Phasmophobia – GIVE ME A FU*** SIGN

Phasmophobia – GIVE ME A FU*** SIGN 4 -
Phasmophobia – GIVE ME A FU*** SIGN 4 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – GIVE ME A FU***** SIGN

For when the ghost refuses to give you that last ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ piece of evidence you need.



Phasmophobia - GIVE ME A FU***** SIGN - Introduction
Are you dealing with one of those ghosts sons of their Slimer™ looking mom who refuses to give you that one last evidence you need to go back to watching your Chinese cartoons in the interwebs? Oh, who am I kidding? We ALL have. But here’s some info for you to help you get that evidence easier.

General Tips before starting

Phasmophobia - GIVE ME A FU***** SIGN - General Tips before starting

Before you start ghost hunting, here are some tips for you to not die on greater difficulties or, sometimes, lower difficulties.

  • You can actually recover your sanity without, well, sanity pills. If you manage to make the ghost appear (not hunt) and make physical contact with it, you’ll actually recover many sanities. This also works in professional difficulty, so get out there and hug some ghosts.
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  • You can loop the ghost when it’s hunting. If you play Dead by Daylight, you’ll be very familiar with this strategy, but if you don’t, here’s a guide by Rex with all the details you need to know.
  • That mist thing that you sometimes see floating across the map is the hisses. The hisssssss is absolutely nothing you need to worry about. In fact, it actually restores some of your sanity, so yes, don’t be a p*ssy and stay in that ghost room.
  • Phasmophobia is a game that rewards bravery, not recklessness. If you see your flashlight blinking and you don’t have anything to loop the ghost around, don’t be afraid of closing that door and praying that mofo doesn’t find you a*s. Turn off your flashlight, don’t use either global or local comms, don’t grab anything, don’t flick any lights, don’t sprint, and avoid making noise as much as possible damnit.

Now with this out of the way, let’s get started.

I’ve been waiting for god knows how long, and this thing refuses to give me anything!!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!!?

The short answer? PATIENCE. The long answer is that just as there are cool ghosts who will give you all three pieces of evidence without you even having to ask them to do anything (mostly seen in streams\youtube videos), there are also those lazy c*nts that’ll make you wait up to 20 MINUTES before giving you anything substantial. Sometimes they’ll flat out refuse to give you any f*cking evidence at all!

In Phasmophobia, regardless of what type of ghost it is, each one of them is a different per match, which implies that each piece of evidence can vary in difficulty. For example, you can get an EMF Level 5 reading right at the beginning of the match, but then you’ll get Freezing Temperatures 10 minutes after the EMF. It can get even more ridiculous, but fortunately, I can assure you: the ghost will eventually give you the evidence you need.

Evidence List

Here’s a list of how I’ve noticed each piece of evidence can change:

  • Ghost Orbs
    Item to obtain with: Video Camera

    I’ve personally had more success using it without a tripod and if you read further you’ll know why, but if anyone can vouche for the contrary feel free to do it in the comments.

    In the case you’re not getting those funny looking lights in the camera, the way it can change is that sometimes the orbs will appear in certain areas of the room instead of in the whole room. Meaning you’ll have to change the position of the camera. One time, I didn’t get any orbs until I put the camera on the floor, so height is also a variable. You can try positioning the camera facing the room from the doorway, inside facing the doorway, in a corner, or mounted in any structures but just changing the angle.

    If you’re unlucky enough to get a ghost that decided to go and die in the middle of a massive hallway, get ready for a long night because orbs can be exceptionally hard to find in these. Just have patience and reposition that camera until you’ve exhausted any possible angle.

  • EMF Level 5
    Item to obtain with: EMF ReaderI know, shocking, right? Anyways, this one I consider one of the hardest ones to get since you risk starting a hunt if you’re not careful. And in case you’re wondering, no, Ghost Hunts won’t give you any EMF readings.It’s effortless if you have a pair because you have to make the ghost do something potent enough to give you it’s the strongest reading. The hisses and an apparition are two of the best examples, but sometimes it will just give it to you for no reason.

