Phasmophobia – How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker

Phasmophobia – How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker 2 -
Phasmophobia – How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker 2 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker

Fed up of being a little b*tch? Want to learn how to become so formidable that the ghosts will cower in fear when they hear the first beat of Sicko Bamba when you enter the house? Or better yet, how to trip the ghost up as it attempts to chase you round a table?

Good thing I’m here.


What are Ankle Breakers and Truck Boys?

Phasmophobia - How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker - What are Ankle Breakers and Truck Boys?

  • Put very simply, Truck Boys are a broad way of describing anyone who is a p*ssy in any way. The examples on the image are predominately common ways of identifying one. Truck Boys may understand how to play, yet their underlying fear disallows them to do anything they may perceive as ‘scary’.
  • Ankle Breakers on the other hand are the complete opposite. They are true Ghost Hunters, embodying fortitude. Ankle Breakers refuse to allow fear to influence any decisions. The very existence of Ankle Breakers are what keep ghosts in a permanent state of unrest and fear. That fear drives them to insanity and insanity is what starts their downfall and brings the Ankle Breakers to their doorsteps.


The Ankle Breaker Anthem

Why you shouldn’t fear the ghosts

Phasmophobia - How to become The CHAD Ankle Breaker - Why you shouldn't fear the ghosts

I’m gonna be real with you, I hate horror games. Always have. Never enjoyed them, got scared easily and had nightmares when I was younger. Phasmophobia is the only exception (due to how unique it is to other games of the genre). Here is why Phasmophobia is nothing to worry about:

  • The ghosts can only hurt you during a hunt, that’s the only time where they pose any true threat to you, anything else is done to cause unease, anxiety and build up terror.
  • Even when you see them, just look at them. They usually just stand there looking around making that weird croaking noise. Even if you walk right up to them or insult them or mock them, nothing happens. It’s purely visual. They do nothing.
  • Even on Professional Difficulty, the only genuine thing to be concerned about is increased hunts but even then, it’s just more time to show off your ankle breaking skills. Other than that, in some ways (not all), the increased activity makes your job easier and quicker to do. 
  • Larger maps like the Highschool or the Asylum have actually got their benefits. When it comes to hunts, the two maps are so big that usually the ghost can’t even search a quarter of it. So you’re even safer in that regard (assuming you’re not next to the ghost room). 
  • During a hunt, you can stop a ghost dead in it’s tracks and save your friends by drawing it to you and ankle breaking it.


Becoming an Ankle Breaker

1. If possible, get into a game with an Ankle Breaker and observe their behaviour and actions, this will be critical in becoming one yourself.

2. Start with baby steps, little acts of bravery and fearlessness go a long way, so things like volunteering to go into the basement (even though people associate the basement with scary stuff it rarely actually is), or you could do spirit box, or even just sit in a dark room calling the ghosts name to rile it up. These are great foundations for an Ankle Breaker.

3. The great thing about fear is that it is the first ingredient in making courage. Take advantage of it and charge into rooms no matter what, who cares about lights. Check your instruments, do what you got to do and move onto the next. Time is key in being successful so don’t waste it on being ‘careful’.

4. If you have managed to consolidate all the previous acts then now you are a stage where you have almost overcome all fear of ghosts and what they do. It may get to the point where you don’t even take them seriously and deliberately try to p*ss them off with music, calling their name and laughing at their very presence.

5. Once you have done everything previously listed and feel confident in your abilities, now comes the true test of an Ankle Breaker. Ankle breaking a ghost during a hunt. If you manage this and everything else, you will become an Ankle Breaker:

  • When the hunt starts don’t bother hiding (unless you’re fairly sure it’s a Revenant/Jinn/Onii).
  • Find the nearest sizeable table or sofa or anything that you can run laps around (a coffee table is not a good example as it’s too small and the ghost can kill you even if you’re on the other side).
  • Play the Ankle Breaker Anthem.
  • Once the ghost has locked on and you see it approach you, run laps around your chosen object, be careful as it’s programmed to detect the shortest route to the player so it will easily switch up direction if you just immediately run around. Keep your wits about you.
  • Keep repeating this till the hunt is over and if you’re alive, your initiation is complete.



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