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Phasmophobia – Game File Mechanics 1 -
Phasmophobia – Game File Mechanics 1 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – Game File Mechanics/Stats

These are Mechanics/Stats taken from the Game’s File. I have written them down, so it’s easier to read.



Game internally uses insanity, which is then displayed as sanity in the truck as (100 – insanity) +

Small map
Normal drop rate: 0.05

Medium map
Normal drop rate: 0.08

Large map
Normal drop rate: 0.12

• Insanity does not increase when you are in the light or are outside the house

• Insanity level is synced to other players every 5 seconds

• Sanity pills increase your insanity by 40%

• Poltergeists decrease your insanity by double the number of props they are allowed to move

•If the ghost is visible or is in the hunting phase and is within 10m of the player, the player’s insanity decreases.

Ghosts have a default sanity drain factor of 0.2
Phantoms have a sanity draining strength of 0.4

Difficulty levels

Difficulty levels

• Tutorial is 0.5 difficulty

• Amateur is 1 difficulty

• Intermediate is 1.5 difficulty

• Professional is 2 difficulty

Setup Phase

• Amateur has 5 minutes of the setup phase

• Intermediate has 2 minutes of the setup phase

• Professional has 0 minutes of the setup phase

• Ghosts cannot enter the hunting phase during this time but will roam around their
Favorite Room/Freezing Room.

• Entering a recognized phrase into an Ouija Board has a 1-in-3 chance of ending the setup phase

Your Flashlight

Most players don’t know. In Non-Vr mode, you can put your light away and Press “T” (Default Keybind), which will light from your belt. I have seen this very often. I hope this really helped!

Ghost Powers

• Banshees choose a new target when their current target dies or if they leave the building. If no players are in the building. They will return to the freezing room.

• Banshees choose the first player in the player list who is not dead

• Revenants move 1.5x slower than other ghosts when not chasing a player. When they are chasing

• player, they are 2x faster than other ghosts.

If the player insanity < 50, the ghost has a 1-in-5 chance of entering the hunting phase

If the player insanity < 75, the ghost has a 1-in-3 chance of entering the hunting phase

Ghost Orbs

• Ghost orbs only spawn in the ghost’s freezing room and can be seen from the doorway to that room. This freezing room is designated on ghost spawn

• Ghost orbs can be seen before entering the house if a fixed camera is pointing at the door/hallway
to their favorite room.


• Hunting phases last for 25 seconds in Amateur
• 35 seconds in Intermediate
• 50 seconds in Professional.

When a hunting phase starts, the following will occur:

• Ghosts pick a player to chase at the start of a hunting phase, in its sight.

• All entries to the house will be locked

• If a crucifix is within 3m of the ghost (or 5m for banshees), the hunt will be canceled, and the
ghosts will return to the freezing room.

• If the ghost is a shade and there is more than 1 player in the room, the hunting phase will be
canceled, the ghost will return to their freezing room.

• After killing a player, the ghost will teleport back to where it was just before the hunting phase began and reset to the idle phase. They have a cool down before hunting for 25s


• Small houses can have a max of 10 lights on, kills power
• Medium houses can have a max of 9 lights on
• Large houses can have a max of 8 lights on
• The ghost leaves an EMF (Level 2) when they use the fusebox
• Ghosts have a 1-in-5 chance of turning the fusebox back on


EMF Reader

The EMF Reader tells you different things about the ghost depending on what level you detected:

• Level 1: Default

• Level 2: The ghost interacted with whatever something near you

• Level 3: The ghost recently threw something near you

• Level 4: The ghost appeared there recently

• Level 5: Used for evidence

• EMF Rooms last for 20 seconds after the ghost has done something in that area and will disappear after this time has elapsed.

Spirit Box

• Ghosts can only respond once every 10 seconds.

• Ghost responses only work if you are using Local Push to Talk, Radio, or have a VR headset on.

• Ghosts that only respond to one person if its a shade,

• Ghosts can respond with either location answers, difficulty answers, or age answers

• Different location sounds are played depending on whether you are at least 4m away from the

• Difficulty questions:

What do you want?
Why are you here?
Do you want to hurt us?
Are you angry?
Do you want us here?
Shall we leave?
Should we leave?
Do you want us to leave?
What should we do?
Can we help?
Are you friendly?
What are you?

• Location questions:

Where are you?
Are you close?
Can you show yourself?
Could you give us a sign?
Let us know you are here
Show yourself
Can you talk?
Could you speak to us?
Are you here?
Are you with us?
Anybody with us?
Is anyone here?
Anyone in the room?
Anyone here?
Is there a spirit here?
Is there a Ghost here?
What is your location?

• Gender questions:

Are you a girl?
Are you a boy?
Are you, male
Are you, female
Who are you
What are you
Who is this
Who are we talking to
Who am I talking to
What is your name
Can you give me your name
What is your gender
What gender
Are you male or female
Are you a man
Are you a woman

• Age questions:

How old are you,
How young are you,
What is your age,
When were you born,
Are you a child,
Are you old,
Are you young

Photo Camera

Photos of any evidence in the level count for your journal:

• EMF spots
• Ouija board
• Fingerprints
• Footsteps
• DNA (Bone)
• Ghosts
• Dead bodies
• Dirty water

Video Cameras

• If a ghost is in the same room as the camera, and the Breaker is off, and no lights in that room are on, the ghost has a 20% to turn off the camera and leave a Ghost Interaction EMF (Level 2)


• Candles can stay on for a random amount of time between 2.5 and 5 minutes. This value is determined when the candle is lit.

By Kauds

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Phasmophobia – Game File Mechanics/Stats. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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