

– Leaving too many lights on can trip a breaker, so be careful when planning.

– Phasmophobia can be very spooky and you may want to stay close to your friends, however, split your team up at times to cover more ground and run back to them if something weird starts happening.

– You will be able to see your breath in freezing temperatures, so be on the lookout for that.

– When you start identifying a Ghost in your Journal, as you start choosing evidence, the number of ghost types will go down as you start choosing evidence, making it easier to narrow down what ghost may be present.

– Be on the lookout for keys hidden around the location, as they will unlock more areas to explore.

– Don’t forget to periodically check the white board in the truck as it will give further tips about the ghost and your progress on optional objectives

– Learn the layout of an area as soon as you arrive and work with your team to have good escape routes when things get crazy.

– Don’t be too proud and feel that you can’t leave a location early. You will save any purchased equipment that you would otherwise lose if you were to die, so don’t be afraid to live to fight another day.

– Ghosts will always haunt a single room.

– When a Ghost is in the Hunting Phase, try to hide in a closet or locker to save yourself.

– A lower sanity level means you are more likely to be attacked.

– You can run as fast as most Ghosts, so you can run away, a*suming you don’t corner yourself.

– If you hear a heartbeat, it means a Ghost is right on top of you.

– Ghost Orbs are only visible on cameras, so must be viewed in the truck.

– Some Evidence can only be found when a Ghost is in the Hunting Phase or active, so don’t rule something out until you are sure.

– A sink will be filled with dirty water when a Ghost is nearby.

– The Ghosts will become more hostile the longer players are in a given match, so the sooner evidence is found, the better.

– A room with a Ghost will always be cold, so be sure to have a Thermometer to help gauge if one is near.

– Ghosts can not see through closed doors, so hide behind them when you need a break or one is hunting.

– Using a Ghosts name will anger it, so be careful what you say. However, saying its name can cause it to appear.

– Some equipment still work when they are on and then dropped. The EMF Reader, for example, will let you constantly monitor a different part of the home without actually holding it.

– Try to place multiples of each type of equipment that can be left on throughout a location as you can help narrow down where the Ghost is hiding

– The Ouija Board must be on and lit for it to earn you cash when taking a photo.

– Be careful of the Ouija Board, however, as it has been known to lower your sanity

– Having everyone start with EMF Readers and Thermometers is a good way to track down where – a Ghost is hiding as they tend to be the most consistent way to track down paranormal activity.

– The Digital Clock in the truck shows how long you have before the Ghost will get angry and lower your sanity faster

– Speaking of the EMF Reader, level two means a ghost has interacted with an object, level three means it has thrown an object, and level 4 only occurs when a Ghost is about to appear.

– Dropping Salt will make it so Ghosts leave footprints. These footprints can be found using the UV Light or Glowsticks, so try to drop Salt in doorways and high areas of traffic (doorways, stairways, etc.).

– Place a UV Light or Glowstick near Salt to see when a Ghost leaves footprints without having to hold on to the item.

– Try to find the Ouija Board early on as it can help give you clues necessary to complete a job.

– Make sure the lights are off when using a Spirit Box.

– Crucifixes and smudge sticks will stop the ghost from hunting for a short time if used correctly.

– Learn the layout of an area as soon as you arrive and work with your team to have good escape routes when things get crazy.

Phasmophobia - Complete Gamer Guide!

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Phasmophobia – Complete Gamer Guide!. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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