    However, here’s a small tip for you: It is actually possible to get a level 5 reading from the power fuse. So far, it’s been a flawless 100% accurate method to get an EMF Level 5 reading for me. It doesn’t work if the fuse blows because too many lights were on, only if the ghost directly interacts with the fuse box. You know it was one or the other if you hear the light switch turn on or off. If you don’t, the ghost directly interacted with the fuse box. That’s why you avoid turning on too many lights.

    UPDATE: You can actually check if the ghost gave you the strongest reading by checking the truck’s activity graph. If it spiked all the way to nine and you only got a Level 4 reading, you should consider ditching EMF.

  • Fingerprints
    Item to obtain with: UV light, Glowstick.There’s actually an exploit you can take advantage of in case you’re not finding any or to find them early on: If you take a photo of any surface or object the ghost has interacted with, it will mark it in your journal as a fingerprint without the need of revealing it with a UV light first. The most reliable way is to get them to open or close a door and instantly flashing a UV light on it. It can also give you some fallen portraits and mid-sized objects but getting them to close a door is better. Personally, I’ve yet to get any fingerprints from small objects such as candles, plates, and the like, so don’t bother taking any photos of these.
  • Spirit Box
    Item to obtain with: Spirit BoxI already made this joke so let’s get to the point. Spirit box is, at least from my point of view, the easiest piece of evidence to get from a ghost as long as you locate its ghost room. It can be especially frustrating if you’re in a big/midsized map like A*sylum or High School. A workaround for this is running around with the thermometer or finding the Ouija Board. However, careful with the Ouija board because if you f*ck this up, there’s a chance you’ll instantly trigger a ghost hunt. Even if you’re in the setup phase, it’s better to grab the ouija board and carry it to the entrance, so if it starts hurting, you can get out safely.If the ghost becomes particularly stubborn, you can actually bring two spirit boxes. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of the ghost answering, as well, as it enables you actually to speak to the ghost. This can make for some fun interactions. Try asking the ghost if he is friendly next time to have two spirit boxes in its room.

    UPDATE: Sometimes, the ghost will not speak through the spirit box unless you turn off the lights. Also, it can refuse to speak until it shows itself. And don’t worry about the ghost saying aTtAcK in the box; it’s just them being edgy. It doesn’t mean it’s going to start a hunt.

  • Ghost Writing
    Item to obtain with: Ghost Writing BookSimply put, get out of the ghost room and let it sit on its own for a while. This item works because it has a special area of effect, so if the ghost is outside of its area, it won’t write on it. To get over this, you can bring a second writing book and place it in another place. For example, if it’s a big enough room, you can place a book in a corner and another in the opposite corner.You can also use this item to actually track the ghost itself by putting it on an area that you think he might wonder around, such as the doorway of their room, to know if the ghost actually wanders out of their room not. Once again, if it doesn’t write, try taunting him and mentioning their name but always having an escape route to figure out if things go south.
  • Freezing Temperatures
    Item to obtain with: ThermometerThis one can give you some trouble, especially if it’s the most feared Hallway Ghost™. First things first, however, Anything below 0°C counts as freezing temperatures. Anything. It doesn’t have to be a -10°C right off the bat. It can be as simple as -0.1°C, bam, freezing temps, you’re done.However, the rate at which a ghost can lower a room’s temperature can get extremely slow and tedious. Personally, I have found taunting the ghost and mentioning its name to be ineffective when it comes to it dropping the temperature of a room. That’s why when discarding evidence, the last one I discard is always freezing temps since I’ve had ghosts that drop the temp after something ridiculous like 20 mins.

    UPDATE: The Wiki says the devs intended anything below 5°C to be freezing temps, but there’s a margin of error of 2°C, so if it doesn’t go below 3°C, you can safely start looking for other evidence without worrying about freezing temps, but still try to make it the last piece of evidence you discard.



This is all I’ve been able to find about each piece of evidence. Once again, the keyword is PATIENCE. Now go out there and be the best ghost hunter you can be.

And in case you’re wondering how the ghost gives you that dirty water…

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By ึlonelyslunk

This is all that we can say about Phasmophobia – GIVE ME A FU***** SIGN for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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