Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting, from a dude ghost hunts way too much

Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting, from a dude ghost hunts way too much 1 -
Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting, from a dude ghost hunts way too much 1 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting, from a dude ghost hunts way too much.

A list of notes about phasmophobia and ghost hunting from a dude with a few too many hours into the game, who just reached level 200.



I want to start this guide off with a warning.

Phasmophobia is a great game with many hours of replayability. One major factoring is learning things as you go and from your fellow teammates. These are my experiences with the game over the past couple of weeks and contain a few things that may be slightly off or even downright incorrect. But it may also spoil some game mechanics you may not know about. If you are okay with that, feel free to continue.

Chapter I – The Basics

Let’s start with some basic misconceptions. I find people make all the time to clear it out of the way:

The Crucifix:
MUST be dropped on the floor before a hunt. If the hunt has already started, the crucifix does absolutely nothing for you. The crucifix makes a 3m radius bubble (5 for banshee) of spawn camping the ghost. If the ghost was going to hunt, and within the range of a dropped crucifix, the crucifix will despawn the ghosts before the lights even flicker.

The Spirit Box:
The numbers on it are radio frequencies. They don’t really mean anything on their own

The ghost can also not vocally communicate to you without one. If you hear whispering, it’s likely one of your teammates trying to make you panic.

With those misconceptions out of the way, we move on to
So your lights start flashing, and the door gets locked? Time to panic, right? Sure, if you want the ghost to give you something to panic about. The community has developed a simple two-step formula to survive 95% of hunts, and most players already know it, but damn, does it hurt when people don’t.

  • Shut up! – The ghost can hear you, even without you using push to talk. If you talk or, for that matter, run around during a hunt, it will be drawn to your location
  • Lights off! – You want to minimize any clues you give to the ghost visually to your location. Ghosts typically have the concept of object permanence removed from their brains, so if you can quickly run into a room and slam the door behind you (must be fully shut), you’ll be ok in most cases.However, lights, especially those pointed at the door, may still attract the ghost. And in some cases, the ghost can see you through the door, despite it being fully closed. Ensure you are around the corner from the door at the very least, and turn off that flashlight


Chapter II – Pulling teeth

Ghosts are fickle beings. Sometimes they’ll give you everything you need at a moment’s notice, other times. It cannot be easy to get evidence. Here are some tricks I’ve found to help me navigate the issue.

I’d recommend respecting the ghost as long as you can to keep casualties low unless you know exactly what you’re doing or otherwise have a plan. This can be achieved by refraining from calling their name, refraining from cursing and refraining from stealing items. Ouija boards are also known sometimes to piss ghosts off, so you may also want to avoid that.

Look closer:
Fingerprints are typically large handprints on windows, doors, and closet or locker doors. Fingerprints are no footprints, and footprints don’t count as fingerprints. However, as fingerprints can show up as one small, singular fingerprint on light switches, I say look closer. In bright rooms or with heavy flashlights, it can be almost impossible to see it. Pay attention to light switches.

Sometimes, none of these strategies work. If you’re willing to risk missing the ghost type, it can be recommendable to analyze ghost behavior to round out the ghost types. Some ghosts have real strong tells that are hard to miss if you’re looking for them. Others don’t.

As stated in the book, the phantom disappears when you take a picture of it. This does not apply to hunts. However, if the ghost seemingly disappears right as you take a photo of it, especially if it happens multiple times, you know you’re dealing with a phantom.

Jinns are also fairly easy to spot. Jinns barely interact with the environment outside of evidence and can be found usually, if they’re doing anything, screwing with electronics. This could be radios, cars, or especially lights. If the ghost is hyperactively touching these items or others like them, it’s likely a Jinn.

Even if you’re respectful and high on sanity, it tries to murder you.

Give the ghost what it wants:
The ghost doesn’t like having people around, no matter the type. If you think it is a spirit box ghost but can’t get it to talk, I have had the most success with the question, “Should we leave?”

Of course, you can use any phrase or question you want, but if you’re struggling, this or any of the following tips may get you the answer, but do be warned I have encountered ghosts who refused to use the spirit box until it started hunting.

Piss off the ghost
The ghost may not reveal it’s evidence in some cases until adequately infuriated. You should take precautions such as using smudge sticks or crucifixes to protect yourself while you piss it off in such cases. Here are some quick ways to piss it off.

The most well-known method of pissing off a ghost is calling out its name. This, however, tends to be pretty slow in my experience. Cursing or admitting fear can also slowly draw it out.

Light spam
In some cases, spamming the light switch (with the breaker on) in the ghost’s room can piss it off almost immediately. Sometimes it takes a short while, and at other times the ghost outright doesn’t care. This one can be hit or miss.

Stealing items from the ghost’s domain is a known method to piss the ghost off, especially if items are stolen in large numbers. This is my personal favorite method of pissing the ghost off. I have had success just throwing around items within the room, but I typically find more success removing items from the map in general and out the front (or if applicable, side) doors.

Calculated by the team’s average sanity in the game, low sanity counts can lead to the ghost becoming significantly more active and, therefore, more prone to give evidence (also hunts, many hunts.)

This method had given me success in finding spirit box and emf 5 when the ghost was refraining from displaying such evidence.

By jedijoe

This is all that we can say about Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting, from a dude ghost, hunts way too much for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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